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Episode 4.03: Let The Truth Sting


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Episode 4.03: Let the Truth Sting

Airdate: October 11, 2007

  • 09/24 - The new interns are dazzled by the skill level of fellow intern George, while Lexie helps keep his "repeater" status a secret; Meredith half-heartedly helps Lexie with her first emergency patient; Sloan and Richard attempt a radical, new surgery to save a woman's ability to speak; and George is compelled to tell Callie of his past indiscretion with Izzie. Guest Cast: Edward Herrmann as Norman, Caroline Aaron as Connie, Eve Gordon as Mary, Amy Hill as Joanne, Debra Christofferson as Elaine and Jack Axelrod as really old guy. Source: ABC
  • 08/29 - [Edward Herrmann is] playing the world's oldest intern. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide
  • 08/08 - The doctor who examines Henry after he collapsed thinks that something is wrong with his brain. He asked that another doctor be paged (Derek?) but the latter is in surgery. Source: SpoilerFix BuddyTV Spoilers Chat
  • 08/01 - In episode 4.03, a mother, Marcy, brings her 15-year-old son Henry to the hospital because she suspects his change in behavior may be due to drugs. When the test results show that Henry is not on drugs, the doctor working the case tries to reassure Marcy by telling her he is going through adolescence. But things go awry when the teen starts to speak nonsense and collapses. A patient named Connie is in for surgery to remove a cancer in her vocal chords. Before the operation, she tells two of her best friends stuff she has on her mind since it may be the last time she'll talk. What she has to say is not pretty (your breath stinks, you look fat in those pants, etc.). When she comes back from surgery, her friends decide to return the "favor" and tell Connie that she has terrible taste in men. Not to worry, all friends will kiss and make up! Source: SpoilerFix BuddyTV Spoilers Chat
  • 07/27 - Edward Herrmann is scrubbing in for a guest role on ABC's hit drama Grey's Anatomy. Details on his role are being kept under wraps, but it is understood that he will play a doctor in at least three episodes. Source: The Hollywood Reporter [Note: Could he be playing the doctor in his 50s described in our 4.02 spoilers?]
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Grey's Anatomy

by Erin Lulevitch

Episode Recap: "Let the Truth Sting"

Did someone mention pancakes? Martin Spanjers, Eve Gordon by Scott GarfieldWhen the episode opened with Alex and Lexie checking each other out in the elevator, I thought we were going to see the two of them getting cozy tonight. That was so not the case. Instead, Alex got tied down with the "old intern," Dr. Norman Shales (Edward Herrmann), who meant well but managed to get in the way more than he helped.

Sticking with the "old dog, new tricks" theme, Dr. Sloan and Dr. Webber decided to take their chances with a radical procedure in order to prove that they still had that magic touch. Their goal was to treat a woman's cancer while preserving her ability to speak. Fortunately for the patient, Derek's last-minute expertise helped to make the surgery a success. The only down-side she faced was dealing with the backlash of the brutally honest confessions she made to her friends shortly before the procedure took place. Yes, I was pretty sure her friends had left the building for good, after having been told that they either "wore their pants too tight," or "had god-awful breath." But they stuck it out, and even managed to give their friend a dose of her own medicine by revealing how they thought her second husband looked like a troll, among other things.

Then there was "the really old guy," who might be better known as the semi-comatose man in the room where the hospital gang used to each lunch. Tonight, we finally got a glimpse into his world, as he offered advice to Izzie, in between confessions that he was ready to die. Charlie, as we later came to know him, proved to be pretty insightful, having heard most of the conversations that went on around him over the course of the last year. He was keen enough to pick up on Izzie's situation with George, and he advised her that she was crazy to think George would leave his wife for her. Of course, he later changed his tune and offered her hope that things might eventually work out for Gizzie, but those words seemed to be said more out of a desire to appease her rather than an actual change of heart. It's too bad Charlie really did check out after tonight's episode, because he made for an interesting fellow and it seems like Izzie really could have used his friendship.

I was disappointed that we didn't get to see more of Cristina tonight, who still managed to make me crack a smile as she played the "poor me, I'm so sad" card to score some of Meredith's surgeries. Her tactic worked for a while, but Mer did finally catch on.

Getting back to Alex, I think he totally let the lecture Bailey gave him on how to treat interns go to his head. Did he really have to ruin things for George by telling the other interns that he was a "repeater?"

There were also a lot of good moments tonight, which included the time Mer took to explain to Lexie exactly what happened the day her mother died at Seattle Grace. It was nice to see the two of them having a real conversation about something that obviously meant a lot to the both of them, as Mer confessed she was really fond of Lexie's mom.

My other favorite moment was when Bailey admitted to Callie that she was having a hard time dealing with the new hospital pecking order, but that she was willing to be the best number two person at Seattle Grace. I was impressed that Bailey offered to help Callie and even suggested that they work together as a team.

And last, but not least: the cat is finally out of the bag! George told Callie that he slept with Izzie. Only now we have to wait until next week to find out if there really will be a lunch-time throw down between the two women in George's life!

For more Grey's Anatomy fun, check our Online Video Guide.

Posted by Erin Lulevitch 10/11/07 11:28 PM

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