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Survivor 15: China Finale Title: "a Slippery Little Sucker""(spoiler)


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I was wondering...if there's supposed to be a F3 this season, why is there 3 more Tribal Counsels? Wouldn't there only be two more - the elimination of one of the F4 and then the final vote with the F3 still intact? I thought last season they had Yau Man, Earl and Cassandra in the jury questions, then the vote.

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I don't know Weazel but was CBS that said 3 more tribal councils , so I am asuming some information out there is wrong. so I will put what I think .

We know the Immunity Challenge with Denise still in it takes place here at this picture ( I will explain it )


Denise not happy at the challenge or after it


The Challenge is Called Offering Up , at first thought what would each of them offer up to go to final two , you see dishes by denise , you see , a balancing scale and alot of stairs behind her , on those stairs look like two black tables that I think are really insence burners.


This small pic is one of same statue taken by a group on a tour in China , still did not get exactly where , because you can find this same temple in many of the united states . ( so where was this one taken at , who knows and does it matter )

Now I will give you a little history on this statue and temple :

Quan Yin the goddess of mercy and compassion and eternal protector of all children, is the female Buddha, she blesses all. she is the goddess of passion, healing and mercy.

quan yin is the eternal protector of all children.

by placing quan yin within a room it is said to help calm the environment of negative influences such as illness, disappointments and arguments

Kuan Yin

Other names: Kwan Yin, Kwannon, Guan Yin, Gwan Yin, Quan Yin, Qwan Yin

Location: China, Japan

Temples to Her:

Pu Tuo Shan, the Buddhist sacred mountain of the east, is actually a mountainous island south of Shanghai and east of Ningbo. It is the home of the most popular bodhisattva of China - Guan Yin (Kuan Yin). The bodhisattva of compassion, she who hears the cries of the suffering, is the queen of Pu Tuo Shan, in Sanskrit she is known as Avalokitesvara.

Guanyin Shan ( Kuan Yin Mountain )in Dongguan,

Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China.

The Goddess of Mercy Temple is an incredibly active place. There are people cooking outside, and more smoke from the tons and tons of incense burning. (This also be due to the fact it was the 15th...since offerings are given during the middle of the month.) According to the walking tour brochure, this temple was founded in the 1800s....even if you've seen many temples, this one is so active that it's worth seeking out. Although many people are there to ask for good fortune, there are quite a few who are down on their luck...keep an eye on your bag, your belongings, and use common sense caution. There are rooms designed just for the preperation of the food to be placed on the Guan Yin table outside the main shrine

Due to her symbolising compassion, in East Asia Kuan Yin is associated with vegetarianism. Chinese vegetarian restaurants are generally decorated with her image, and she appears in most Buddhist vegetarian pamphlets and magazines.

A picture of some of the dishes served to her : p83154211dg8.jpg

So I can see this being an immunity challenge where they are asking for help , strength , mercy . If you suceed your prayer may be answered . What we do know is that Denise is in this and does not win so is out at the 1st tribal council .

Now the 2nd tribal council will be what I believe will be the questions and answers by the jury , causing some things to be said and from there who ever either one the reward challenge or the last immunity challenge will have the choice of who wants to go final 2 with after the questions.

Now keep in mind there was alot of thing on the production board like Ghost Vote , Enemy Vote , I think the Enemy vote will be at the 2nd tribal council when one gets to pick the last two .

Now that would put 8 people on the jury and a possible tye vote for winner , unless they play the Ghost Vote in case of a tie.

Okay now I gave you all of that to think about now I will put on who I think final two is and how i think the votes will go .

Final # 3

Amanda , Courtney and Todd


Jamie ( Todd ) Jamie was a player too she will respect game play

Jean - Robert (Courtney ) JR hates Courtney but threatened Todd and then said the million dollar Luckiest Girl in Survivor.

Frosti (Courtney ) He did hint they may still be seeing about seeing each other

James ( Todd ) James was blindsided but he won't see it as something Todd did wrong , he would blame Courtney beside whats his choices

Erik ( Todd ) Erik will respect Todd and probably follow Jamie's vote

Peih Gee ( Courtney ) Peih Gee never had a real bad word with Courtney but she did hate Todd

Denise (Todd ) She voted anyway she thought Todd was voting the whole time I don't see that changing now.

(Amanda - Courtney ) If Amanda's vote does count after the questions by Jury she going to go with Courtney not Todd

(Ghost Vote ) ? Now is there or isn't there a Ghost vote , and if a tye and they bring back some one who is it and who will they vote to win.

PS : I believe Todd will take Number 1 slot and Courtney will take 2 , but it will be a close call.

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Thanks for the posts wolf. I sure hope Courtney doesn't win this! Amanda, Denise, Todd in that order!!!!!!! Go Amanda!!!!! :pixiedust:

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If it comes down to Todd or Courtney winning a last challenge and getting to decide who to take Amanda will be out. She would totally win the jury and neither of them would want to be against her. If Amanda got to make the choice she would take Courtney - why chance taking Todd when they all hated Courtney. If the jury decides on the final 2 then I think Amanda and Todd would be finalists

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Just Wondering here but who said I was sure , where did you read that . I believe my key words was I believe.

I never said I was completely right , It could be Amanda that takes the money , I just don't think it will be her

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