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Best Bb Team


Best bb team  

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  1. 1. Vote for who was the best bb team?

    • Will and Mike
    • Dick and Dani

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You forgot to add America to the Dick and Dani alliance.

Oh man, you are right ! If Daniele/Dick win, America is happy.. ( Vast majority )

We made it to the Final Three. Eric was just our player to get them there, haha.

We made it, We made it, We made it, Yeah ! ( Dora the Explorer, btw :P )

Even if you don't like them ..

It's all because of personality anyway. I bet if they had different personalities and still got helped by AP they would be liked by some of you. Sorry not all people are perfect and jolly. Rocky pasts means rocky people.

OR.. If Dick was AP and you made him advance Jess and Eric, some of you wouldn't be like this.

I wouldn't know, jus sayin'

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This is so hard. But over all I think will and mike has been the best team. They mastered two bb games. However I do think Dani and Dick are pretty good and hope one of them end up in the next bb all stars so they could end up with the chance of taking two bb. I do think eric should be in the next bb all stars so he can play by himself (so we can see his game play).

:flags_unitedstates: America loves Dick and Dani :flags_unitedstates:

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Well we just had eric make sure Dick and Dani were kept safe, but they were good players on their own.

They were "good" because all of their strong competetion was voted out by Allison, um i mean america.

DnD woould be sitting their asses in the Jury House right now if not for AP

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Will and Mike.... but Mike was lucky to be along for the ride....

Dick has tried to pattern himself and his moves after Will's example (Chill Town)

I give Dani more of the credit for memorizing events in the House and winning POV's and HOH Comps.

Doubt if Dick would have made it this far without her

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I picked Will and Booger.....I didn't even see them coming.

At the end of the finale...I was still scratching my head????

Then they did it again on the All Stars.

I didn't have the live feeds or Morty's then either. D/D did

have a game plan too. Just W/B's was better. JMHO :pixiedust:

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Will and Boogie's dominance over BB All Stars (All Stars being key... these were supposed to be the best of the best players) puts them above everyone. Daniele and Dick have succeeded due to competitions and America's Player. Will and Boogie succeeded due to master manipulation and strategy. Add to that the fact that everyone knew beforehand that Will was a mastermind and was the best player in Big Brother history, it's not even close.

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