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September 17 & 18 Live Feed Thread


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8:15PM BBT: Daniele and Dick are discussing the jury inquisition again. Dustin asked then what they have learned from each HG and she was pissed about a comment he made about her saying she carried her father as far as she can in the game. They say that Jessica seems the most bitter of the jury and is holding things against them. She asked them who they would have taken to final two if it wasn

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10:30 BBT

Dani about Zach..."I think is going to shocked about all the stuff people said about him at the beginning" Dick says "in the beginning" talking about people saying he was "the pervert" and jokingly says "he's inspired thousands" ..the "panty munchers"

Talking about casting like from "season 6"....talk turns back to Zach saying people on TV can't see the "Zach we see"

Dick accusing Dani "she's cheating" as they play checkers..

Dani "do you think you're going to be sick of talking about the show after 2 days" Dick says no can't wait to see the DVD's..

wierd music sound..Dani and Dick head to LR

BB voice "Hey guys and have some good news and bad news..the good news we are just testing right now" Feeds foth Showtoo cutaway..

Back and they are back playing games Dani talking about her wierd dreams.......and how someone asked "if her wierd dreams were part of my strategy" laughing about it....

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10:37 BBT

Dani and Dick playing as Dick grossly sneezes.."bless you" Dani says [bless?].....Dick thanks her and their game of checkers continue...

no convo a lot of concentration of their game...

10:40 BBT

"should we get BBQ" or what they had from a place they ate from before..Dani says they have steaks and goes on about Joe ordering "chicken pot pie" Dani saying it was so funny..

Dani "does that sound good" Dick says "I don't care" Dani saying "they have all kinds of stuff" steak lobster...tells bb "can we have a menu please".....[maybe their last dinner in the house?]

checkers continues.........

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10:45 BBT

Checkers is done "I'm gonna ask them for a menu" "is that what you want"...Dick says that's fine...dani goes to DR..we hear her voice "tomorrow night I was wondering if" [cut off]

Dani's out working on cleaning up the kitchen and putting her cookies away...

Dani "im bored" Dick say "we have an hour" Dick heads outdoors to smoke......while Dani in kitchen fiddling with Dice....

Dick wants to play Yathzee..Dani "you can't play that..you need a paper" Dick says "that's right a pen and a paper"

"that crazy bitch" as Dicks goes to his round room to fetch a pack of cig and says to Dani that had he known Jen would have crazy over his cigs he wouldn't have hid them in the first place..Dani says she did it for face time before her impending eviction.....Dick "I hate her" Dick recaps the penatlty nom/jameka scenario...with Dani calling them[HG]" idiots" for always having to spell things out for them...

Dick outside by himself smoking...

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10:55 BBT

"we got to the end mother fuckers" Dick tells us/cameras....

Dani says on the NT trip Amber asked one of the handlers "do I cry too much" laughing like they would really tell her..

"hurry up" she tells dick.."I'm bored"

Inside Dani working on her bunny topiary........

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11:00 BBT

Dick heads indoors "bagels and oranges...that's a strange combination" he tells Dani who's in the kitchen preparing it for her bunny topiary...

Dani put it on the rabbits as glasses..Dick telling her "you do it" when she asks for help saying he was happy with they way they looked..Dani "this is the last time we get to decorate" them telling dick "I fixed his mohawk.....

Dick shuffling cards talking about Jen and Dustin Dick "i hate thet guy" Dani says "can you imagine being friends with that guy" Dick "No I think I would rather have a bad case of gonnorhea"

Dick "oh that's what the oranges are for" as Dani makes a mouth for her topiary..Dani "he looks like a mental patient"..Dick "jen"

Dani continues to working on her other topiary..preparing the bagles...

talking about Jen "that crazy bitch" blah blah blah..

Dick-"so what's up Showtime"..Dani says they hate you because he's been mean..saying "she's really the mean one"..Dani "shut up"

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11:12 BBT

Dani saying what she they warn Showtime about past HG..

Dani-"if you own a store watch out for Dustin as he might shoplift"

Dick-"don't trust that gay guy with gonnorhea"

Dani having trouble with the lips to topiary #2.......she's done and proudly says "these things look really scary"

Dick sitting at the counter playing solitaire...

"what are you doing now" "nothing as Dani takes something out of the cupboard....

Dani gets their menus..Dick "i have to go get my glasses for this" as the print is small....Dani offers to read it but gets his glasses anyway...[lol at Dick wearing granny glasses]

Dick goes over the menu for tomorrow's dinner...Dani "I want some spinach and artichoke dip..frenchfries and onion rings together..sounds sood" Dick wants "popcorn shrimp".....Dani "we should get all of the desserts"....they go on...

Dani "that sounds gross when you do that" popping his neck..Dani called to DR...told to put the menus away till after 12:00

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11:23 BBT

Dani wondering who watches Showtime saying "I wouldn't buy it" Dick telling her "there's something for everyone" as he goes over diffrent show....

talking about hedgehogs as good pets and Dick says ferrets but Dani heard they stink....Dick saying that all rodent pets bite...

Dani has the latex body paint working on her topiary again....talking to Dicks about pets....the toxic fumes are getting to Dani...

"I wonder how many people online say I hate those two" saying that they don't care if Zach wins.....Dick says he's hated and "people are out there that hated the people I hated" BB having fun with Dani and their annoucements...as Dani uses the latex body paint on the topiaries..

Jen bashing...saying "the poor Showtime audience" saying "they must of all got eye infections" from Jen popping out of her unitard bikini...and having to watch.

Zach bashing doing 10 9 "the countdown til Zach appears"

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11:34 BBT

Dani making a mess with the latex on the floor saying "it will peel off" keep getting a BB "knock it off"...Dani "are you sure I can't do this..it will peel right off"...BB "knock it off" Dani "you guys suck"

Dani saying there's nothing to do..."I hear chitter chatter behind the door" BB playing with them knocking at the door..

Dani so disappointed they won't let her make stick figures with the paint...even though she's already made a mess with the paint on the floor..

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11:42 BBT

"den of liars" as Dick wonders why Dustin said he didn't remember this many costumes in previous BB season..and so many say they haven't watched bb before..

BB still having fun with Dani..not letting her mess up the floor.."I said...knock..it ..off"

Dani says "I actually found something to do" wondering "what can they do" "put me on slop"

Dick still playing solitaire while Dani finally gives up her quest to make a mess.."this sucks...let see if I can get one of the bunnies hold a beer" dick says "as long its not one of the Guinness'"

Dick "showtime are you going to miss us" Dani "No ...or are they".........

wondering when Survivor starts ..Dick says this Thurs while dani says it already started...

Dani has moved on to painting the vase...and BB says "I said stop it...I said to knock it off" telling BB you "ruined all my fun" and starts putting stuff away....

Dick outside smoking

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11:51 BBT

Dani says the people watching "actually like us" as why would they watch "people they hate" ...Dani "Thanks Showtime"Dani also hoping the viewers..... "hoping you hate Jen Amber and Dustin'...Dick "how could they not"

Dani saying "how ironic' "isn't it bizarre' how she had the "magic ping pong ball" and the magic "blue ball" that bounces into Jameka's tube"...Talk about the POV saying "I felt like i was being assulted" by Eric....Dick "that was a horrible competition"....talking about how hard they were hit..

dani is" freezing out here" .."two more minutes of Showtime"

dani munching on "slim jims" saying they are addicting...Dani says Jase was on a slil jim commericial..

"thank you Showtime..have a good night and see you tomorrow" Dani says to the viewers...

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12:04 BBT

Talking /bashing HG saying Eric told them "you're lucky I left in a fast forward week" laughing at if they had so much power then why are they gone..

we get FOTH [not sure why]

back with dani going over the menu..

12:13 BBT

you can hear the producer going over what other alternatives there are..Dani joking "isn't there a Blockbuster down the street" realizing it we get foth

12:17 Foth

12;27 BBT Feeds back with Dani and Dick going over the menu for tomorrow's dinner

12:30 BBT

you can hear production with D&D talking about "gag reels"....anyway Dick heads out to smoke...while Dani is in the DR turning in their orders for tomorrow's dinner..

Dick absolutly silent other then the frequent cough and spit....

Dani's out jokes to Dick..saying they can't get his file mignon.....telss him she's kidding..

Dick "i'm glad she's in a good mood....it's a cry far from yesterday...can'y wait to get outt here" he tells the cameras.

Dani pokes her head out "soon as your ready" saying "I've waited 79 days to watch a DVD rental"

Looks like BB is going to let them watch a movie....as Dani gets popcorn soda ready....

12:39 BBT

FOTH/trivia as their movie has started...so...

[this ends my night..only 1 more day/night..back for that tomorrow night..night all]

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5:01 a.m. BBT

Dick and Dani are outside talking discussing their game play and that of the other HG's.

They also discuss America's choice and saying maybe that America will choose who wins a car.

Dani states, "It better be me".

HG's now back in the house.

Dani plugging for a make over show for her grandmother.

[sorry off to work]

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Dick laying on the floor and Dani at the counter talking about how Dicks mom is going to come to the finale incognito, dick says she will be wearing sunglasses and a hat and dani says she'll be wearing a fanny pack, Dani: we should have stole one of Jens bedazzeled fanny packs for her... Dick: she will be wearing those awful jeans a long tshirt and a fanny pack, both laughing Dani and those flip flops with socks.... Dick yeah... both laughing

Now making jokes about how grandma dances as dani gets up to show dick how it looks, both are cracking up, now wondering what she will say about each houseguest and how Jameka called her a bitch and how eric said that was the funniest thing all season

Dani now talking about how jameka kept saying she was open to talk... "what is wrong with these people"

Dick: you know what i think is funny too?

Dani: what

Dick: your kids and vincents kids are going to watch this and think its so funny

Dani: or will they?

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Now Dani talking about one of the questions in the first HOH comp how they asked whos super power would be to know how to win BB8, dani says that was her answer... she said Zachs answer would be to see thru crusty panties... both laugh... Dani now telling Dick how Jameka asked "where do i get a card" when someone metioned the mile high club, dick said your kidding, dani said no it was so funny, then Eric had to explain it to her.

Dick says he's going to bed, he kisses dani on the head and says get some sleep and then walks to the room as he's walking he says "these people" dani gets up and heads to the bathroom and says "my life"

Dick taking out the stuff from his pockets and now taking off his boots and socks... now he is making a dirty clothes pile...Dani still in the bathroom.

5:25am BBT: Dani is out of toilet and changes into her PJ's.... Dick was standing under a blanket changing into his boxers and he heads out and runs into Dani, she says "um, once your in bed you cannot get out of bed"... Dick tells her he is going to do a load of whites and colors tomorrow so if she has anything to get it, she tells himshe has one load to do herself, one more time to do laundry in the house as she heads off to the room..... she then does some stretching and gets into bed... dick is in the bathroom.... he comes out and washes his hands and is heading back now

Dick walks to go to bed and Dani tells him good night, he says "oh, good night, ill see you tomorrow"... Dick in bed now but gets irritated about some curtain... pulls the covers up

Both in bed... im off to start my day

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6:35AM BBT

Dick and Dani have been up for about 25 minutes because they couldn't sleep. I have been listening from a distance but here is basically what has been going on:

Dick got up first and went out to BY to smoke and then came in and Dani was up and has indigestion and discusses what flavor of Tums she likes best.

They are both in very good mood's.

They have made breakfast and have been mostly bashing HG's but also talking about their jobs and when "secret shoppers" come in how many points they get taken off for not offering dessert etc.

Dani and her grandma go to Mimi's Cafe alot and she loves it. What they order to eat...it's always the same thing.

HG bashing and or HG stories continues as they clean up the kitchen.

They are now eating their breakfast. 6:45am

Discussion topics for the morning have included: which HG Vincent must hate the most besides Jen because "that is a given", how Mike on day 2 stayed upstairs for so long, like 6 hours, that they thought he had found a secret room or something, how many protien shakes everyone used to drink especially Mike, Amber saying she loves her dog as much as her daughter, Amber and her crying, how Amber spells caca...Dani, "C_O_C_K_A, cocka, I'm sure, who spells it that way? and she argued with us about it..I hope she doesn't tell her daughter that's how it is spelled". And lots of varied Jen bashing. Actually they have pretty much talked about each HG I just can't remember the quotes. They've gone out of this season too and touched on James and Janelle too--they didn't bash Janelle though.

They wonder what will happen when everyone finds out Dick was a finalist for Season 5, and that both Dani and Dick were finalists for Season 6. Dick wonders especially what Kail's reaction will be because he really railed on her for trying out for so many seasons.

Most of this is stuff we've heard before.

Now they are cleaning up their dishes. 6:55

The conversation is pretty fast paced and seems as if it will continue for a while

but I need to leave....

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They are washing & drying dishes together. Talking about how some of the former HGs never did the dishes. Dick said he couldn't believe he caught those taco shells on fire last night and laughs.

Dick asked who is the maddest at him to which Dani replies, Dustin. Dick says he thought it would be Nick.

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9:30am bbt I'm not sure if anything has happened in the past 2 1/2 hours, but they are currently :sleep1:

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