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The Website Is Live!!


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  • 5 weeks later...

well, the couple weeks mark passed about 2 weeks ago

the month before mark was actually today

and guess what it ain't there yet

we still have

three weeks before show (1/22/08)

two weeks before the show (1/29/08)

week before the show (2/5/08)

the day before the show (2/11/08)

what do you think? still thinking the week before the show?

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i agree once they release the names the site should be up

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  • 2 weeks later...

well, considering that tomorrow is two weeks before the premiere of season 9

but, i am kinda wondering about something

julie chen is going to on the late show with david letterman tonight

maybe we will get some names

maybe the site will launch tomorrow

probably not

but we may get something tonight


she better tell us something tonight

i am not going to stay up all night to find out nothing

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so wheres the website?

i am hoping that we get it thursday

if not later in the day on wednesday

houseguests revealed wednesday morning

website up wednesday night/thursday morning

thats how it should be!!

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