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A Message For Dick


Who do you think will win 1st place?  

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  1. 1. Dick or Danielle

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ok I had to start this threat. I just needed a place to put down my thoughts about Dick

Dear Dick

I have watched you since the day you entered the BB8 house and I am very disturbed by you.

At the beginning I was enjoying you but now I am disliking you very much.

As a parent I am horrified the way you have treated the houseguest. And also the way you are interacting with your daughter Daniel.

I would highly suggest you get some counseling after this game is done. YOU need it PAL.

If you win then use the money on seeing a Shrink.. Do not use the money on tatoos.. anymore..

You need help..

Wish you all the best and hope you become a better parent one day.

yours concerned parent.

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I think Daniele will win, but I would like to see Dick win.

I'm not making judgements on who in this house needs therapy. Every one has faults and prejudices. This house magnifies them x 10. If I had to spend 3 months in the same house with some of my best friends, not to mention family, I would be suggesting they need therapy. And I know they would think I do. :inquisitive:

Edited to add: I know some people who are like Dick, that is to say, they would probably act like a Dick in that house. Outside, they're not bad people. I also think that some people say things for shock value, but would never do them, or they wouldn't be saying it. Kinda like incriminating yourself.

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