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Episode #3: " Please, Lord, Give Me Milk."

''The Amazing Race'': Hump Day

By Josh Wolk Josh Wolk

Traveling through Burkina Faso, several teams lose it as they have to milk camels and learn vocabulary



Because of Lorena's breakdown,

she and Jason were nearly camel toast

After last week's stellar episode of The Amazing Race, it would be unfair to have expected this week's to match up. After all, its MVP, Ronald, was playing while injured. So I'm not sure whether this episode was a major letdown on its own or just suffered by comparison.

(Before I get into the rundown, I'd like to get back to Ronald for a moment. I know nothing about hernias, so this next comment may be naive

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Episode 7

One of the teams that had looked the strongest, Azaria & Hendekea, were unable to work together and fell apart in The Amazing Race 12 Episode 6 and were eliminated after accidentally booking business class seats. Nathan & Jennifer hate each other (more) but still came in third.

Due to the football overrun, the show

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Episode 9

Kynt & Vyxsin had a chance to change their fate in The Amazing Race 12 Episode 8 but chose to U-turn the wrong team instead of the team that they knew for a fact were going to get there right around the same time as them, which caused Kynt & Vyxsin to be eliminated from the race. That brings us down to the final four, and, well, there

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