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Dani And Nick


Nick and Dani  

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  1. 1. Do you think Nick has those "special" feeling for Dani?

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Since now Nick has got to watch every week from being evicted. I wonder if he still has those feeling for her seeing how she was the last couple of weeks.

I for one would love to Bitch slap her for every time her father would start ranting and stuff she would have that shit eating grin on her face.

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I honestly couldn't pick an answer. Any average guy could look at her whining and how she manipulates her dad and run the other way. But as we've seen from Nick (the crappy mohawk, the BJ story, the glitter letter), he's far from average! Who knows what he's thinking...I only hope that Kris is at the finale so we can see some fireworks. I would LOVE to see this scenario:

Julie asks Nick/Daniele what they think their relationship will be outside of the house. Daniele with hem and haw, but Nick will say how much he cares for her and wants to be with her. I can see him getting up to give her a hug, and that's when Kris rushes in from the audience and decks Nick right in the eye. Aaahhh, one can wish...

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nick is another fraud

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These two are both fake and superficial... the only reason Nick could have to like Dani is cuz she's a skinny cute little blonde... ain't nothing else about her that makes her special.

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Here are some quotes from a chat he did at Joker's.

Jokerette: das asks: Nick what do you think will happen with Dani and her boyfriend? Do you think you and her will get together?

Nick: I have no idea what will happen w/ Dani and her boyfriend... I guess I'm not expecting anything to happen w/ her and I but would love for it to laugh.gif

Jokerette: have you seen her on the feeds/show since you've been in the house?

Nick: Yeah I have seen her wearing my shirt and bandana and it's very sweet

Jokerette: she really does miss you/care for you in a big big way smile.gif

Jokerette: LadyFeetus asks: Did you know Dani said she thinks her BF might leave her?

Nick: I wouldn't be totally against that wink.gif

Caren: Sask: Dani said last night she wants to travel for a month after BB. Minnesota perhaps?

Nick: Minnesota would be great for her to come to wink.gif

And here are some excerpts from another interview.

(Source: http://www.realitywanted.net/2007/09/10/fo...-big-brother-8/)

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: I just hung up with Kail and she has been getting back into her work routine. Are you back to teaching and/or what are your plans?

A. Nick Starcevic Big Brother 8: Right now I have my teaching license. I am going to apply to substitute teach in Los Angeles.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: So I take it you're moving to LA?

A. Nick Starcevic Big Brother 8: Ya, I am moving pretty soon, I already have a place lined up in Ladera Ranch.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: Let's talk about you and Danielle. Do you think you would have gone further in the game if you had not had feelings for her and what does the future hold for the two of you?

A. Nick Starcevic Big Brother 8: I really hope things work out for us. I know I could have gone a lot further in the game if I stuck with my alliance but getting to know Danielle made me much happier. My feelings for Danielle are real. It's really up to her, she knows how I feel and where my head is at.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: CBS hasn't shown much of her boyfriend but we did get to see a small clip when she was HOH. What do you think of him?

A. Nick Starcevic Big Brother 8: He seems like a nice guy but when I met Danielle in the house I could not help how I felt for her.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: I don't need to ask, I assume you're cheering Danielle on.

A. Nick Starcevic Big Brother 8: I am rooting her on. I love seeing her on the show and I think it's cute how she wears the bandana that I gave her during each challenge. I also see her wearing the shirt I left her.

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i still have special feelings for danielle and i've never even met the girl... dunno what the tapes have to do with it.

she is HOTTTT i am talking like WOW... she's about as close to perfection as a girl can get..... goregeous ! ! !! ! ! ! ! !! hot hot...

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These two were so boring to watch and I really don't care for either, but putting that aside if Nick actually has feelings for Danielle I can't help but feel sorry for him. Yes, she's pretty, but lacks in the area of being a person with any ethics. If he makes it all about her I'm sure it'll last until the next guy comes along.

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Actually, You can tell Daniele has feelings for Nick and Nick has feelings for Daniele.

He tells his fans all the time in his chatroom, which by the way, shower him with these kinds of questions ..

Daniele does all these little signs to nick.. she can't stop talking about him.. she LIKES him.

I really don't think this was a showmance because I really do believe they will start a relationship.

They already have plans to go to Europe Trip together and last I heard, he has already started PLANNING .

She keeps referring to her "tour guide" ( Nick )

Folks, I think these two really are into eachother. No stopping that.

I wish them the best of luck. They are so cute.


IMO of course.

You just wait and see .

( Don't bash my opinion, please? ) Leave me be!!

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the whole nick and Dani thing. Doesn't anyone else think it was peculiar that Dick just had to get rid of Nick as early as possible? Was it game play? Why would you get rid of a guy who can be part of your alliance, and also possibly take a hit for your precious little girl? Only you can guess why he had to run Nick out, and his motives probably aren't pretty.

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Only you can guess why he had to run Nick out, and his motives probably aren't pretty.

OMG Scarp, I thought we were done with this innuendo. It's so hard to keep reading this stuff.

There's nothing to "guess" here. No secret agendas. No sinister motives.

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Actually, I remember seeing it during the show, during a Dick diary session, I believe, where he mentioned that having Nick around was taking Daniele's mind and focus off her gameplay, so Nick getting evicted would mean an improvement in that aspect. (Not exactly in those words, of course!)
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Yes, I remember that too, Jedi. He also mentioned at the time, that he didn't trust Nick, was worried that Nick would hurt Dani.

Also, he was worried about the bf (Chris?), and whether Dani was making the right decision with Nick. Dani herself used to say to Dick that she was really confused about it all.

Dick was being a concerned dad.

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I do think that Dick getting rid of Nick was a good strategy. Nick was in the way of Dick having an solid alliance with one of the best players in the house. I bet if Nick had stayed D/D wouldn't have become so close, or worked so well together.

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