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The Bionic Woman


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Anyone else really looking forward to this show? It looks to be SO much better than the 70s version-especially since its being produced by David Eick (Battlestar Galactica). Well that, and Michelle Ryan who plays Jamie Sommers is not only gorgeous but a good actress as well!


photo courtesy of Eonline

Courtesy of EOnline, Ask Kristin

As part of Totally Tube 2007, we're counting down Five Newbies You'll Love. Today we meet numero quatro: Michelle Ryan, who reinvents Jamie Sommers as NBC's new Bionic Woman. Read on!

Who She Is: Michelle is a completely fresh face on American television, but she's a well-known TV star in the U.K., where she appeared in the BBC soap EastEnders and the six-episode miniseries Jekyll.

Where to Meet Her: Michelle takes over where Lindsay Wagner left off

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I watched the first episode. I liked how they updated the bionics to allow her to heal faster. That makes sense. In the old series, the bionic person could pick up a car. This doesn't make sense, because it takes more than just arm/leg strength to do that. They didn't do anything like that in the new show yet, so waiting to see how it goes.

I realized that the producer of Battlestar had something to do with it, when I saw several of BG's cast members having roles in the new show. The writing should be good. My only problem is the hand held camera look. I find it annoying to know end.

The first episode was good. I am hoping for better though. It will stay on my record list for now.

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