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September 8, Live Feed Thread


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Jameka just said No Coffee tomorrow, cause then you have to poop. Talking about how she needed to use the the immodium today and thinking that the cookies are making her poop.

Now talking about working out. Dani said she worked out yesterday so she is going to take today off.

Now Jameka talking about how your muscles grown when they are on a day of rest, after a workout.

Now talking about who designs and picks out the colors they use in the BBH

Dani's goal on workng out is to be more tones than Mike and Nick at the wrap party.

Jameka now talking about how she would want to hang out in New York with Eric and that he can show you a good time in NY, and Zach said True.

Zach asked Dani if she has had the chance to enjoy a hot shower yet, and she reponded Nope.

(This is the most boring part of the season every year!)

Jameka just said she is going to go all out and go into the Hot Tub!

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(from earlier)

9:22PM BBT: Dick walks by Dani (fresh out of the DR I think) & tells her "it's not gonna be lockdown or anything... said not til tomorrow morning & she said like curfew & we are not allowed to talk to each other or something"

Zach alone in HOH talking to himself saying he's gotta win tomorrow. If D&D take 1&2 it's gonna suck.

9:56PM BBT: Dick & Jameka in the BY. Dick asks how Jameka is doing. She's OK, he's all right. He says it's stressful & they are all feeling it but this is the game, this is why we came, this is what it's all about... tomorrow. Jameka agrees. Dick says you, me, & Dani all know Zach is playing for 2nd place, there's no way he can win. Jameka says eeeeeeh. Dick says who in the fuck in the jury is gonna vote for Zach? Be honest. Jameka says it depends. Dick says don't bullshit me, against any one of us he loses. Jameka says it depends on what Eric is doing. Dick says any one of them in the final 2 will beat Zach. Dick says as big of an asshole as I have been, my gameplay as opposed to his ass kissing, you know as well as I do every member of the jury has seen Zach's ass kissing & when he has been HOH he has kissed his own ass.

Jameka thinks it's still gonna come back to the information that has been brought back to the jury house. She thinks they will be able to tell by the questions the jury asks. Jameka thinks some peoples votes are already set in stone but others will have questions. Dani comes out & bashes Zach a bit for speaking to her. Dani asks if they know what time bedtime is. Zach comes out & tells them he is going to shower & go to bed.

D&D on the BY sofa. Dick says Dani should sleep in the roundroom tonight. Dani says no cause she won't get any sleep. Dick says they could talk though. Dani says it's weird that they told Dick they couldn't talk. Dick says yeah but if she is in the roundroom what could they do? D&D go inside. They want to get in the SR because Dick needs aspirin for his headache & Dani needs Tigerbalm(?) for her wrist.

They go to the roundroom & discuss what the comp might be. Dick is trying to give Dani a pep talk. Dick doesn't think it will be endurance he thinks it will be a puzzle. Dick wonders if they should try to get in Zach's head. Dani says he's not as good at getting into peoples head as he used to be. Dani asks what Dick would do. Dick says if it's something where they go one at a time he won't stop talking. Dani says as much as she wants to get it over with she's not looking forward to tomorrow. Dick says this competition is worth 1/2 million dollars to "us". Dick thinks if they make it past tomorrow, the next comp will have a car as a prize.

The pep talk continues. Dick says if it't Zach & Jameka & they can beat them. Dani is worried because they have been against Zach before & lost. Dick says Zach used the phrase "that's very white of you" at some time & he plans to bring it up in front of Jameka to psych Zach out. Dani says that's not enough & MBE he could bring up something about Zach's ex girlfriend. Dick goes to pee.

Dick gives Dani 2 boxes that were in the SR. She carries them to the dining table & Jameka joins her. They are liquid candle making kits. Dick, Dani, & Jameka have each made what can best be described as a layered sandy thing in a glass confused005.gif One box had a clear glass salad plates in it & they decide to paint them with the body paint. (this is riveting stuff)

10:38PM BBT: Cheesy arts & crafts night continues. They discuss what to paint on the plates. They want to paint something on the plates that represents each HG. They decide to paint a tear for Amber, a crown for Dustin, a ballet shoe for Carol, a tether ball w/a mo hawk & mustache for Nick, a lower gonorrhea nether region for Joe, write me me me for Jen, teeth for Zach, a veto or cookie for Dani, a bed or snoring ZZZZ's for Jess, a tripod for Eric, a zipper lip for Kail, mmmmmmmm for Jameka, & a fart for Dick.

Dick goes outside :smoke: & gives us a monologue. Dick says they've been up 3 times now but can they survive. He thinks they can but at least one of them is guaranteed to stay. He plans to pull out some things to fuck with Zach tomorrow. He's excited & this is what he came there for, to win the money & tomorrows POV is as important if not more important that the final 3 comp for HOH. He giggles & tells us the speech we will be seeing Zach give is as retarded as Zach is & he means that wholeheartedly & sincerely, he is a retard. He tells us this is the final 4 that he & Dani picked to go in with & this is the final 4 they think they can win with. So??? it didn't go perfect as planned, I had hoped he would put me & Jameka up but it all comes down to the POV. That's what it's all about. Dani losing the HOH by the tiebreaker yesterday by one. Dani wrote 58, Zach wrote 59, the answer was 69. It's a drag but winning the POV tomorrow is everything. Nothing else even matters. The POV tomorrow guarantees final 3 & that one of us win the money, end of story. And that's that (said in an Amber-mocking voice). There is no one in this game from beginning to end that I would rather have on my side in a POV comp besides Dani. She has kicked ass. On a side note I haven't done great in the POVs, only won one, but... I have done OK & when it has mattered I have come through. Tomorrow matters more than ever. This is it. This is it. It will be fun. It's going to be stressful but it will be fun. It's one competition tomorrow worth half a million dollars. (and scene)

Dick goes back inside to rejoin the plate painting fest. Plate painting is not going so well.

(good nite all, I'm off to bed)

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Dick, Daniele and Jameka continue their crafting session [while we die of bordom!]. Zach still in the HoH sleeping.

[PS, don't forget to scroll up, dumblonde was updating her post and has till 10:30ish]

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Jameka and Danielle doing arts and crafts in the kitchen talking about how glad they are about the rooms not being closed off. No game talk. Dick outside smoking and talking to himself about time "one competition half a million dollars. no BS. My teammate f..rocks!"

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Dick is back in bed now but here's a bit from his rant earlier...

Today will be a good day for internet viewers. This is the day I'm gonna call Zach out for being a racist SOB, with direct quotes from Zach... Oh come on... This is gonna be fun! Ya better take notes. Don't wanna ruin a good storyline for the show. Ain't that the truth... (talking to cameras) Well, you better not follow me around at all today, mother f'ers, cuz I'm gonna keep saying it over and over and over... and I mean it.

(quoting someone) "Dick, you're such a f'in a-hole." Well, yes, I am, and at this point in the game, it doesn't really matter now, does it? Don't do it.. I'm gonna tell.. Trust me... Right before the PoV today, I'm gonna call Zach a racist m'f'er and I'm gonna have quotes to back it up, no less, to Jameka... It'll be fun... For me.

King ass kisser. Sh-t's on, mother f'er. Too over-confident... It's gonna getcha.

(laughing) OMG. This is gonna be bad, but it's gonna be so f'ing good.

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