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July 14th LIVE TV Show Coverage

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Think you can't help us out because you don't get the Live Feeds?

Then you would be wrong ...

We are trying something new out this year ...

We need people to write what they see on the televised show, preferrably as you are watching it, but even within the hour later ... then Ranster (me) will swoop in and gather it all up for a neat upload for the BB page.

Wanna Help? Volunteer here!

Watching the show? Post what you see here in as much detail as you can!

This is all a part of Morty's Team Coverage ...

Any takers?

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Guest ranster627

Okay, you have seen it done, and you have seen the BB Page by now!

Willing to volunteer?

This is done way differently than the old Survivor recaps, because it is done Morty style! All the recappers posts were important, some for verification, and others for neat phrases ... we all watch TV very differently. The two styles, after-show recappers and the type-as-you-go people, all blended to make a great first show coverage!

Bravo to everyone thanked on the BB Page!

Join us, volunteer here for Tuesday!

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Guest ranster627

I was hoping to see you coffeemug!

5 minutes till we start our live show coverage ...


First Eviction

Pairs Reveal

and possibly the next HOH ...

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Guest ranster627

previously ... recap by announcer ...

opening credits ...

who will be the first to be evicted?

which hGH's are secretly paired up?

Find out live ...

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Guest CourtneyB416

michael is very tempted by women, especially jennifter.

male hgs are talking about michael and jen most likely to hook up.

kaysar wants to make sure guys alliance is staying.

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Guest ranster627

Julie: Day 12

recaps ... summer of secrets ... each thought they were the only pair

reviews prize

Kaysar finds himself doing major damage control

Ashlea with Howie ...

Howie wants eye candy to stay

April considering keeping Ashlea

want to give majority to women

Mike and Jen ... shows him adjusting top

shows Kaysar talking to Michael about being too close to Jennifer

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Guest CourtneyB416

kaysar and michael talked. michael got a little defensive

michael tells eric that he is not interested in jennifer. eric knows that someone told michael what the male hgs were talking about.

eric confronts kaysar about betraying the trust of the hgs that were talking and going to michael.

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Guest GayBbFan05

5:01 BB Time-Show started and showing recaps from the last two broadcasts and pairs will be revealted tonight

5:02 BB Time- Julie Chen is saying it is Day 12 everyone is in the house...She is revealing the secret pair....She is saying the runner up will get 250,000 dollars and the winner is one million dollar....

5:03 BB Time- Recapping again of the show.....Ashlea talked to Maggie and she said to keep Howie.Michael is liking Jennifer OMG!! Eric is looking very pissed off (As Usual) Kaysar is telling Mike to not stay to close to jennifer. Eric is confronting Kaysar saying how can he trust him anymore?

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Guest ranster627

The lie ... Eric felt betrayed because Kaysar approached Michael after Eric told him not to

Eric no longer trusts him.

feels male alliance is shaken up

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Kaysar was thinking about how he could be eviceted tonight.

Julie talked to HG:

Asked Ivette the worst part of pb & j-she hated everything about it

Asked howie how it was living in house with 8 beautiful women- he said every mans dreams

Janelle said best humor was howie

Sarahs reaction to gold room was it was awesome

Julie said gold room first of many secrets- told hg it was called summer of secrets

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Guest CourtneyB416

Eric is pissed and now doesn't trust Kaysar.

Kaysar is upset with Michael for going to Eric.

Kaysar is a little worried, but he'll just have to wait and see.

TIme to talk to HGs..

Yvette: worst part about peanut butter? waking up and knowing nothing but pb&J. awful. terrible.

Julie: plan is working.

Howie: every man's dream to live in house with 8 beautiful women.

janelle: howie has best sense of humor

sarah: thought it was awesome to have gold room.

Julie: gold room is first of many secrets. BB is dubbed Summer of Secret. You never know when they will be reveiled.

Next up: identies of pairs.

Kaysar and Ashlea and Rachel not voting.

As casting votes:

Yvette: Ashlea is annoying. Tries to top everything

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Guest ranster627

Julie talks to HG's

Yvette about PB & J ... knowing there was nothing but PB / J


what's it like living in house with 8 beautiful women

Janelle: Howie has best sense of humour

Sarah: reaction about secret gold room


J: HG gold room first secret

House is full of surprises and you never know when they will be revealed.

Next the identity of the pairs

First: voting

JANELLE ... I vote to evict KAYSAR

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Previously on BB6 -

14 HG each living with a secret partner.

The new BB house revealed the first secret - The gold room

The POV comp. gave the nominees hope

Rachel won her second comp. in a row

Rachel considered using the POV (she was angry with Jenn)

Who will be the first houseguest evicted from the big brother house?

Ashlea or Kaysar??????????????????????

Here we go -

Julie Chen - good evening, it is day 12, already alliances are being put to the test. This is the summer of secrets. Explaining the pairing twist and the reward for 1st and 2nd place. 1 million dollars. Tonight they will reveal the pairs.

Rachel won the HOH, won the POV and nominated Kaysar and Ashlea.

Ashlea expected Rachel to not use the POV. Talking to Howie. Howie says who do you think is a bigger threat, you or Kaysar? Ashlea says, I'm not a threat to you.

Ashlea talking to Janelle talking small strategy.

Janelle now talking to April - small strategy chit chat in the bathroom. April says she just doesn't know who to vote out.

Michael and Jennifer are getting close. Eric says the only thing that is missing is them throwing down. He seems irritated. (Eric)

Kaysar tells Eric that he wants to tell Michael to stay away from Jennifer. Eric TELLS Kaysar to leave it alone, with April agreeing.

Kaysar goes to Michael. Says thank you for telling me.

Michael goes to Eric and asks if hes getting too close to Jennifer? He told him yes but also knows now that someone (kaysar) opened his mouth to Michael.

Eric goes to Kaysar and tells him he now has trouble trusting him!

Eric goes to April and says I dont trust kaysar.

Looks like the guy alliance is getting broken up. More Kaysar and Michael talk. Kaysar is upset that Eric figured it out.

Kaysar staying up late at night, worrying if hes staying or going.

Julie Chen - its time to talk to the houseguest

Ivette - you spent a week on PB&J, how was it? She said everything about it was awful

Howie - what is it like living in a house with 8 beautiful women? Its a mans dream. I'm not mad at BB for doing this to me.

Janelle - who in the house has the best sense of humor? Howie

Sarah - what did you think when you found the gold room? It was great, I didn't have to sleep on the cot anymore.

Houseguests that is one of many secrets to be revealed throughout the summer.

Diary room interviews -

Janelle -

Ivette -

Sarah - I dont think Ashlea is a threat to me right now, she would be easy to peg off later.

Janelle says I vote to evict Kaysar!!!

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The guys assured Kaysar he was safe

day 12 in big brother house and alliances being put to the test.

if the one of the pairs makes it to end of game runner up gets 250,00 dollor and the winner the biggest ever , 1 million dollars

Kaysar does major damage control

howie ask ash , who is the biggest him or kaysar , she say she the bigger threat to howie

jan talks to april about voting kaysar out , saying a girl would not put us up but a guy would

Micheal tells jen her boob popping out and moves her top back to place saying wanted to cop a feel

kaysar says he does not want to meddle , but should he talk to mike telling him get away from jen

tells mike he is creating a stir , and people think he to close to jen

Micheal ask eric , am I getting my hopes up with jen

am I getting to close to jen

Eric confronts kaysar , some one told mike what I said as can I trust you.

Eric says Kaysar twisted my trust and tore it apart

Eric says we had an alliance , mike , james and kaysar and the trust been broken

kaysar tells mike I told you not to say anything , mike says I didn't say anyone told me , kaysar says eric smarter then that

julie talks to guest

to ivette , worst part of peanut butter and jellie , was waking up and going to bed knowing there was nothing but that

to howie , what is it like living with 8 beautiful women , he says every mans dream and he not mad at all

Jannele tells her howie best sence of humor of the men there to julie

julie says gold room first of the secrets in house

says vote next

jan - ash and kaysar two closest to her in house

Ivette - ash most annoying

sarah - ash one she don't need to get rid of now

Ivette - says kaysar says he says would put her up , why should she save him

Jan - votes Kaysar to ivict

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Guest ranster627

all about duo's

Yvette and Beau ...

show them figuring it out ...

Michael and Kaysar ... known each other 6 years

Maggie and Eric ... close friends ... her boyfriend on same fire department


4 months

April and Jennifer are sorority sisters

leaving Janelle and Ashlea

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secert pairs

ivette and beau co-workers

michael and kaysar neighbors

eric and maggie friends maggies boyfriend on dept with eric

james and sarah dating for 4 months

April and Jen sorrerty (?) sisters

Janelle and ashlea ex-roomates

Racael and howie bestfriends

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Michael and Kaysar have known each other for 6 years....they discussed partners. They are trying to create a stir.

Maggie and eric have been friends for years. Her boyfriend is on the same fire department as him. They discuss other partners.

Sarah and James dating for 4 monthes. They think they are the only partners.

April and Jen are soritey sisters. They think there are more partners.

Janelle and Ashlea are friends.

Rachel and Howie are best friends.

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Guest CourtneyB416

beau and ivette : co workers

michael and kaysay : neighbors. . know each other over 6 years.

sarah and james : dating 4 months --sarah is upset about not being able to show emotions

april and jennifer - sorority sisters.

janelle and ashlea - ex roommates - they were wearing same pants..got april thinking,

rachel and howie are best friends.

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Guest CourtneyB416

rachel in hoh room. speaking openly and honest. other hgs can't hear.

R: great to have so much power.

J: you and howie are together. how hard is it to act like stranger?

R: we haven't seen each other in couple years.

J: in hoh comp - you and howie last two on board.

R: I told howie to let me have it.

J you discovered secrets on your own.

R: trying to think of best way to share.. wanted to make it fun.

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Guest ranster627

talk to Rachel in HOH

julie ... you won ...

Rach: felt great, worked well into plan

Julie: unknown to everyone else you and H are a team

R: hadn't seen him in a few years

Julie: in first HOH last two

R: she told him to get off the board

he has better cchance later

you discovered room and hot tub alone

"wanted to make it fun"

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Beau and Ivette - pair

Kaysar figured it out with jan and ash and howie thinks that the twise.

Michael and kaysar -pair

Michael confused there more then one pair and might get dirty

Maggie and Eric - pair

Her boyfreind works with Eric

James and Sarar - pair , dating , and think they the twist

sarah says how hard it is not to show her feelings to him

April and Jen - pair

serority sisters from same town

april knows other twist going on

jan and ash - ex roommates , known long time

jan says if ash goes says is will be less of beautiful against obnoxious ones

rachael and howie - pair

good friends and there being so different is what will protect them , a pig

like him with a good girl like her

Rachel in HoH room with julie on TV

feels great to have so much power , hard to believe her and howie such good friends , and she has not seen him in a few years , having fun watching him make others laugh including her. she told him get off the board in the HoH comp , and he did it for her

Maggie says ash thinks she prettier then the rest

Howies says she has great boobies but wants to keep kaysar

Mike says evicts ash , cause Kaysar the best guy in house

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