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Tuesday's Live Eviction Show 9/11


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If I remember correctly.......

It's a 3 part HOH comp.....

whoever wins part 1 gets to sit out part 2....

then whoever wins part 2 gets to compete in the 3rd

part with the winner of the 1st part.....

Basically whoever wins part 1 battles it out in the 3rd part

with whoever won the 2nd part comp....

Hope I didn't confuse you too much......lol

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As for Dick being gay.... who cares? Seriously? So friggin what? I sure hope I live to see the day that calling someone gay is NOT considered a way to insult them.

I agree with you Lynnmurr.... It shouldn't be a big deal.



I used caps in an earlier response because I didn't know how to put quotes in a box. The caps were to differentiate my post.

My email had nothing to do with using the word GAY or gay references to INSULT someone. To interpret my post and say it was about using "gay" to insult and not being tolerant is DISINGENIOUS and not true. That tells much more about those of you who took it that way---- You obviously think being GAY is an INSULT. I think it's GREAT --- I AM GAY.

Your critical posts are completely off point and seem to be an attempt to congratulate yourselves for being so unbiased and egalitarian --- when there was nothing derogatory--NO BIAS AGAINST GAYS IMPLIED IN MY POSTING TO BEGIN WITH . The point was in pointing out rather obvious behavioral facts about a man who has demeaned gays and their body language--(Princess-- swish etc )---when in fact he seems GAYER than all the others .

My post was about a complete HYPOCRITE --a man who pretends to be a truth teller --telling it like it is - a straight shooting dude - when he is clearly none of those things . He is a HATE MONGER a liar and a coward . For him to ridicule others and to deride a gay,------ saying he hopes he dies and hemorrhages to death while being f---cked up the ass , calling him a Princess repeatedly and a cocksucker etc-----HE is using a person's GAYNESS TO INSULT, to bully, harass and humiliate ( or try to) someone. I HAVE NOT!!

There are numerous closeted gays who take this stance of being the first to put other gays down and bully them, thinking that will direct attention away from them and that way no one will suspect THEM. More psychological sleight of hand. .

How interesting , on the live updates Ole Dickie has just waxed poetic on how CUTE DREW was -- and even Danielle thinks that is "WEIRD coming from you" .

Alas, poor Danielle , Family members are often the last to know. I can hear her now. . . . . ( INSERT WHINE #10,533 here please ) That SSSUUuuuCCCcccKKKsssSSSSS.

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yeah, the other night he/she originally posted the same thing in a few threads. i guess he/she wanted to get the word out as much as possible...so he/she just copied and pasted in different threads.

i guess this is now the response... copied and pasted... :animated_rotfl:

anyways, i just noticed that this isnt the tuesday live feed chat thread.. its the tuesday show thread... and the show isnt on for a while yet.. :unsure: so i will come back around 9pm est. lol

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I was watching CBS tonight and they advertized that tomorrow night

is a live show and that one of the HGs is going to be voted out. :animated_scratchchin:


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sounds like this show will be a letdown just as the last one was.

i dunno what the deal was with sundays show. it was like a recap of what happened on the "fast-forward" show ... lame if you ask me.

and this POV show... ugh. i dunno how to build excitement when we all know jameka is going home. borrrrrrrrrrrrring. tuesday nights show should just be the 3 HOH comps with a text crawl at the bottom saying "the POV was used and jameka is evicted".... would save time.

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