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Spoiler: Episode 2.12: Title Unknown


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Courtesy of: SPOILERFIX

Episode 2.12: Title Unknown

Airdate: November/December 2007

  • 10/14 - Robert Keep - Early 30s. Male. Robert is a young man living in New Jersey, with a pretty big secret. Baseball Cap - 30-35. Male. Distinctive Features. An agent working for a very powerful organization. Uniform Cop - 28 - 35. MaleE. A uniform cop working in New York city. Samantha - 16. Female. A pretty Southern California cheerleader. Lucy - 16. Female. A pretty Southern California cheerleader. Co-Worker #1 & #2 - 28-40. Male or female. Japanese. Two office workers at a powerful Tokyo corporation. Sheriff - 40-45. Male. A sheriff working in Odessa, Texas. Mother - 35-45. Female. A mother in Odessa, Texas who is worried sick about her child. CDC Worker - 30-40. Male. An agent from the Center for Disease Control. Source: SpoilerTV
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