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Who Will Be In The Final 2?


Predict Who Will Make the Final 2!  

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  1. 1. Who Will Be in the Final 2 of Big Brother 8?

    • Dick and Daniele
    • Dick and Zach
    • Daniele and Zach

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i agree dumblonde.

if the "popular" person gets to the end of the season, its always cause BB helped them out.

i just want to say, i dont want BB on my side, cause with them "rigging" things for them, they never win. i mean, look at Jannie, CG, and Will seaosn7

Good Luck Daniele! your so close!

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danni will win the game over the both of them. so it would be smart to take dick. too bad he cant beat them. he will do horrible in the endurance. and lets admitt it, he isnt the sharpest tool in the shed; nor is he the brightest star in the sky

Good Luck Daniele!! You win it girl!

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if there wasnt AP. then there would have never of been "Ghost votes" which wouldnt of led to danni's conspiracy theroys about eric.which would of led to them of never of turning on their allaince. which would take them to the same spot that they are at today.

Sorry, try again.

AND even if it would have been the only reason they are there. SO WHAT! its part of the game, live with it.

danni would of been a kick-toosh player with or without her dad. with or without AP

Good Luck Daniele!! You win it girl!

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HATE ( No seriously HATE the fact that the final 4 this year are who they are). Just want that stated for the record. None of them deserve to win.

With that said, since I always say that you have to pick someone, I want it to end up being Dani and Zach, and for Zach to walk away with it all. And I dislike Zach. But better him than a Donato. A Donato will win, I know that, but I can dream.

This is the first season that I have stopped watching live feeds, stopped caring, stopped even logging in to see what happened.

Really disappointed with this season. The new person on BB's payroll needs to be fired. When you staret losing die hard fans....you have f'ed up


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Dep, now come on. you got to admit, they may loose some fans every year, but they also gain some.

if they didnt do twists every year, and just did everything without twists (like AP, ect) then people would get bored.

they gotta do what they gotta do.

for me, it has to be Absolutely horrible for me to stop, I actually like this season quiet a bit.

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