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Survivor 16: Micronesia


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Pics of 8 fans not the best quality sorry , but give us an idea . I counted only 8 but there is rumored to be 10 . Guess we will find out , I only for sure know the name of one of them I will ad that here.




Age: 20 ish


Michael Borton

Michael Anthony Bortone from Watertown MA, now living in LA Ca. He is 34

Actor:On Broadway (2007) .... Bar Patron

The Last Supper (2006) .... Judas

Undisclosed (2005) .... Detective #2

Underdog (2003) .... Cop 2

The Naked Run (2002) .... Bar Patron #2

Writer:The Last Supper (2006)

Producer:The Last Supper (2006) (executive producer)


Tracy Wolf


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Jason Siska


Hometown: Fox River Grove, IL



Does this one remind anyone of Amber



This one is the one I think will injure herself or cutt off fingers



And this one needs to be told that , that hair style went out with the 80's and Leif Garret don't look that good anymore.


Chet Welch

Age: 47

Hometown: Ford City, Pennsylvania

Occupation: Pharmaceutical Customer Service Rep; Beauty Pageant Circuit/Pageant Director/Pageant Coach


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I thought it was gonna be superfans against all stars...

They look like the typical cast wanna be actors...

I think you just maybe right! ;)

Please, please God....don't let Fairplay come back! :pray2::pixiedust:

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Sorry TCS go look at my link for the preview they showed last night , right after they show these people they show a couple of people jumping into the water and then a couple of boats being paddled , the head boat if you look real close has fairplay in the back paddling.

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CRAP! thanks wolf....

I went and looked and it sure looks like the @$%#$%^$#^^&%$@.

He almost makes me as ill as Richard Hatch does. :(


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LOL Baron, I sure hope you're right. I hope he's the first to go so I can enjoy the rest of the season. :pixiedust:

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How does one qualify to be a superfan? Like a perfect IQ test about Survivor?

Or to be semi good looking and have had a Q & A with their agents about Survivor ?

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Okay King Cerrie is on the list of returns , lol . I have all the names but can't prove there true , how ever fairplay was spotted in the preview.

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Survivor: Micronesia

16th Season Official Cast to Be Announced, Thursday, January 3rd

Dramatic Opening Might Involve Traditional Ngiwal War Canoes

From Survivor Maps: http://www.claycritters.com/map/s16/survivor_16_map.htm

A Peace Corp volunteer posted the following on a blog 10/13:

"Yesterday a jeep full of foreigners pulled up across the street from my classroom and wandered around a bit. Today we found out who they were... henchfolk for Survivor.

They want to use this huge red ceremonial canoe that belongs to Ngiwal. Each state has a ceremonial canoe and they use them throughout the year for... well, traditional ceremonies."

Subsequent information from a source in Palau:

On 10/23 the war canoe from Ngiwal was towed to Koror.


Per Survivor Fever the Rumored Favs Cast :

Amanda Kimmel

Age: 23

Hometown: Los Angeles

Occupation: Hiking Guide

Season 15: Survivor: China

Ami Cusack

Age: 34

Hometown: Lakewood, Colorado

Occupation: Coffee Barista

Season 9: Survivor: Vanuatu

Cirie Fields

Age: 37

Hometown: Walterboro, SC

Occupation: Registered Nurse

Season 12: Survivor: Panama

Eliza Orlins

Age: 25

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Occupation: Law Student

Season 9: Survivor: Vanuatu

James Clement

Age: 30

Hometown: Lafayette, Louisiana

Occupation: Gravedigger/Bartender

Season 15: Survivor: China

Jon Dalton aka "Johnny Fairplay"

Age: 33

Hometown: Los Angeles

Occupation: Reality TV Contestant

Season 7: Survivor: Pearl Islands

Jonathan Penner

Age: 45

Hometown: Los Angeles

Occupation: Script Writer/Actor

Season 13: Survivor: Cook Islands

Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth

Age: 26

Hometown: Venice, Calif

Occupation: Waiter, Surfer

Season 13: Survivor: Cook Islands

Parvati Shallow

Age: 25

Hometown: Los Angeles

Occupation: Waitress

Season 13: Survivor: Cook Islands

Yau-Man Chan

Age: 55

Hometown: Martinez, California

Occupation: Director of Info. Systems

Season 14: Survivor: Fiji

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Just once I wish they would bring back the people we never got the chance to see compete. (if they have to bring some back that is, I'd rather it be all new people all the time)

Like all the people who made the 'First one voted off' status.

I get tired of seeing the same old scum backs recycled through.

If I didn't like them the first go round, I sure wont like them this time.

I will be glad to see Yau man though.

And Fairplay will make it funny and interesting.

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I hope Fairplay goes fast!!!!! Sorry to sound like a broken record! Have you guys guessed that I can't stand the ????, geeesss I can't even call him a man. I hope he doesn't hump on someone or something. JMHO :pixiedust:

I wish I knew how to do a humping smilie....I'd insert it instead of his name. :giggle:

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I think Danny Bonaduce should be on the show with Johnny Fairplay. Then Danny could really kick his !@#. LOL. Now THAT is good TV!!!!

Well, as long as Johnny Fairplay don't jump on someone and start humping them...no, even if the doesn't do that, I don't really want to see him.

I'm excited to see Cirie, Ozzie, Parvati, James and even Ami (girl power!). I didn't like Yau Man...thought he was annoying. I liked Cao Boi better...especially when he got rid of Yul's headache by pinching between his eyes...left that red mark there. LOL. The rest of them...blech.

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