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Sunday, September 16th


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does anyone have a link to the show back east....I watched a show 2 weeks ago from a Florida station but I lost the link..........I'm in AZ. and really want to see the show earlier if possible...............I am glad D&D are final two.........they did play the game......and they are the winners!!!!!!!!!I don't get all the complaining going on in the feeds lately....especially on the cas site....they are really creepy...............CBS....sorry..............

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It must be sooooooooo frustrating for Dan to see her 'strategy' backfiring at her...She was the brains of the D/D team, but the jury sees Dick as the one who played best because, as her henchman, he was the one in their faces while she hid and laugh...then came back to tell everyone how haaaaaard it was for her to be Dick's daughter...Maybe she should have done her own craze ranting and belittling a couple times to the HGs, instead of using daddy. Fair is fair if they see her now as just "riding Dick's coattails"...

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lad756 " I think Dani is just generally unhappy, period. She is a very unhappy young girl.

It may be about the attention the winner gets. It may be because she feels she wasn't

good enough (lack of self esteem is very clear in her).

When you think back on the show though, Dick did interact with the others far more than

she did. Even in the beer pong games, if he wasn't playing, he was watching and laughing

along with them.

Most of the time, Dani was either sulking, whining, complaining, or sleeping.

She did not get real close to any of the players, except Nick. When she was with

Nick, she did not interact with anyone at all except Nick!

I think one mistake she made right from the gate was constantly referring to Dick

as "my Dad". Always, always, she prefaced everything with "my Dad", or "me and

my Dad".

I can see where the jury is only now seeing she flew under Dick wing. She should

have made the personal separation right from the start and called him Dick.

I think now the jury can see that while she was a good competitor, Dick was the strategizer.

If they vote for game play and not personal, Dick wins. "

clap clap well said clap clap

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But really, what about all of that interaction she had with Zach? People said that was real...are you saying it wasn't? What about all that time she spent with Jameka...

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Dick just commented a little while ago that everything he said about every one of them (the jury) was true. No apologies there.

I wonder how the people who have been saying "he doesn't mean it, it's strategey" are going to spin this one....

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Back from work y'all, and never thought I would be asking this, where can I watch tonights show, I forgot to set my dvr to record past the 60 min show and of course everything overlapped because of football, so I only got 5 min of the show, I am pissed, O guess if there is no place to see it, I will live but I would like to see it, thanks,

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she outplayed everyone on that jury. she was a better player

Without AP she is sitting in the jury house deciding who to vote for right now. With AP this year any conversation or suggestion that best player won this year or how they might compare to previous years is null and void

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<--- not a Dick fan

As far as him saying he meant what he said about the other HG's....

I just can't imagine how the stuff that he spewed on his victim of choice was entirely 'game' strategy either.

It seemed like he was quite practiced at those kind of comments .... and it came quite naturally.

I can't applaud someone who wins that way

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thanks Lynnmurr, I will check. I know it was only a recap show, but I would like to look see,lol thanks!

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I just have to comment on a couple of comments -

Well she orchestrated the ouster of her allies one week after they gave her and her Dad a free pass.

She did not have enough power, all alone to oust anyone! She worked the house just the same as the rest of them. No matter how many 'free passes' they all handed out - two seconds later, the others talked about evicting that same pass receiver!

Daniele and Jameka had words over the fact that Dani said nothing as Dick bashed Christians.

Again, how is she responsible for someone else's words? Why should a 20 or 21 year old have to defend a group of older people - when the other men in the house hid outside, while Dick was on his tirades. Except that the other 'men' would occasionally hurl insults through the sound-proof door or peak inside when the coast was clear!!

Jameka heard her and Dick sniggling about the spider under the bible.

Not a clue about that one.

Daniele constantly called Zach ogre to his face, she and her dad belittled him during the last HoH ceremony.

That was addressed above.

Daniele would not trade clothes with Amber when they had the luxury comp.

Why should she? Neither Jameka or Jessica would trade clothes with Amber, either! And, in the feeds, she later gave all the other girls a stack of clothes! Why isn't that ever mentioned?

Besides the condescending tone she took with everyone & treating them like toilet paper, let's see:

Her tone sounds just like most girls her age from that locale. She was courteous and respectful - no differently than the other house guests.

She was completely jealous of Jen (and vice versa). She formed an alliance with Jen, then stabbed her in the back the second she could.

Jen was jealous of her because of Nick and she went around making nasty comments about Danielle to her and everyone else!! Jen tried to get her evicted, too. Again, she didn't do anything that the others didn't do.

SHE broke up the LNC for what? For avenging Nick's eviction, when SHE WAS THE ONE TO VOTE TO EVICT HIM. She broke up the large group because of something she played a part in.

She fought to keep Nick! It was Amber that first brought up evicting Nick. She was one of a group that voted to evict Nick. She stayed loyal to the group alliance which she regretted!! Her one vote wasn't a deciding vote to keep or evict Nick, at all!!

She allowed her dad to use the veto on her, but then continued to be an unconsiderate brat to him. Just watching that relationship speaks volumes to the other HGs, IMO.

I don't think she could have stopped him from using the veto on her. BUT, you are right about her being a brat to her dad. I hated to see how hard on him she was! He was trying so hard. Still, you know - some childhood traumas and negative feelings about an abusive parent - whether verbally or physical or both - are very hard to overcome. I have no doubt he was verbally abusive - she even talked about it some.

The other HG's also watched how she never stopped Dick. She NEVER spoke up. She played the victim when it suited her.

That's also why it's even more ludicrous when someone suggests she should have reined Dick's verbal attacks in!! It takes a lot more courage - and therapy - before someone Dani's age can stand up to an abusive, agressive parent. In fact, people don't understand when they see children trying to attach themselves to the abusive parent. It's survival learned very young. (I have worked with children of abusive and neglectful parents). Even adults in their 30's, 40's and older can find it difficult to stand up to the agressive, abusive parent!! Dani wasn't "playing" victim. She was a victim of her father's abuse.

EVEN if he never touched her or yelled directly at her!! It's so traumatizing and devastating for children to watch a loved one (their mother, for example) being abused. They can grow up feeling powerless - helpless - worthless (for not being able to protect their mother) and more. That's the one issue I really hated to see brought up - that Danielle was somehow responsible for standing up to Dick to make him stop.

Please don't think I'm attacking the posters of the comments above. There are many comments the same posted all over - but these were the closest together that I could 'cut and paste' to finally post to. Sorry for going on so long!!

Best wishes -


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