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Shuld Allison Grodener be replaced  

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Well, I didn't miss an episode this season, so that must mean something. I didn't care for the AP twist that much and I didn't care about the Dick/Daniel Joe/Dustin and Jess/Carol twists either. I think every should be even for all HG's going into the house.

But, how do you keep it fresh and intersting? And how do you cast another Dr Will or Janelle? I give Dick some credit. He's pretty original for the show. But, half the fans hate him and half like him. Is that good? I don't know. It works for Howard Stern I guess.

I am sure everybody has ideas on how they would do BB9, but until CBS asks for suggestions, I guess they will do it their own way. As fans, we have the choice to watch or not.

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I voted yes... This was not the worst season. I don't know if the AP was

just lame or because they picked Eric to be AP (sorry, the guy just got on

on my nerves several times). Eric did well on a few of the tasks and didn't

even try on some. And what a blabber-mouth!!! :singer:

All season I didn't have a favorite player.

I didn't care for most of the house guests.

There was some very funny moments.

A couple of nights I couldn't wait for the show to come on. :animated_bouncy:

I'm not upset with the F2. It's a game and it is what it is....lol

I know there's going to be a BB9 because they're already showing casting

calls on CBS. If Allison G. is going to do BB9, I hope she does some new

stuff and its not lame!

I'll watch BB9 because I like BB....I wish it was more like BBUK. JMHO :pixiedust:

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i think it was a good season. i think they should do a better job casting next year though. and please no enimies/friends/cousins/sister crap either.

AP would of been good without the other twist.

the only good people this season were -DICK-DANIELE-JENN-JESSICA-JOE. they were the best part of the season. if not for the lame twist joe might have stayed longer.


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The whole AP twist ate up the budget. This season was such a gyp for most of the HG.

I agree about the casting. What a bunch of panty waists. For the most part it was very weak. I want to see a majority being real competitors. And if there is another Dick, have other HG with the cajones to step up to challenge him.

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  • Casting=weak except for Dick
  • Twist: Nemesis=ok, but AP was great - I loved messing with Eric and the HGs, and it made the vote so much less predictable by disarming alliances.
  • Competitions: Most were lame-assed boring trivia, but the ones that weren't were pretty funny
  • Editing: Making Dick's antics ready for primetime TV must've been daunting, so my hat's off to her in that respect, but the anti-Christian crap was unecessary to the story line and took the place of other stuff they could have shown but didn't. It was also unfair in light of the whole anti-Semitic flap with Amber.
  • Rewards: Pretty cheap compared to Allstars, except the Power of 10 was cool
  • Consequences: Designed to humiliate, as usual, and they didn't really work. The cold water one was cool (pun intended) but not good TV
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I think if Mike stayed around longer, it would have been better. I think a lot of people could have agreed on liking him just on the fact that he was a nice, humble guy, that was stupid and offered himself up for KAIL! I liked mike, but this season was still pretty good because you had all of the drama centering around Dick and since the week the princess left, the show has been absolutly great.

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poorly produce finale

i wanted more drama

i wanted to see hg face after they learn eric had cash incentive to do the task

i dont get why the hell ms. alison didnt find it important

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i guess it was to help save grossmance

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