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Eric - Week 10 Evicted


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a Philadelphia Attorney is someone who can persuade anybody, argue any topic. Basically, Eric just said that he has the ability to turn the entire Jury house against anybody he wants.

The weasel is in for a rude awakening, He's delusional

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Philadelphia Lawyer by Woody Guthrie 1937

Way out in Reno, Nevada, Where romance blooms and fades,

A great Philadelphia lawyer Was in love with a Hollywood maid.

"Come, love, and we will wander Down where the lights are bright.

I'll win you a divorce from your husband, And we can get married tonight."

Wild Bill was a gun-totin' cowboy, Ten notches were carved in his gun.

And all the boys around Reno Left Wild Bill's maiden alone.

One night when he was returning From ridin' the range in the cold,

He dreamed of his Hollywood sweetheart, Her love was as lasting as gold.

As he drew near her window, A shadow he saw on the shade;

'Twas the great Philadelphia lawyer Makin' love to Bill's Hollywood maid.

The night was as still as the desert, The moon hangin' high overhead.

Bill listened awhile to the lawyer, He could hear ev'ry word that he said:

"Your hands are so pretty and lovely, Your form's so rare and divine.

Come go with me to the city And leave this wild cowboy behind."

Now back in old Pennsylvania, Among those beautiful pines,

There's one less Philadelphia lawyer In old Philadelphia tonight.

The term "Philadelphia Lawyer" indicates a deviously clever attorney who can twist anything to his client's favor. Woody Guthrie knew of one. ;):D

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I just wanted to say that, even though I wasn't rooting for Eric and Jess at all I would really like to see thier relationship flourish outside of the house. I thought they were really sweet together.

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"The weasel is in for a rude awakening, He's delusional"

Agreed. They're all going to tell him to stick his scheming up his ass and that he lost and needs to deal with it. The guy is a sore loser, a sore winner, basically an all around self-righteous little shit and hypocrite. Everything Dick is, only Dick will be the first to admit his own flaws on almost every level. I can't wait until Eric has to explain his repeated incest comments to Dick.

I couldn't survive in sequester with that juvenile little drunkard. I don't see how somebody can know that many drinking games and share more stories about his loser friends than his family. Damn near 30 and everything is still a big nonstop frathouse party.

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I teared up to, not because I love them as a couple but I felt his sincereity in it. I think the one thing he did againest our wishes was the whole Nick thing, other than that he made us laugh and as Amber would say "That's That!" haha Jameka has to go next or she will win the whole thing. She has the whole LNC voting for her to win it.

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