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Shana & Jennifer


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Shana & Jennifer


Shana: Los Angeles, CA

32, Actress

Jennifer : Los Angeles, CA

32, Legal Assistant

Don't let their good looks fool you. This all-female Team is eager to do whatever it takes to bring home the $1 million prize. Shana and Jennifer met six years ago and have been friends ever since.

Shana currently makes a living as an actress and TV host of an online cooking show. She describes herself as loyal, passionate and spontaneous. Her proudest accomplishment came when she toured as a back-up dancer/singer for Luis Miguel. She has lived abroad, is well traveled and feels right at home on the road.

Jennifer works as a legal assistant and stock market researcher. When asked how she and her Teammate are most different, Jennifer claims that she is a bitch, while Shana is simply bitchy. When asked how they are similar, she responds "we care about what we look like and we're both intellectuals." She describes herself as competitive, intelligent and determined. Jennifer is also well traveled and is looking forward to hitting the road again.

These ladies are both very competitive and convinced they have what it takes to become the first all-female Team to win the Race.

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Please NO... Is there no end to the copycats?

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Careful boys, that tall one looks like she might hurt somebody!


Bet she has a nice set of whips and chains.

Hopefully, every good dirty hooker should have a well stocked arsenal for pain and pleasure!!!!

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I don't have to watch the show yet to know that I'm NOT rooting for these two, and its not because the whole male species is. It's because of the simple word "actress"...yes, I'll admit I'm biased, but anyone that puts down actress for their occupation on a show like this shouldn't win, imo. I like real people like grandpa and grandson, or dad and daughter, etc.

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