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September 11 & 12, Live Feed Thread


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Jameka comes in Kitchen, studies a Dijorno Pizza box and seems inthralled. Goes and invites Zach to come down and eat. He was sleeping and had not idea what time it is. Back in the kitchen, Jam asks Dani about her past - happiest times in school, etc. Dani states she went to a small high school with kids that had known each other all the way through school. She saids she was friends with everybody and begins to talk about HS friends. Went to prom with her best friend, Joe. She says the others still handout but she doesn't hang with them anymore - she's too mature. Jam talks about her high school reunion.

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10:33 BBT

Zach MIA for the third night in a row...upstairs sleeping in his hoh

Downstairs we have Jameka hitting the wine bottle (to help here sleep) while she wonders with D&D who will like em after it's all said and done...Jameka said Adria whould like her while Dick says she will hate her for calling her "fat" also says James will hate him for calling him a "pussy" all the time..

They think James[bB6 & BBAS] would like "Eric" the best out of all HG....

Jameka saying the pool "was small" but Dick "are you kidding" going on how in previous seasons it was as small as "a bathtub"

Jameka asks "what people " would think of her........[skirted question]

Dick turns the question onto Daniele..saying she doesn't know...while Dani says "Howie will like you" and a venom filled rant about Howie ensues from Dick...Dick thinks Erica and "Janelle does not hate me" "Will and Bogie laughed their ass off" even though "I talked crap about Boggie"[who doesn't].

"That's going to be a night I won't want to end"..Jameka saying about the wrap party..Dani agrees while dick who needs bouncers is afraid of boyfriend of Amber will get drunk and beat him up...

Jameka says Dustin will bring "his best friend that's a girl"

Dick would "prefer to bring no one" Dani says it would be "like a third wheel and babysitting..that's why I don't want anyone to go"..Dick agrees saying there will be a lot of people to meet..

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10:45 BBT

Dani talking about making a shirt.."the bottle never lies...[front] I went home on Thursday[back]

Dick talking to Showtime...saying "this is it" saying we have "one viewer" .........

Jameka asks about his BB8 tat...telling her will will be a BB8 with "a little house".......talk of where it will go..

Jameka " the guy from Survivor did it" wondering what other reality contestant did a tatoo

Dani saying reality shows "are very very popular" and are "cheap to make"...Jam "hmm mmm'

talking about how wierd it will be when they leave here..Jameka talking about her normal day of shopping from Sam's to the Mall ..Dani saying "I never have time" she works a lot..

Jameka talking about her class schedule...Dani says to "wait till next summer" "it will be here before you know it"

Dani "its so wierd" the endig is near.......Jameka "i'm feeling pretty good" after finishing her bottle of wine..prompting Dani to says "there's two more bottles"

Jameka "that's shocking" about not having DR sessions tonight...Dani says there is nothing to talk about......

reminscing about their first day.........Dani-"it's the stupid things you remember" Jameka "none the less its still a memory"

Jameka cleaning the Kitchen..Dani watching Dick comes back it ...from "pooping"...Dani bitchy.."see how mean she is" Jameka says "its a hidden love"

Dick talking about BBAS at this time last year..

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10:58 BBT

Dick ragging on BB6 casting..[umm ok].......talk about BB6........Jameka talking about not having a partner and that's why she didn't make it......

Talking about who Kail would have teamed up with had she been selected in BB5..first they said Cowboy and Dick says "jase and Scott" .......Dick calling the twins "fat" bitches" ..talk goes on..

Jameka talking about Oprah when Kirstie Alley came out in her bikini[gags]..Dick and Dani quicky says they don't watch Oprah.....[conversation ends quickly..thank God]

Talk abou David Letterman...Dick started to give a "Top 10" why he hates him....Dani cuts him off..."David Letterman sucks..what do you want from me"..talking about his bad experience and why he's not a fan....Dani exasperated..."I wish I could fall asleep"...whinning he was put "in the back row"...."underneath the spot light"..saying he was pissed "we almost walked out"...

Jameka talking about the color scheme of the house......Dick gives his take on the colors....

Jameka wonders where you buy a round bed....saying she had been furniture shopping and never saw one.....

Talk about Season 5 goes on.........

Jameka "what card games to you know how to play"......Dick doesn't know ..says spades..but need four people..Jameka says she'll wake up Zach.......but cards can't be used during Showtime but will get them after 12:00 when Showtime ends.....

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11:16 BBT

I guess Jameka's wine is working as she talks about "going to bed"

Dick says he's going to make "tuna fish" getting an unpleasant resonse from Dani.....

Dick bitching about Zach washing the dishes saying "everything he does is a terrible job"..Dani eating peanut butter with apples

"i can't wait to have clean towels and clean clothes" saying they "smell like ass" D&D arguing who "the biggest complainer in the house" ihim or her.......finally Dani says Eric was "he drove me nuts" complaing about everything

Dani talking about having "the worst goodbye messages"....we get FOTH and Californication commercial on Showtime.. so we don't get to hear her finish the thought...

Dani saying how she hates Jen.....and she hated her.....blah blah blah..

Dani talking about her distaste of Hostel..while Dick calling "Napoleon Dynamite..the worst piece of shit ever made"

D&D just sitting around and bitching...about_______________(insert any HG name)

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11:32 BBt

Dick's Tuna smelling up the place..sending Dani to the dining room table...[don't blame her]

Jameka seems to have passed out in her bed......

Talking about computers...Dani wants a pink Mac.....Dick saying they don't make em...

Dick remembers about his plasma screen TV.."don't roll your eyes" as Dani is jealous..saying she can still win a car.....and Dani says "so can you"...

D&D telling each other to shut up.......threatning to take Zach...Dick says she'll lose...laughing saying "most loved to the most hated"...joking about it....

"if I could fall asleep I would go to bed" Dani says.......

Talking about the diffrence between the veteos..."golden' and Dick says the first one "you couldn't use it on yourself"...Dani "what a pointless power" and Dani says "that doesn't make sense at all"

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11:48 BBT

Dani says she's going to try to go to bed..a sadden Dick "you're gonna leave me all alone"..Dani says her first attempt never works and will probably be back up.....

Dick alone doing dishes as we get teeth brushing audio from Daniele...

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12:00 BBT

Dani finally goes to bed while Dick stands at the sink talking to himself....."audios Showime"..."I was tired" as he sits by himself...

12:09 Absolutely nothing going on except Dick occasionslly mocking Zach "better get on the treadmill dude" and taking some advil..everyone else is in bed...

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12:15 BBT

Dick is the only one up..not really getting any Dick at Nite as he's in an indoor LD...........[tonight's feeds win as being the ultimate in boring]

Dick heads to his room and looks like he's getting ready for bed...

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12:20 BBT

Everyone's in Bed ...Dicks prayers are actually a self pep talk for tomorrow..."got to got to got to"....

[i'm out..back tomorrow..night all]

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D & D up, obviously can't sleep

Dick: I had that tuna last night and it gave me such bad gas that it woke up Jameka in the next room, and the door to her room was closed. She got up and went into the Diary room. She said she asked them to call a medic for me.

Dani: You better not fart near me.

Talk about getting a deck of cards from "the other James". Then talk speculating on the schedule for the next week or so.

Dani: They asked me about who I wanted at the finale - kinda drives home that we are almost done. It's going to be strange.

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Dani comments it will be weird to wake up in the morning and realize, "Oh, I can go somewhere!" Dick says yeah, we can go on the internet (ed.--for some of us, we can STOP...) Dick is glad the slop BS is over.Dani: "This sucks! I'm like, wide awake. This is nonsense." Dick comments that just because she doesn't have Nick staring at her...Riveting conversation about Dick's farts and drool. They're definitely playing war.

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6:20AM BBT

(This isn't worth reporting but here's what has been going on...)

Dick and Daniele take a break from their card game to make a breakfast sandwich. 'Moon over my hammies' Dani says.

Commenting on how the fridge reeks from Dicks tuna sandwich last night. Apparently they're running low on ham so Dani says 'not much hammy in my moons.'

Dick laughing about his farts waking up Jameka last night, "I've never had that happen to me...waking someone up and it wasn't even from the sound but just the smell" (lovely)

Dick says he's going to have another tuna melt before the comps so that he can 'gas out' Zach.

Daniele laughing and mocks Eric, "I guess I've earned my spot in All Stars"

They split the sandwich and sit down and start to eat and think they hear something going on outside.

Dani says, "you should run up to Zach's room and say 'it's time for the veto competition' " both laugh and Dick says he'll just go up with some pots and pans, laughing again.

General chit chat and then Dick says "you know my view on all religion and stuff" and starts to talk about Pastor Phillip and we get FotH.

Now they are back at the card game.

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6:35AM BBT

Dani says, "I've forgotten what the world looks like" "I can't remember how to pump gas" "We're all going to be so retarded when we get out of here."

Zach gets up and goes downstairs to the DR. Dani, "he just remembered someone he wants to invite to the wrap party and wants BB to call them."

Dani says "houseguests this is going to be a competion like no other" "we want you to kill Zach" Dick says, "yes, bury him alive" Pretending to be Julie Chen. Dani says "are you sure Julie? you're so mean"

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7:00AM BBT

FotH off and on because Dick brings up Jeri, saying "That's one person I know for sure is watching"

Jameka and Zach sleeping.

D&D have been talking about going back to bed to get some more sleep but they are still playing cards. Dick seems to be winning this round.

Dani leaves to use bathroom saying she'll be right back. Dick puts card deck back in the box.

Dani comes back and starts to do the dishes. Dick says "don't worry about those, just go to bed"

She says it's OK. He says "alright I'm gonna go to bed then, see you tomorrow" dani says "or will you?"

Dick goes to SR for batteries and then stops by the kitchen to give new batteries to Daniele too and then heads to bed.

Daniele finished the dishes and goes and gets in bed.

All HG's in bed. 7:10AM BBT

(there's got to be more excitement tonight right?)

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8:20am bbt

4 feeds showing 2 camera angles of sleeping HGs

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