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Spears Family Album Of Trash


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What next???.....I'm watching the 11PM news and I get LA channels....it says 6 police cars, firetrucks and an ambulance have been dispatched to Britney's StudioCity home this evening. They've been there since 8PM. I hope that Britney is ok and hasn't ODd or something.... I do feel sorry for this sad, sad family. Her lawyer said today that there was no way to get her the help she needs, and she's out of control. Sad! :pixiedust:

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Britney is at Cedars-Sinai on a "5150 hold," meaning there's evidence she's a danger to herself or others. K-Fed is off to court to ask them to strip Britney of her visitation rights. They're saying that it's not drugs or alcohol, but it's her mental instability, and that she has deteriorated so much, she's now a danger to everyone.

It's sad that it's come to this. She's surrounded herself w/ sycophants that just tell her everything is OK, you're fine. Now she's paying the price. I'm no fan, I just find it sad that she's such a useless, waste of a person right now.

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I usually don't go out of my way to read up on the Spears continuing saga... but...

I just clicked onto the blurb for the latest on Morty's Main Page.

there was a video of the crowd and her being put into the ambulance - -

I counted 5 EMTs (I think I counted 5) piling into the back with her.

hmmm ???

just thought it was a wee bit unusual....

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The story I read said 2 ambulances left Britney's house. One containing her youngest son Jayden who is also at Cedars-Sinai. No information was given as to why he was being treated or if he's still there.

All lawyers involved met briefly at the courthouse and will reconvene at 1:30 (pacific time).

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has anyone ever just slapped her? sFi_slap2.gif like "hey.. grow up you snotty brat"

her mother should have popped her upside the head a few years back. i can see brit hooking up with michael jackson... now THAT would NOT shock me.

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Well, according to this, she lost custody of her kids. My heart breaks for her. I can totally understand her not wanting to give her kids to him...it must be so hard as a parent to not be able to hold them all the time. I actually see her committing suicide sadly. Say what you want about Britney, but this isn't a story to mock, it's really sad.


Court awards Spears' kids to K-Fed 42 minutes ago

celebs: Jason Lee | Kevin Federline | Britney Spearstopics: Train WrecksMusiciansKids

Associated Press

LOS ANGELES - A court commissioner gave sole physical and legal custody of Britney Spears' two little boys Friday to ex-husband Kevin Federline and suspended the troubled pop star's visitation rights.

Spears was hauled away from her home to a hospital by paramedics a day before, after police had to intervene when she refused to return the children to Federline after a court-monitored visit.

Commissioner Scott Gordon ordered another hearing to be held Jan. 14.

Federline had previously been awarded temporary custody of 2-year-old Sean Preston and 1-year-old Jayden James because Spears has defied court orders, resulting in limitations on her visitation.

"I'm not happy about any of these events," Federline attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan said when he left a closed-door emergency hearing Friday afternoon. "There's no winners here."

Federline was not in court for the hearing, Kaplan said.

The attorney had said he did not expect the ruling to be released until Monday, but it was issued shortly after the hearing concluded.

Law professor Steve Cron, who is not involved in the Spears-Federline matter, predicted that Spears will face sanctions from the court for her behavior.

"My guess is that she won't be seeing her kids for a while," said Cron, who teaches at Pepperdine University in Malibu.

Gordon has little option other than to further reduce the time Spears can legally spend with her children, Cron said, "at least for the time being until she gets some help. She's obviously a very troubled person."

The 26-year-old pop star remained hospitalized Friday.

Her latest troubles began around 8 p.m. Thursday when officers were called to her home to help resolve a dispute over her refusal to turn the children over to Federline, as dictated by their custody agreement.

It took two to three hours to resolve the conflict, said Officer Ana Aguirre.

"There was a time where she was within the residence and wasn't available to be speaking to the officers, apparently," she said. "There was no threat to the children."

"Police resolved the conflict," Aguirre said. "Both children were turned over to her ex-husband Kevin Federline for custody, and she was in fact taken to a local hospital for medical treatment."

Early police reports said officers thought Spears might have been under the influence of some substance, but Aguirre said there was no evidence of that.

"Our understanding is that was not the case," she said.

Officers at the scene determined that paramedics "needed to be called" but it was unclear why, she said.

"We're not aware of any type of injuries that she sustained" and she was not combative with authorities, Aguirre said.

Spears wasn't arrested in connection with the custody dispute, Aguirre said.

"There was no actual crime that was involved," the police spokeswoman said.

Spears and Federline were married in October 2004. Her life has spiraled downward since their divorce in July. She has been photographed without underwear and appeared to be drunk and out of control in public. She shaved her head, beat a car with an umbrella and spent a month in rehab.

She had hoped to regain her pop crown with a much-hyped performance at MTV's Video Music Awards in September, but it was universally panned by fans and critics.

Still, Spears' latest album, "Blackout," earned positive reviews when it was released in October and brought Spears her first No. 1 hit in years, "Gimme More."

However, Spears remains a paparazzi target for her bizarre antics, which include frequent stops at gas-station bathrooms and holing up in a hotel room with a paparazzo.

Her 16-year-old sister, Jamie Lynn, made headlines last month when she announced that she is pregnant.


Associated Press writer Robert Jablon contributed to this report. Raquel Maria Dillon contributed for the AP.

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I've avoided reading or posting on this entire clan until just recently. Sorry Elle, we generally have the same views on thing but this time I wholeheartedly disagree. She gets no sympathy here. I see her as one really messed up media whore and see this whole incident as nothing more than another stab at headline grabbing. Afterall, little sis stole the spotlight the last couple weeks, she had to do something. If she had the motherly instinct you grant her, she would have never been in this situation in the first place. Its all about the show and those kids are just props.

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If she had the motherly instinct you grant her, she would have never been in this situation in the first place.

Rej, that's a really good freaking point! I just feel bad...I really think she's going to commit suicide or something insane like that. But ya, I guess she's already been insane.

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I think the best thing for those kids to get them outta dodge and away from the media. Do we really need to see these 2 little boys grow up to be dysfunctional too?

Their only chance is to leave that circus and be raised on a farm in Oklahoma or something. If K-fed really loved them he would get those boys out of there.

just sayin...

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She's with dr. Phil? As, in his care? Sheesh! Why can't she just go and get some good honest help, without it having to be so public.

Maybe she'll end up on that celebrity rehab show. I feel like such a hypocrite because I'm such a reality junkie, but I still can't believe the lengths people will go to, in order to remain, or get back into, the public eye.

But then here I am watching..... shame on me! :blush:

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I ahve no comment on Britney but ya know someone said it 16 year olds get pregnant everyday. Hopefully she will take better care of these kids then Britney has hers. I do agree though she is a role model and should behave better. And people say Im too strict cause I dont let my 12 yr old leave my yard.

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So now Dr. Phil is going on some show to tell us all about Britney's problems???

This has always been a ridiculous situation, and it's only getting worse.

This is as bad as when Anna Nicole Smith died.

Look at all the vultures hovering.

It's all crap -- either she's just doing it to stay in the tabloids, or Dr. Phil's doing to boost his fame. Is he going on Oprah? I don't remember -- but please.

Dr. Phil and Oprah do not know everything. They are not qualified to help Britney. If Phil is indeed a Dr. of any kind, isn't he breaking the Hippocratic oath? First do no harm? I'm no Dr. but isn't that a big part of the oath?

How can telling the whole world about Britney's mental problems help her? Especially at this point?

Maybe, if after she got better it would be OK for her to go public with her battle, but right now I would think most credible physicians and psychologists would think it better to give her some privacy. MAKE her be private, if that's what it takes.

I do think she has problems. Don't know what-- an unnatural need for attention, at any cost maybe?

Hard to say what goes on in someone's mind who is so unlike myself, or anyone I know well.

It's all just sickening and I am totally appalled at everyone involved in promoting this.

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