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Daniele Week 12


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I Kid The Donatos
I have finished my little Ditty

They're creepy and they're white trash

They play the race card for quick cash.

Their Dad has more tattoos then Slash !

He plays air guitar like having a bash on crack !

They certainly lack any tact

They do almost anything to win and thats a fact

Danni whines OMG Daddy can we ever hold them back !

The Donato Family :animated_rotfl:

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Dang, Ginger! I had to read that twice, as I misread it the first time.



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Aww, Daniele was shaking like crazy.

I felt so sorry for her to endure that ..

Then her father was shaking bad and you

could see he was in pain.. then she comforted him

told him she loved him.. FIRST. That was one of the sweetest

moments.. I was teary-eyed.. ( I'll admit it ..)

Best Final Two Ever.

This is my favorite season now..

Wow, I love this.

Doesn't matter which Donato wins,

either way.. they both win .

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I just hate to see the really nasty comments all over the place about the different Hgs. I'm guilty of it, too - especially about Waaahmber, etc.

Every season, these people are put under stresses the rest of us cannot understand - different from our day-to-day stresses - but still incredibly mind-bending. They are psychologically manipulated from the second they're chosen to be in the house. We've seen people saying and doing things in the house that they would probably never do in their real lives.

I think it's wrong to keep beating them up. Granted, some have step way over some boundaries - Boogie, Dick's tirades, a few others - but for the most part - they've all been 'guilty' of less than perfect behavior.

Danielle, for example, has been trashed and insulted terribly. She seems like a young girl no more or less confused than a lot of girls her age. She's been accused of riding other's tails to the end, yet she's won more competitions than most of the others. She's planned strategy and played the game the same as the others.

She hasn't used anyone else any more than the others have. People trash-talk her because she's there with her dad - but BB producers chose that set-up. Would anyone not work that advantage? What about the behind her back talk that went on about an incestuous relationship, about her personal relationships, etc.?

People accused Janelle of being phony because she was nice to people and talked about them behind their backs. I call it being courteous to others, even if she didn't like them. Some of the things the other HGs said about her behind her back were horrible and nasty, too - yet, they weren't vilified.

I just think these players in this game should be given congratulations for the competitions they win and for how far they make it in the game. I am saying this to myself, also!

We all have personal favorites - that's our nature - but I wish the personal, nasty, hateful remarks could stop. I wish I hadn't been so hateful about Amber.

Personally, I hope Dick and Danielle win but I wish good luck to Zach, too. They have all made it to the final three. That's reason enough to give them all a pat on the back, regardless.


RIGHT ON!!!!!!

Exactly the way I feel about Everything you just said, I don't understand why people don't and didn't give Dani and Janelle the CREDIT for actually PLAYING THE GAME

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