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Season 2 - Episode Summaries


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Season Two, Episode One: "Four Months Later"

Airdate: September 24, 2007


After being shown quick glimpses of past and future events, Volume Two opens with Suresh giving a lecture to a sparsely attended audience about the virus that is targeting those with powers. He pleads for enought funding to do research to help stop the disease, while a mysterious man wearing glasses looks on.

In Central America, brother and sister Alejandro and Maya, flee from the police. They have traveled 800 miles and are heading for America to seek help for Maya

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Season Two, Episode Two: "Lizards"

Airdate- October 1, 2007


A bucket of water thrown over his head, a few punches to the face, and Peter Petrelli wakes up in the back room of the Wandering Rocks Pub in Cork, Ireland. When asked what he did with the missing iPods, Peter says he doesn't know, which results with him getting punched in the face again.

Back at the Bennet home, Mrs. Bennet accidentally drops her ring in a pot of boiling water and Claire retrieves it for her, burning her hand and then they watch it quickly heal. "Showoff", her mother says. After Claire leaves for school, Noah Bennet shows his wife a newspaper article about Kaito Nakamura's death. He says he knew this would happen and shows her a painting Isaac made, and tells her his about his ability to paint the future. He also mentions that this painting is one in a series of eight, and he plans on finding the other seven.

On the Deveaux's NYC rooftop, Detective Matt Parkman interviews Ando about what happened and asks him about the red symbol on the photo of Kaito. Ando says it's the crest of legendary samurai Takezo Kensei and, according to Ando, it means "great ability-godsend". Also found on the photo is Angela Petrelli's fingerprint.

In Otsu, Japan, in the year 1671, Hiro tries to sober Kensei up in a horse trough and convince him to go after Yaeko so she can become his princess, thus restoring the "space/time continuum". When Kensei passes out, Hiro picks up Kensei's mask and armor, donning it himself.

In Claire's Science class, the subject is lizards and cellular regeneration. Her teacher tells the class that lizards are able to regenerate whole limbs, if needed. Claire wants to know if he thinks its possible for humans to have that capability with regards to organs...to help others in need. West watches on, surprised by her class involvement on the subject.

Back in Hartsdale, New York, Company Man Bob gives Suresh his first assignment: go to Port-au-Prince to investigate and bring back a man who may have the Shanti virus. He also tells him to be careful because as far as they know at this point, Suresh is the only one who carries the antibody to fight the virus.

Still in Central America, Maya and Alejandro seek refuge at the home of a family friend who agrees to help them cross the border into Mexico that night.

Caitlin, Ricky's sister, tends to Peter's wounds back at the Wandering Rocks pub in Ireland. She explains that her brother pulled the job for a man named McSorley and that delivery is due that day. Peter still can't remember anything about himself, and is mystified by the electrical shocks that came from his hands. Caitlin then mentions that, despite all of the blood she cleaned off his face, Peter has no wounds!

Suresh arrives in Port-au-Prince and finds the man he was sent to find... The Haitian. (duh. Now that was a tough one to figure out.) The Haitian feels like he is being punished by God for misusing his powers, but Suresh fills up a syringe with his own blood and asks the Haitian if he wants to see if he can have "redemption".

At their friend's home, a healer offers to try and help Maya with her "health problems". She takes Maya's hands and closes her eyes. She suddenly pulls away and tells Maya that she carries a black death... enough to kill the devil. "No one can heal you. You are cursed." Then she quickly gets her daughter and runs out of the house.

Hiro, dressed as Kensei, comes to the rescue of Yaeko, who is fighting off a group of nefarious samurai. Hiro uses his abilities to disarm the warriors and frighten them away, which really impresses the beautiful Yaeko. Later, the two of them share a moment together beneath the flowering cherry blossoms. Yaeko wants him to remove the mask, but Hiro refuses, saying that he won't be able to say what he feels with the mask off. He tells her (still pretending to be Kensei) that he cares for her, but when she closes her eyes to receive a kiss, he uses his powers to disappear. Yaeko opens her eyes to the blossoms gently falling off the trees around her.

Ricky leaves the bar, telling Caitlin to keep an eye on Peter and use the gun if she has to. Peter manages to use an ability to phase out of the ropes that tie his hands together. As he's about to escape, a bunch of thugs come into the bar and attack Caitlin. Peter comes to the rescue and uses his telekinetic abilities to remove their weapons and rough them up.

After class, West follows Claire and asks her why she's hiding everything that's interesting about herself. He tells her that he's into genetics and found a book by a Dr. Suresh called "Activating Evolution." As Claire arrives in the parking lot she finds (in yet another crummy commercial endorsement) that her NEW NISSAN ROGUE has been stolen.

In Port au Prince, Suresh gave the Haitian his blood and the virus has begun to clear. Suresh fears that the virus is becoming more aggressive. The Haitian realizes that Suresh works for the Company, and the next thing Suresh sees is Bob standing in front of him, asking why he's been out of contact with them. He figures out that the Haitian must have been cured and wiped Suresh's memory so that Suresh wouldn't be able to bring him back to The Company.

Nidia, Maya and Alejandro's friend, helps them cross the border in the dead of night, but when the police arrive, Maya gets separated from her brother. As she cries out, "no, not again!", a black substance oozes out of her eyes, poisoning Nidia. Alejandro finds Maya and Nidia (lying dead), and takes the black poison out of Maya's eyes and into his own by holding her hands. Nidia heals, but is terrified of them and leaves the twin siblings to continue on their own.

Claire visits her dad at Copy Kingdom to tell him the ROGUE was stolen. She also complains that she's not allowed to test the limits of her ability and that maybe she could be used to help people. Bennet reminds her again that the Company would cut her, do tests on her, and even more if they ever find her.

In a New York police station, Matt questions Angela Petrelli about Kaito's murder. He says that the most common motives for killing a person are money and sex. Angela replies, "well I don't need the money and I wasn't sleeping with him...not for a long time." :animated_scratchchin: Matt reads her thoughts and finds out that she believes someone killed Kaito out of revenge. When he asks her aloud if anyone would want revenge, she realizes he can read her thoughts and asks for her lawyer. Matt continues to press Angela but backs off when he reads her next thoughts,

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Season Two, Episode Three- "Kindred"

airdate: October 8, 2007


At the pub, Ricky tells Peter that he can have the box containing his information if he helps them with an armored-car robbery they are planning. Peter is able to hear Will's thoughts - that he's going to take the cash and run. Peter expresses concern about this, but Ricky insists that he trusts Will like a brother.

Now in Mexico, Maya and Alejandro continue on their journey to reach the American border. A policeman spots Alejandro trying to break into a car, and Alejandro is arrested while Maya barely manages to escape.

At a cemetery in Las Vegas, Niki and Micah visit D.L.'s grave as they prepare to set off for New Orleans to begin a new life.

Sylar wakes up in a tropical paradise. lying on a comfortable chair next to a girl in a bikini named Michelle. She informs him that she used to go by the name "Candice" until the police started looking for her, and that she is the one who rescued Sylar from Kirby Plaza. Sylar demands that Michelle remove the illusion. When she does, he sees that his chest is bandaged up from "eight" surgeries and he's is really just in a shack in the middle of nowhere.

Back at school, Claire tells West that she was just giving herself a pedicure the other night when he was spying on her and that she wants him to stay away from her. He says he was just trying to bring her Suresh's evolution book.

In Brooklyn, Matt hears a noise in the kitchen and pulls out his gun to confront the intruder- who turns out only to be Suresh, having returned from Haiti. Matt expresses his concern about Mohinder doing his "spy work" in their "own backyard", adding that Molly has been struggling with more nightmares.

In Japan, Ando plays videos games in his office at Yamagato Industries when his boss walks in, catches him and chews him out. After his boss leaves, Ando opens a drawer and removes Hiro's (Kensei's) sword. As he sadly thinks of his friend, he suddenly notices a new message at its base: "Ando, open". Ando opens it and ancient scrolls fall from the sheath - messages from Hiro!

Caitlin walks into the back room of the pub to find Peter trying-and failing-to conjure up some of his abilities. She assures him that she'll watch his back during the heist that night. When he asks her why she's kept his abilities from the others, she responds, "A girl has to have her secrets."

Back in 1671, Hiro is awed by Kensei's ability to regenerate. Confused and afraid, Kensei leaps on his horse and rides off. Hiro finds Kensei and tells him they are both "special" and demonstrates his own abilities. Kensei believes him and is suddenly excited as he realizes his powers can help him become wealthy. Hiro tells him that he must fulfill his destiny as a hero and then transports Kensei to White Beard's castle where, according to legend, he combats the "90 angry Ronin" who guard the fire scroll.

In Claire's biology class, West asks one too many sarcastic questions about whether a "lizard girl" could regenerate limbs, Claire rushes out of class in tears. He catches up with her outside where she angrily admits to being a "freak," and is that what he wanted her to admit to? She adds that she has to keep a low profile so she won't become someone's guinea pig. To show her that he understands what it's like to be a "freak", he suddenly takes her into his arms, and flies them both into the air!

Outside "Pinky's Sportsbook", Peter distracts armored car guards while Ricky and his crew spring into action. The robbery goes according to plan until a guard sounds the alarm. Guns are fired and, amidst the confusion, Peter uses telekinesis to swing the armored car around to block the guards from capturing them. He jumps in the van and escapes with Caitlin and the others.

Bob goes through Isaac's loft, which The Company has turned into a state-of-the-art laboratory for Suresh. He informs Mohinder that Isaac was killed. He also tells him that he will be keeping an eye on Suresh for both Suresh's AND the Company's "best interests".

Back in time, Yaeko worries that Kensei is dead, but Hiro assures her that he'll survive and return. She expresses that Kensei seems at times like two different men, one a brute and the other gentle. And suddenly a tired and battle-weary Kensei returns with the fire scroll. Hiro watches sadly as Yaeko embraces and kisses the "great" samurai warrior. We have learned from Hiro's messages to Ando, that Hiro has fallen in love with Yaeko.

Having traveled to New Orleans, Nikki tells Micah to hide his powers as she drops him off at a house where they have family living. She says she doesn't know how long she'll be gone, but when she gets back, they'll be able to be together. Micah replies that she always says that when she's about to do something bad. After they knock on the front door, a friendly elderly woman appears and greets them. (exit Sulu, enter Uhura! ;) )

Maya comes to bail her brother out of prison, but she only has 14 American dollars. When Maya points out a wanted flyer with her and Alejandro pictured on it. As the police pin her down to the desk, Maya's eyes fill up with the black substance and the police and American prisoner drop to the ground. She gets the keys and frees her brother, who takes her hands and returns the prisoner and policemen back to health. The American prisoner asks them to take him with them as he has a car they can escape in

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Season Two, Episode Four: "The Kindness of Strangers"

airdate: October 15, 2007


Noah Bennet closes his laptop after looking at the photo of the painting sent to him by Mohinder, just as Mrs. Bennet walks in the door. He asks her if she knows if Claire is seeing anyone and that it would be

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Season Two, Episode Five: "Fight or Flight"

Airdate: October 22, 2007


While Molly lies feverish and unresponsive in her bed, Mohinder angrily tells Matt that he has to go find his father because Molly risked herself for him.

In New Orleans, Monica refuses to give information to the police about the burglar who is a local gang member. Back in Ricky's pub in Ireland, Caitlin and Peter continue to share some lip action. Nearby at the shipyard where Peter had been found by Ricky and his gang, a mysterious young woman named Elle searches for information on Peter

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Season Two, Episode Six: "The Line"

airdate: October 29, 2007


Peter packs his things to head to Montreal where he believes the clues are leading him. Caitlin convinces him to let her come along because she is pictured in his painting too.

In California, Claire tries out for cheerleading squad, but Debbie rejects her, adding, "You are not extraordinary."

Suresh works with Monica on her "muscle-memory ability", however, Bob interrupts and takes Suresh aside and orders him to give Monica a form of the Shanti virus which has been manipulated. Bob says it will end her ability without harming her. Suresh warns that such tinkering could mutate the virus and possibly make it jump into the general population.

When Claire worries about not making the cheerleading squad because she lied to her dad and already told him she did, West advises Claire to bring Debbie down a notch and teach her a lesson. Meanwhile, near the U.S. border, Sylar questions Maya further about her ability and says he also once had powers. Maya seems to take to their new traveling companion, however, Alejandro doesn't trust Gabriel at all.

In the Ukraine, Noah and the Haitian arrive at the home of his former mentor, Ivan, where they tie him up and grill him about the missing Isaac paintings. Ivan, who states that he trained Noah and Claude (the invisible man), denies knowing where they are located. Noah threatens to have the Haitian erase all of his most-treasured memories. After following through on his threat and erasing a few of Ivan's memories, Ivan offers a deal: rejoin the Company and Mr. Bennet and his family will be safe.

Just as Suresh prepares to inject Monica with the manipulated virus, he realizes he just can't do it. He tells Bob he's leaving with Molly and smashes a cabinet filled with the serum to prevent it from being used. Meanwhile, as Maya, Alejandro and Gabriel cross the border they are immediately accosted by the "Citizens Border Patrol." Maya starts to lose control and Gabriel/Sylar convinces her to let it happen. She refuses to take Alejandro's hands and ends up killing the patrol members. Alejandro angrily warns Maya that Gabriel cannot be trusted and gives her an ultimatum- him or me. He also tells her that the next time her eyes blacken, he will not stop her and it will kill Gabriel. As Maya goes to the back of the vehicle, Sylar tells Alejandro that he plans on killing them both as soon as he can get his powers back, but Alejandro cannot understand him because he doesn't speak English.

West and Claire put their prank on Debbie into action: Claire confronts Debbie while she is drinking and humiliating other cheerleader recruits to ask for another chance at making the squad. Debbie refuses. Suddenly, a masked West flies in, grabs Claire, and drops her onto the stairs with a sickening thud. As Debbie looks on in horror, West swoops down and flies after Debbie as she runs away. Later, the police and the other cheerleaders are skeptical of Debbie's story, especially when Claire walks in like nothing happened. The police discover the bottle she was drinking from and, because Debbie was caught drinking on school grounds, she's kicked off the squad and Claire is invited to replace her.

Back at the Company's lab, Bob apologizes to Suresh for asking him to inject Monica with an untried drug, claiming that he over-stepped his bounds because his mind has been on someone who is a true danger to them. Mohinder, who had earlier seen a file in Bob's possession with a name on it, says, "Adam Monroe".

Bob says that he has someone at his disposal to help prevent "further misunderstandings".

In Ancient Japan; Hiro, Kensei, and Yaeko creep into White Beard's camp under the cover of darkness. Kensei battles his way through until the three of them find Yaeko's father chained in a tent. Her father refuses to leave until he destroys the stockpile of illegal guns that White Beard built based on his instructions, as White Beard is planning to take over all of Japan.

As Kensei, Yaeko, her father and Hiro Kensei leave the tent, they come under attack. When a bullet is fired at Yaeko, Hiro stops time and takes her to a safe location outside the camp. She then realizes that Hiro was the one under the cherry blossoms and not Kensei. When she asks if he loves her, he says, "yes." She leans in to kiss him. At first, Hiro hesitates, but then gives in to his feelings and kisses her back- not knowing that Kensei is watching in the distance.

Back in the Ukraine, Noah refuses Ivan's "offer" and threatens to erase Ivan's memories of his dead daughter. Ivan finally relents and gives up the location of Isaac's paintings, telling them also that he had given them to the "liquid man". Noah ransacks the apartment to make it look like a robbery, and then, despite Ivan's protests that Noah will be condemned to hell, he shoots and kills his former mentor.

Kensei confronts Hiro about kissing Yaeko saying that he wounded him more than any sword ever could. Hiro says they are in love but that he didn't mean for it to happen. Hiro tells Kensei that he must destroy White Beard's guns and promises that the kiss with Yaeko will be their last. But when Hiro's back is turned, Kensei strikes him and knocks him out. White Beard's men appear bringing Yaeko and her father with them, in chains. It looks like Kensei has betrayed Hiro in his jealousy and they tell Kensei he can have whatever he wants because he assisted them.

Bob escorts Monica home where he gives her a ipod loaded with information she can use to practice her ability, a packet of information, and the news that she's been enrolled in the Burger Bonanza management program. She compares him to being her "own personal Oprah". In New York, Suresh meets his surprise new partner... Niki. She says that the Company has been good to her and helped her and so there "won't be any problem between them, right?"

The Haitian and Noah finally uncover several of Issac's paintings, none of which look like they bode well for the future.

Peter and Caitlin arrive in Montreal. And find the door with the mysterious symbol carved above it- just like the one in his painting. Once inside, they discover a note with Peter's name on it. It says, "We were right about the company. The world is in danger. It's up to us. Adam." Peter closes his eyes, hugs Caitlin and says, "I wish I knew who I was and what the future holds". When he opens them, they are standing in a completely deserted Times Square. He finds a page from a newspaper which states that it is June 2008- one year in the future!

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Season Two, Episode Seven: "Out Of Time"

Airdate: November 5, 2007


In a tent at Whitebeard's Camp: Kensei has Hiro tied up with his face forced into a haze of opium smoke. White Beard offered Kensei anything he wanted to capture Hiro and lead his army. Kensei will soon rule half of Japan and Yaeko will be his bride. Yaeko says that she will never love him. Hiro reminds him that he's supposed to be a hero, but Kensai says that he is going to change history-after he leads Whitebeard's armies to victory, he'll be the greatest hero in Japanese history.

In a Ukrainian warehouse: Noah snaps photos of Isaac Mendez

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Season Two, Episode Eight: "Four Months Ago"

airdate: November 12, 2007


The show begins where last week

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Season Two, Episode Nine: "Cautionary Tales"

airdate: November 19, 2007


At the Butler/Bennet house, the family packs up...all except Claire. She comes downstairs in her cheerleading uniform, grabs her school books and declares that she is not going to leave. Noah orders her to change and get ready to go, but Claire refuses and brings up his actions with West. Lyle and Sandra protest, but Claire grows angry with the way they cover for Mr. B. She says that he is a liar and It's all about him and the things he's done, and that's why they'll always be running. He tells Claire to go to school to make her goodbyes, and then return home because they're leaving that night. Claire tells Noah she hates him, and leaves the house.

At a cemetary in Japan, Hiro sits beside his sister and Ando as a burial ceremony is underway. It is the responsibility of the eldest son to eulogize his father, so Hiro steps up to do so, however, he can't say anything and walks away. Ando runs after him. Hiro tells Ando that he feels responsible for being away when his father died. Ando tries to convince him it's not his fault and to return to the ceremony, but Hiro is determined to change things so, before Ando can stop him, He blinks himself back in time. He appears on the Deveaux Rooftop in New York City a week ago, in time to see and overhear the confrontation between Angela Petrelli and Kaito.

At the 3m's apartment (Matt, Molly, Mohinder), Matt pores over the company photo. We see names written by several of the faces in the photo. Molly wakes up from a night's sleep and comes to join him. He tells her he's been working on a puzzle: the people in the photo are connected and he's trying to find them before another one gets hurt. Molly offers to help, but he refuses after what he put her through last time. He wants her to have an ordinary life. As Molly leaves the room, Matt thinks to himself that she should come back and finish her cereal. Molly returns to finish her breakfast, unaware that Matt didn't speak to her verbally, rather only with his mind. Matt realizes that his power is much stronger than he ever realized!

Near a hotel pool somewhere in California, Mohinder, still wearing a bandage on his nose, joins Bob. Bob tells him that the plan is to snatch Claire, take out Noah if need be, and get back to Niki. And because Mohinder is not ready or willing to kill Noah, Bob introduces him to his new partner: his daughter, Elle. who's lounging in a chair by the pool. Mohinder exclaims "she's the executioner?", to which Elle asks Mohinder sarcastically if his power is to be a punching bag. She then cocks her finger, aims toward a cocktail glass on a table nearby, and breaks it with a lightning bolt.

In Costa Verde, Claire piles rocks together to form a giant message on the ground. West lands beside her, wondering what her game is. She tells him that it's not a game. She was worried that if she told West her dad was HRG, it would mess everything up. She also tells him that her family is leaving town tonight, but she's staying to be with him. He wants to believe her, but has to think things through. He flies off, leaving her standing beside the word

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Season Two, Episode Ten: "Truth and Consequences"

airdate: November 26, 2007


In the future in New York City, Peter stands in the middle of an empty street surrounded by blowing paper. He grabs one at random and finds it's an evacuation notice. He watches in confusion as the biohazard-suited men wrestle future Peter and Caitlin to the ground. Suddenly Peter finds himself back in the Montreal warehouse still clutching the evacuation notice, with Adam standing nearby. Peter has to go back to save Caitlin. Adam pulls the company photograph from an old trunk. Adam tells Peter about Victoria Pratt, who was a bioengineer. He says that on Valentines Day, 1977, she recovered a virus from an Indian girl named Shanti. According to Adam, Victoria Pratt manipulated the virus to turn it into a weapon. He convinces Peter that they have to find her and make her tell them everything she knows so they can save Caitlin and the world.

At the Bennet/Butler House, Sandra holds a gun on Bob while Claire and Lyle look on. Sandra can't believe that Bob has brought them an urn of Noah's ashes. Bob regrets Noah's death and calls Noah a loyal employee and tells them that his file was specific about how his remains should be handled. Bob says that Mr. B's last wish will be honored: Claire will be left alone to lead a normal life. But Claire says that there is no normal. Bob apologizes again and backs out the door, leaving the urn behind. Sandra tells her kids to get their stuff-They're leaving that night.

After Bob returns to the car and gets in beside Elle, he tells her she's to watch the Bennets closely. When Elle complains about her gunshot wound, Bob criticizes her for screwing up. Bob tells her to accept responsibility for what happened so she can regain his trust.

In Noah Bennet's hospital cell, he returns to life with a gasp. Mohinder comes to his side and begins wrapping restraints around his wrists. Noah remembers Mohinder shooting him. Mohinder tells him that Bennet forced him to shoot him, but that Noah is alive because Claire's blood saved him. Mohinder tells him that Claire is safe. Noah tries to convince him of the Company's deception- the company created the virus and everything they've told Mohinder is a lie, but Mohinder doesn't believe him and leaves him in alone in his locked cell room.

At the Dawson house in New Orleans- Micah, Monica and Damon are talking about comic books. When Micah mentions that some comic books are worth alot of money, Damon says they should sell Micah's collection but Micah says that he keeps them for the stories, not the money. Nana reveals to Micah a surprise visitor- his mother, Niki. He is overjoyed to see her again. Later, Micah asks her where she's been. She's tells him that she's been at a place that's cured her of Jessica and the others but, unfortunately, she's got a virus now and Dr. Suresh is working on the cure to save her. Micah tells his mom that he's got something to make her stronger- his dad's firefighter's medal that he has in his backpack. However, when Micah goes to get it, he finds that his backpack is missing.

In Virginia, Sylar and Maya enjoy a glass of wine while taking a break from their journey to New York to find Suresh. Sylar tries to convince her to let her brother go home, but Maya says that she needs him because of her terrible power. Sylar tells her that she CAN control her power. Maya doesn't think it's possible so Sylar begins taunting her, using her guilt over what happened with Alejandro's bride and wedding guests to make her upset. Maya suddenly begins to emit the poision causing Sylar to fall to the ground. He begs/commands her to control her power so no one else has to die. Maya fights to control herself and finally succeeds. Sylar returns to normal and has a look of relief on his face as she hugs him.

At Nakamura Industries in Tokyo, Ando and Hiro examine a file archive, finding the photo of the company's members. Takezo Kensai is not in the photo. Ando can't believe he could still be alive after Whitebeard's camp and four hundred years but Hiro says his healing power has kept him alive, but he must have left a trail in history. Ando brings down another box of files. When the contents spills, Hiro picks them up and discovers a picture of Kaito, Adam, and Victoria with their names on the back. Among the contents, Ando finds an order, signed by Kaito, for Adam Monroe to be locked up, dated November 2, 1977. Hiro quickly vanishes to time travel once again, leaving Ando standing alone.

Adam and Peter have stopped their car on a country road in Maine. Peter says they won't need to resort to violence, but Adam brings a gun anyway. Adam says Victoria won't to be happy to see him, so Peter offers to go talk to her first. He Peter finds Victoria in the garden and when he says her name, she he pulls a shotgun on him. He tells her about the virus and asks for her help. She tells him he must come inside her cabin and leads him there, still holding the shotgun on him.

Hiro has time traveled to the Primatech Facility in the year 1977. He appears in a hallway as an alarm sounds. He watches through a window and sees guards dragging Adam Monroe up to Kaito. Adam is determined to release a virus that could kill millions because he's seen the progress of the human race and has decided to make a hard choice for the "greater good". Kaito orders them to lock Monroe up, then goes into another room. As Hiro eavesdrops outside, he hears Kaito confront Victoria Pratt. She says Adam was looking for strain 138 and demands that the project be shut down because, if Adam had gotten ahold of the vial, the facility would be ground zero for a pandemic. Kaito assures her they'll take the virus to the Odessa facility where it will be safe. She says that the only way to be safe is through the destruction of the vial. Kaito says the other founders wouldn't allow it. She believes Adam had inside help, and she refuses to be a part of the project any more. Hiro time travels again after hearing this information.

Back at Victoria's cabin, she forces Peter into the living room with her shotgun. She says she figured that, given the Company's death toll, someone would come looking for her. She tells him that Peter looks just like his mother. Peter tells her about Caitlin and their trip to the future and that he just wants to find and destroy the virus to save Caitlin and the world. As they come down the hill, Victoria says the virus is in a storage facility in New Mexico. Adam knows there's no such facility, but just as he tells Peter this, Victoria sees him and shoots him in the chest. When Peter tries to explain, she says that they're working together and that's all she needs to know. She shoots Peter and then runs over to Adam, who's healing but still on his back, and gets ready to shoot him again. But before she can pull the trigger, Peter grabs the gun and knocks her out with it. Adam says they should take her up to the house.

In a hotel room in Virginia, Alejandro looks at a website printout of an article from the New York Chronicle. It shows Gabriel Gray (aka Sylar) and a picture of his dead mother's body. Maya rushes in, and excitedly tells him that she can control her power now thanks to Gabriel's help. Alejandro tells Maya about what he found out about Gabriel and that he's a killer. Maya doesn't believe it. Alejandro says they should leave, but before he can convince her, Sylar enters the room. Alejandro confronts him and Sylar admits he did it, but claims that is was only in self defense. He says that when his mother found out about his powers, she tried to kill him. Maya believes him but Alejandro insists he's a murderer. Maya replies that she is one too-she killed his fiance. Alejandro says that she didn't mean to, but Maya insists that she wanted the woman dead in an attempt to get Alejandro to leave, which he does. Maya turns to Sylar for comfort.

At the Pratt Cabin, Adam finishes tying Victoria to a chair. She tells Peter that she lied to him because he was with Adam, who's a killer. She explains what happened thirty years ago and accuses Adam of killing Kaito. Peter demands she tell them where the virus is. She refuses, but Peter reads her mind and learns of the warehouse in Odessa, Texas. The men prepare to leave, but Adam loosens Victoria's ropes and says they're letting her go. Before Peter can protest, she jumps from her seat, grabs the rifle and points it at Peter. Adam shoots her from behind. Peter, disgusted, leaves to get the car. As he leaves, Adam pulls out a scrap of the company picture with Victoria's picture on it and draws the half-helix symbol over her image in blood. He leaves it by her body.

At the Dawson house, a bloody-nosed Damon explains that he'd taken Micah's bag to another kid who was going to tell him how much Micah's comics were worth. But it turned out to be a set-up, and the kid took the bag with everything in it. Micah tackles him and punches him until Niki pulls him off. Micah exclaims that his father's medal was in there. Nana takes Damon to wash up and call the police. Micah insists that he, Monica and Niki need to do something. They need to be heroes like his father, but Niki says they're going to wait for the police.

Back at the motel room, Sylar opens the door to Alejandro, who's furious that Sylar's taking his sister. The two fight, and Sylar throws Alejandro to the floor, then grabs a knife lying on the bed and stabs him. (goodbye Paolo, oops, wrong show! I mean, Alejandro) Alejandro dies just as Maya knocks on the door. He answers a moment later, pretending that he's been in the shower and unable to hear her. She admits he was right about everything and he tells her he just wants to help her. She kisses him, and he closes the door so she won't see her brother's body.

Butler House, Costa Verde: West walks into Claire's room as she packs. Sandra's told him they're leaving. West tries to comfort her, but she gets up and pulls a wind chime out of a drawer. She knows a man who can make her forget she ever had a father, and she's going to use the wind chime to call him. West convinces her not to. She just wishes she could tell her father how sorry she is.

At night in New Orleans, Monica sneaks into Micah's room dressed in black, with a hooded sweatshirt. She tells him she knows where the kids who took his backpack live, and she's going to get it back. Micah goes with her.

Back at the Company Research Facility, Mohinder and Bob watch a monitor. Claire's blood has fortified Mohinder's antibodies and made them effective against the virus in Niki. Bob's happy but Mohinder's not. During his research, he discovered strain 138, a lethal strain. Bob insists the company is good at security, but Mohinder doesn't think it's good enough. Bob has to help him hunt down every strain of the virus and destroy them. Bob agrees. A few minutes later, Mohinder calls Niki to tell her he'll be on a plane with the cure. Niki's overjoyed and runs to tell Micah, but discovers his bed is empty.

Monica and Micah stand outside an abandoned looking house in New Orleans. He uses a cell phone to make sure no one's home. Monica uses a video player to learn how to climb the outside of the house. Micah steps over to a streetlight and uses his power to shut it off. Monica pulls up her hood and Micah sees that she looks just like St. Joan. Monica crosses the street and vaults to the upper floor of the house, then walks in through an unlocked patio door. She finds the backpack and stuffs Micah's things into it. Suddenly two vans pull up outside and some gang members walk into the house. Monica's hides on the ceiling, but the St. Joan comic falls from Micah's bag, alerting the gang to her presence. They pull guns, haul her outside and throw her into one of the vans as Micah watches. Micah runs for help.

At a Costa Verde beach, Lyle, Sandra and West watch as Claire dumps her father's ashes into the surf. Afterwards, she goes to say goodbye to West, but sees a car on the pier nearby. It's Elle, sipping a slushie. Claire starts running toward her. Elle frantically tries to start the car, but with her injury, she has to put the key in with the wrong hand and succeeds only in spilling her drink all over her lap. She gets out of the car in time for Claire to throw her against it. West pulls Claire off Elle. She tells Elle that she's going to tell everyone what they can do to bring the Company down. Elle doesn't think anyone will believe her. Claire agrees but demonstrates that she can show them. She punches her hand through Elle's car door window. She removes her bloody, glass encrusted hand and show Elle her healing abilities.

In a cab, Mohinder checks his supply of the virus antidote that he is bringing to save Niki. His plans are changed, however, when he receives a surprising cell phone call from Sylar. Sylar tells him that he convinced the babysitter to take the night off, and he's taking care of Molly. He then hangs up after promising to see Mohinder soon, knowing that Mohinder will come to save Molly.

Hiro pops back into the present time and finds Ando sleeping at his computer. He wakes him to tell him that Hiro knows what Adam wants: to release the deadly virus into the population. Hiro takes Kensai's sword from it's place on top of Ando's filing cabinet. He has to avenge his father and save the world. As he once again vanishes, Ando wonders why saving the world is always Hiro's responsibility.

At the Primatech Warehouse in Odessa, Adam and Peter walk down the hallway of the warehouse. Suddenly Adam, and everyone around, except for Peter, stops moving. Peter looks around in confusion until he sees Hiro. Hiro explains that Adam killed his father and wants to release the virus and he has to pay. Peter won't let that happen. Hiro raises his sword. Peter prepares a handful of lightning. Hiro shouts and charges.

Source: NBC, HeroesTV, kayo

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Season Two, Episode 11: "Powerless"

airdate: December 3, 2007


(Due to me inexplicably forgetting to post the final episode synopsis, all credit goes to Ulysses at Heroes-tv.com for this thorough recap!)

Apartment 612, Brooklyn, New York: Mohinder enters to find Sylar casually at home in front of Mohinder's laptop. Molly's still asleep, and Maya's making breakfast wearing a

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