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Daniele - Runner-up


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>>>>Dani, you're the best! We were cheering for you since day 1.

So, kinda personal, but, why do you shave your arms? (You had to of seen this question coming )

ok seriously this one was one of the funniest things to come home to. I hate body hair. period end of story. I pretty much just dont shave my head. haha. I always shave my arms, i have for years. My hair stands straight up on my arms and i hate it. the only reason that they have one video of me doing it is because thats when we had cold water for 8 days & i didnt want to constantly take showers. almost all my friends shave their arms. So to sum it up = dani hates body hair. YUCK!


And that's why she shaves her arms .

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>>>>Daniele, we've been booing you since day 1.<<<<

while she was answering hygiene questions, did anyone ask about her split ends??

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I have been requesting an interview with both of them for a while now... Nick since he left the house, and Daniele the same... I haven't heard from either...

Shocking...you will probably have to pay them. I don't think the Donatos or Nick give a crap about their fans unless they are donating money for europe trips.

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My thoughts is that that D&D may want a little pricacy at this point. I don't blame them.

I think Erick and Jess are more interested in the interview curciut and keeping their 15 minutes alive.

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I also sent requests to Jessica and Eric... Jessica sent back an e-mail asking how the interviews worked and I sent her an e-mail back explaining how things went and haven't heard back...

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BS, Look at these:

Nick and Daniele have something folks .

Btw; Daniele is kind of shy.. and private..

so that's why we haven't been getting much..

but nick, he is very open.






A post by Nick:

Dani, Will You...

... Go To The Enchantment Under The Sea Dance with me? It's the keenest dance in the Midwest...

... To Me, You Are Perfect



Can't seem to find other's but..

this will have to do. :)

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