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September 15 & 16, Live Feed Threads


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9:01 PM: Feeds back. Dick comments that the one thing he misses about having more people here is that he likes cooking, but he'd rather have other people to clean up. Dani thinks it's pretty sad that that's the one thing he misses.

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BBT 10:21

"drew zzzzzzzzzzz" Dick given the live feeders a breakdown of Season 5...........going through each HG with his opinion or take on them..."Drew and Cowboy at the end........lame' "Cowboy up for all stars...give me a fucking break....lame"

Dick saying "I couldn't remember those people" except for Janelle....talking about BB6....Kaysasr "nice guy horrible player" Howie "big fat tool" "all stars I really liked"

Dick "Is this season better than All Stars..I don't know" saying "there was backstabbing there...but there was backstabbing here"

"had to be done..had to do it" chose to 'do it" saying it was a smart move and "was on the receiving end of backtabbing...Zach backstabbed us"..."a lot of backdooring this season"

Dick glad "i wasn't put up as a replacement nominee"

Dick recapping this season through his eyes........

"different living it than watching it"

[you get a jist of what Dick is doing by himself]

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10:30 BBT

Dick "looked what they would've missed" if he wasn't cast.."nobody played this game like me before" "good luck if you try" "final two with my daughter..how badass was that..unfuckingbelievable" "wow"

smiling smugly....

"oh my God 550 fucking grand"

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10:38 BBT

"What a fucking summer" "I'm tired..I have a riight to be"

babbling to himself.....trying to remember things "I'm very confused"

Dick heads to his room and looks he may be getting ready for bed......jokingly pretends to throw a towel over the camera.................

"my feet are so fucking swollen" a lot of old man sounds "ooh" "ahhh" everytime he moves or bends.."God I'm so sore....so tired"

Dick playing with the camera and vice versa......

I was wrong Dick going to bed.he is actually heading outside again......."it's fucking chillyman"....to the hot tub..."Zach's gone.ha ha ha ha..bitch!"

"my legs are killing me...son of a bitch"

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10:51 BBT

"one thing I know for sure..it will be a Danato" telling Vincent if he's watching..."I miss you so much".......saying he will "see him on Tuesday"

10:56 BBT


Daniele asleep in her room......

Dick reminscing about the days when 'the jacuzzi was full of people" getting a jab in about Jen pooping out of her bathing suit "What a skank"

"rock on mother fuckers...rock on James"......now pain talk.."my legs...oooo my legs"

"Tomorrow...questions from the jury"...finding "most people in the final two would be stressing" "I could give a shit..Daniele could give a shit...who fucking cares"

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11:01 BBT

"the pawn always goes home" saying to us "if you ever play the game" "don't be the pawn" telling us a recap of all the pawns that went home this season.....

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11:16 BBT

"last night we heard something" he says they "heard a lot of cheering going on"..."whover that was ..thank you..that was cool as fuck"

Dick boasting how nobody could come up with anything "to rip on me" .......

Dick happy about getting to "see my son" "it's ovah"

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11:28 BBT

Dick in the hot tub without his mic so I figured it's not worth it to try to strain to hear what he's saying exactly....

Asking how the Jets are doing and blabbing to himself what we've all heard a zillion times before...

[when he gets out I'll continue updates]

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11:37 BBT

Dick's done with the hot tub and heads inside to the round room..."Showtime already saw my ass today...fuck off"[thank God I missed that]

Dick saying it 'will be nice to change and walk around fucking naked"

Dick heads back outdoors to smoke and really is being repetitous in his talking..about HG his aches and pains....and self congratultory oratories....

with that..

[i'm out..only 3 nights left of doing live feeds...back tomorrow....night all]

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1:30am bbt Dick has gone to bed... both are asleep (I was up and thought I'd check in on Dick at Night lol)

1:50am bbt Daniele is up, used the restroom(washed her hands because people seem to like to know that about HGs). She heads to the kitchen and gets what looks like grapes and a bottle of maybe Mt Dew, sits at the table and is reading the back of a box. BB gave them a game... looks to be a 50 games in 1 type, with papers scattered on the table, instructions for all the different games that can be played.

(picture to be posted in a minute)

2:10am bbt Daniele still sitting at the table, now setting up dominoes so she can watch them fall... and there they go down... she's setting them up again...

2:20am bbt and again... and again...

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2:45am bbt Daniele is smarter than me, as she has gone back to bed. (I'm going to do the same, as both Dick and Daniele are asleep)

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5:42am bbt Dick/Daniele are sitting at the kitchen counter talking, general conversations still about BB...

Daniele: Safty! These people are so stupid... on a need to know basis... Kail, when have you ever heard that in the house? (I'm just getting up and we are remodeling house, so I can't stay to listen to them)

Both are sitting on the bar stools, Dick is shuffling cards as they talk, Daniele has her feet proped up against the counter

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Both are sitting at bar in kitchen. Bashing the other HG. Laughing at Jen. Dick says she needs to get her tubes tied. Laughing at Kail saying "on a need to know basis". Wondering who made more of an impression on the show - Dani thinks probably Joe.

Dick goes to BY. Smoke, spit, cough, spit, repeat.

Daniele to bathroom. Tweeze eybrows, pop zit, study face, repeat.

Dick back to kitchen counter playing solitaire, burp, cough.

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Dick is still smoking, adjusting himself and wiping the sleep from his eyes (onto his shirt eww) when there is some background talking that can be heard.

Dick says "2nd Annual L.A. Run Walk..blah blah fuck off"

There are voices that are probably at a distance to the BB House but they are using a PA/microphone and Dick can hear what they are saying. (I hear the voices but can't make out the words.)

Dick mocking the voices, "I am the LA City Councilwoman of this District that set up this run/walk..."I'm here kissing the LA County's ass blah blah blah jerk me off."

Dick heads back inside, uses restroom, washes hands and gets back into bed. Daniele still in bed sleeping. 8:25am BBT

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Dick awake in bed cracking his knuckles and coughing.

(There has been background thumps that have been going on for at least a half hour--kinda sounds like a cabinet door banging shut or something. Dick hasn't acknowledged them so I'm not sure he can hear them because he would usually address that issue with them in only the way that Dick can.)

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