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The TV Guide Insider interview between Ethan Alter and K & J is a couple of weeks old, but still heartening to read. Here's an excerpt:

TVGO: You were easily the most popular team, largely because of your positivity. Watching the show, did you ever think, "Geez, shouldn't we have yelled at each other just once?"

Kris: [laughs] We just really don't do that. It's just not part of our personality, I guess.

Jon: We've always enjoyed each other's company, and we really just loved being there and having the opportunity to enjoy this experience. I ran the race with my best friend and you can't ask for anything better than that.

Kris: Jon and I woke up every morning and we couldn't believe where we were. We'd wake up and go, "Can you believe we're in Ethiopia?" And we were both healthy and safe, so it's like, what's bad?

TVGO: Does it feel weird to have strangers come to you raving about your relationship?

Kris: It fills me with pride. I'm very proud of Jon and [myself] and to have people recognize that feels very good.

Jon: It's very inspiring. It inspires us to continue on with how we are and to just stay tight and respect each other. It's a great thing and it's neat to see that everyone saw our relationship and really appreciated how we were with each other.

TVGO: You had been long-distance dating for about a year before the race. Was this the longest time you'd spent together in person?

Kris: We actually spent the month before we left for the race together. But I think the race itself is the longest time anyone ever spends with each other

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