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Pajama-Clad Leno Jokes Without a Word

Fri Mar 11, 2:07 PM ET Television - AP

BURBANK, Calif. - Hours before the judge in the Michael Jackson case ruled that Jay Leno may tell jokes at Jackson's expense, "The Tonight Show" host found a way to slip in a quip without opening his mouth.

After arriving "late" for the taping of Thursday's "Tonight Show," Leno stepped out of a black limousine wearing a pair of SpongeBob SquarePants pajamas and accompanied by several bodyguards. One of the guards held an open umbrella over his head as the comedian remained silent when asked why he was late.

Earlier in the day, Jackson had arrived late to court wearing pajama bottoms and a T-shirt under a coat. His lawyers explained that he had come straight from a hospital where he had been treated for a back injury.

Leno, who has been subpoenaed to testify at Jackson's trial, had asked the court to exempt him from a gag order preventing everyone involved in the case from discussing it. "They're ruling on my gag order tomorrow to see if I'm allowed to tell Jackson jokes," he told his audience Thursday. "I'm not legally allowed to tell Michael Jackson jokes but I can still write them."

Then, as he has in recent days, he called on another comedian, Drew Carey, to handle that night's Jackson duty. "Michael Jackson showed up to court late today wearing his pajama bottoms," Carey told the audience. "You know what? You find the kid wearing the pajama top and we have another court case on our hands."

On Friday, Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Rodney S. Melville clarified the gag order, saying that Leno can make jokes about Jackson but, like all other potential witnesses, may not talk about the specific things to which he is a witness. "I am not attempting to prevent anybody from making a living in the normal way that they make their living," the judge ruled during a hearing in Santa Maria.

The judge also joked about Leno, saying "I'd like him to tell good jokes ... but I guess I can't control that."

Had to re-post this. :twisted:

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Mayor Wants 'Tonight' Show Back in N.Y.


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, left, shares a laugh with talk show

host Conan OBrien on the set of Late Night with Conan OBrien.

NEW YORK (AP)- Mayor Michael Bloomberg tried to get a promise from Conan O'Brien on Tuesday to bring the "Tonight" show back to New York when he takes over as host from Jay Leno in 2009. "It's not up to me, I work for the man. If he says `yeah,' we're fine. So we'll talk," O'Brien told Bloomberg, who appeared on his current NBC show, "Late Night with Conan O'Brien."

The "Tonight" show, with Johnny Carson as its host, moved from Rockefeller Center to Burbank, Calif., in 1972.

NBC announced last fall that O'Brien will succeed Leno. "The rumor is you'll get a new show one of these days," Bloomberg hinted to O'Brien, who moments earlier had been pestering Bloomberg to help him secure a park permit for the "Late Night" softball team.

In exchange for a permit, Bloomberg told O'Brien he couldn't leave New York, and the studio audience cheered. O'Brien said he might need more incentives to sweeten the deal, such as renaming the Holland Tunnel "The Cone Zone."

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