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Jennifer & Nathan


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Jennifer & Nathan


Jennifer: Huntington Beach, CA

23, Student

Nathan: Fountain Valley, CA

24, Volleyball Coach

This athletic couple first met in college while living together with other friends. Both admit they couldn't stand each other at first, but soon grew closer and started dating. They've broken up several times in their two-year courtship, but remain true to each other. In one breath each will tell you that the other is their soul-mate and in the next, they'll tell you how much the other drives them crazy.

The biggest difference between the two is organization-he's organized and she is not. Both have dominant personalities and tend to be very stubborn.

Nathan teaches volleyball and also works as a waiter. Jennifer is currently enrolled at Cal State Long Beach and works as a gymnastics coach. She was also on the Los Angeles Clippers Spirit dance team. Jennifer describes herself as thrilling and loving while he describes himself simply as "one cool dude." Both are eager to put their relationship to the test on a race around the world.

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Nathan is a friend of mine.....he just dont know it yet


I predict alot of yelling (at each other) from this team...

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Am I the only one who thought the dude was the biggest JERK!? She said he cheated on her and that he treats her like crap. Yeah. I agree he treats her like crap. (So Why is she staying with him?!?) Also he's a whiner and I felt so sorry for that poor sweet donkey he screamed at and pulled until it refused to move. All they had to do was touch the donkey on the arse and he would have moved along.

You can't pull a donkey. Frankly, that man is a Jack Ass!

P.S. Ari and Staella also tried to pull their donkey. Look how far they got with that.

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Haha Justin... from day 1 i thought she was very pretty, AND i thought she would go far... i thought Jenn was pretty, but wouldnt do so good. so i just choose her as an early favorite.... And as the game went on, i just really liked her more and more, and thought she was a great competitor... so even if i didnt like her from day1, i would of ended up liking her...

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Yeah, I LOVE bb, its my favorite show...

im glad we dont have to wait so long too!

i always end up cheering for chicks too... season 2-Nicole, Season3-AMY, season4-Alison, Season5-Natile-Adria, Season6-Jannie,Season7-Jannie, Season8-Danni!

DANNI-amy were my 2 favorites.. i know Amy wasnt such the looker, but heck i liked her for some reason.

Anywhoo, before we get a OFFTOPIC WARNING, I like Nathan. Not so Much Jennifer, but i want her to stay so we have something to look at. Im not too much into asian chicks.

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