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Episode 4.04: The Heart Of The Matter


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Courtesy of: SPOILERFIX

Episode 4.04: The Heart of the Matter

Airdate: October 18, 2007

  • 09/01 - A female doctor is angry that another (probably an intern) read a chart wrong. They go to Mrs. Bitzer's room to assess the situation but the woman is gone. Source: SpoilerFix.com
  • 08/15 - In episode 4.04, one of the case of the week is that of Adam, a teen soccer player who seems to have wanted to quit playing for a while. The boy was injured during a game and his father says that he could have avoided the injury if he was a better player! The doctor tells them that in order for Adam to walk again, he'll have to undergo a risky procedure. Source: SpoilerFix BuddyTV Spoilers Chat
  • 08/11 - 18-year-old Courtney learns that her cancer has came back and is getting worse. She is told of the options opened to her but she wants none of them. She wants to go back home and die there. Elsewhere, a woman who was told she was terminal and decided to end everything in her life (break up with her boyfriend, get rid of her possessions, quit her job) learns that she will live after all. A woman named Ruthie comes to the ER because of an injured foot. The doctor learns that Ruthie has been on an extreme regime and training in order to lose 40 pounds. Ruthie and her fianc
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Grey's Anatomy

by Erin Lulevitch

Forgive and Forget

Episode Recap: "The Heart of the Matter"

"I forgive you." Did I hear that right? Callie, calmly telling George that he made a mistake by sleeping with Izzie, but that she was willing to forgive him because of their wedding vows? Thank god she changed her mind by the end of the episode, because I'm not sure I could have forgiven Callie for letting Gizzie off the hook so easily! Not after everything we've been through in this whole messy love triangle! Though something tells me we won't have anything resembling closure here for quite some time.

And while I secretly knew that Callie wasn't really planning on a lunchtime brawl, it was fun watching Izzie prepare for the possibility of one. I think it was the trash-talking that I enjoyed the most, especially when Izzie quipped, "I'm just saying, I learned to fight in a trailer park. Where'd Callie learn to fight? Boarding school?" Oh, Izzie, I may not like the idea of you and George being together, but I do admire your passion to fight for him.

Things weren't going much better for the Chief tonight, either. Adele finally reappeared, but not under the best of circumstances. Unfortunately, their niece, Camille (Camille Winbush), had a cancer relapse

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