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Episode 4.02: Love/addiction (fka "love/robins")


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Courtesy of: SPOILERFIX

Episode 4.02: Love/Addiction (fka "Love/Robins")

Airdate: October 4, 2007

  • 09/17 - Guest Cast: Ben Vereen as Archie, Brendan Elliott as Dave, Nicholas Gonzalez as Clark and Diahann Carroll as Jane Burke. Source: ABC
  • 09/15 - The residents and interns treat the victims of a massive explosion at an apartment building, while Alex investigates the cause of the accident, Mama Burke returns to collect her son's things just as Cristina trades her wedding presents in exchange for surgeries, Lexie tries to have a heart-to-heart with an unwilling Meredith, and while Callie is overwhelmed with her duties as Chief Resident, Bailey searches for an outlet for her pent-up leadership skills. Source: ABC
  • 08/29 - Since Burke's never coming back, Shonda Rhimes went and got the next best thing: his mama! Diahann Carroll's returning in this season's second episode when she shows up at Seattle Grace to get that choker back from Cristina. Needless to say, her return is shocking - and potentially clarifying - for Yang. It's also funny as hell. In fact, I hear the entire episode is high- sterical. There's also apparently some great stuff with Chandra Wilson as Bailey struggles with no longer being the boss lady. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide
  • 07/27 - Doctors will treat various patients who were injured in an apartment complex fire, including the woman who set it after falling asleep while smoking, in the second episode of the new season. Source: TV Squad
  • 07/26 - Another Broadway star will join Sara Ramirez and Chandra Wilson on Grey's Anatomy this fall. Tony winner Ben Vereen will make an appearance in the second episode of Season [4] as a patient at Seattle Grace. "I was exposed to a fire in my apartment and I come in as a burn victim," Vereen tells TV Guide.com. "I'm a wise, old guy who is the neighbor of a family he's adopted who has a terrible misfortune." Vereen's character discovers that his surrogate family ran a drug laboratory at home when they all wind up in the hospital after an explosion. "He's crushed because he's a very lonely man," says the actor. "Mark and Izzie are taking care of him and Callie comes in so I deal with those characters." Source: TV Guide Online [Note: It seems that he will play the 70-year-old character we describe in our 07/24 spoilers below.]
  • 07/24 - A woman, Marla, wakes up in the hospital not knowing how and why she got there. It turns out that Marla fell asleep with a cigarette in her hand, starting a fire in her living room. Marla sustained injuries to her abdomen. Her husband is okay but her son suffered extensive burns. There are also other patients in the hospital who were affected by the fire Marla set. One patient warns a female doctor to start to date in order to not end up alone at 70 like he is. Another burn patient panics while at the hospital and admits that the life he is now living is not what he wanted. Source: SpoilerFix.com
  • 07/18 - The show is currently looking for a male in his 50s to play an older doctor. The ladies replacing Kristin from E! this week scooped me on this earlier. They were able to learn that it would be a recurring character. Source: SpoilerFix BuddyTV Spoilers Chat
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Grey's Anatomy

by Erin Lulevitch

Know When to Walk Away

Episode Recap: "Love/Addiction"

Disbelief. That's how I would describe my reaction (and the look on Izzie's face), during the first five minutes of tonight's episode. George loves Izzie, that's all there is to it, and now he can't wait to share the news with Callie! It's almost unbelievable. Especially considering the lengths George went to prior to tonight just to avoid Izzie and any related talk about their recent indiscretion. Now it's almost like he can't wait to shout it out to the world! Though I will say it is nice to see George so exuberant and full of life this week. Last week he seemed so frustrated and depressed about repeating his internship that I'm almost willing to forgive Gizzie. Almost.

And poor Callie! Just when you think things can't get any worse for her, they do. Not only is the new job still not working out, but now she's also convinced George and Izzie are having an affair. I have to say, I was surprised to see her admit the latter to Mark Sloan of all people, but it seems like he's the go-to guy these days for personal revelations. Even Derek finds himself admitting to Mark that he has "a problem" (referencing, of course, his "addiction" to Meredith). Could it be that we will begin to see Mark evolve into a new, more serious-minded and relationship-oriented man? Might he even be the one that Callie finds herself snuggling up to, should she and George eventually separate? I wonder. Especially if Mark takes the advice from Archie (Ben Vereen) to heart: "Don't do like I did. Don't be a bachelor your whole life."

On the other end of things, there's Cristina, providing much-needed comic relief tonight. After nearly trading away all of her wedding gifts for the sake of professional gain, Mama Burke (Diahann Carroll) appears and there's only one person she wants to see: Cristina. Fortunately, Cristina manages to avoid the initial confrontation and a random accident even allows her a legitimate, albeit temporary, escape. "Carnage in the pit, my day's improving!" she crowed. Later, Cristina had me giggling again when she caught Lexie staring at her and Meredith as they tried to have a private conversation: "If you have time to stare, you have time to get me coffee. Now! Move!"

Then there's Bailey, who by far had some of the best moments in tonight's episode. And how good was it to see the old Bailey we've come to know and love resurface? I nearly cheered for her when she barked at her fumbling interns, "You are interns. You are in charge of nothing!" Then later, when she really let loose on Alex for confronting the drug dealer, I was nearly standing and clapping! "You got in the face of a drug dealer [smack, smack]? I taught you better than that[smack, smack]!" Then Bailey proceeded to thank Alex for allowing her to release all of her built-up frustrations on him. Me, I'd like to thank Shonda for bringing back the old Bailey!

Meanwhile, back at Mer/Der camp, the two of them have agreed to just sex and mockery, no sleep-overs and apparently no lunch dates either. While it's painfully obvious that Derek wants a relationship, it's equally obvious that Meredith is not on board for anything more than "S & M." And, as if their own issues weren't creating enough angst in the relationship arena, Mama Burke was able to further shake things up by adding her two cents to things. First, she chastised Meredith for her "It's so over" speech at Burke's wedding, and then did her best to raise doubts in Derek's mind about his current situation: "Do you know when to walk away? Do you know when to not take less than you deserve?"

By the end of the night, Cristina finally puts in some face-time with Jane Burke, too, and at last we learn the reason for her visit. Mama has come to retrieve the necklace she lended to Cristina for the wedding and to request a key to the apartment, so she can collect Preston's things. Before leaving, Mama does impart these words to Cristina: "I'm sorry you lost the man you love, but more than that, I'm sorry you lost your teacher. With him by your side, you could have become a brilliant heart surgeon." As hard as it probably was for Cristina to hear those words, it was probably important that she did. Maybe now she can really begin the process of letting go of Burke.

And, once again, the fate of Gizzie is up in the air ... honestly, I just can't see it ending. What do you think?

To catch up with Addison and get a behind-the-scenes look at her journey, tune into TV Guide Network for Come Rain or Come Shine: From Grey's Anatomy to Private Practice; October 5 at 11pm/ET.

Posted by Erin Lulevitch 10/4/07 10:13 PM

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