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Some Survivor Videos Of Interest


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Erik and Jamie getting ready to watch the survivor premere

Watching the Premere 1

Watching the Premere 2

Ashley Interview after eviction From a Local Station


Survivor in the Future Hunting for a new place to play game at.

Survivor in da hood

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Survivor China Spoilers - Survivor China Winner.flv

short promo from Jeff just before Episode 2

Jeff: Okay now we are off and running , we have are two tribes and your starting to see the differences .where over at Fie Long they do a pretty good job of working and getting stuff done.

Jeff: Zhan Hu is still a wack pack , Dave has now decided to be the leader Dave and PG and Dave bless his heart is going to do his best to lead them out of there misery and into a win.

Jeff: over at Fie long your starting to see some alliances form that could have a big impact on the game. And Jean Robert is going to reviel a strategy about his whole idea of how he is going to play this game.

Jeff: Also I think your going to see the impact on how hot and hard it was in china because there are more then a few people that are really on there knees this next week.

Jeff: Over all I would say next weeks episode is full of a lot of drama , not necessarily alot of fun and games which will come later but alot of drama hope you enjoy it.

Jeffs Promo of Episode 2

And just for fun another enteresting Video or Pre Survivor China filmed Sept 17th

The C List Sept 17th

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Okay this seemed like a good place to put this in the video's of Interest. This video has nothing to do with the game it is just a spoof of Jean Robert made by some bored fans. ( Possibly graphic for somes , sexual inuendo's ) .

Okay maybe I am one of the demented one's out there I found it funny , wrong yes but funny.. Helps to take the tension off of allways searching for Survivor when you can find something about it that just makes you laugh

Jean Roberts pervert song

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Oh I know Yana , I had to seriously think if I was going to put it here at all or not . Decided to but marked it as graphic so people can choose if want to see it or not. I still find it funny as hell

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