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Where Are They Going?


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Amber will end up in prison for stalking Tyra Banks. While in prison

she'll become an inspirational speaker for the inmates and she'll

take an internet-correspondent course in nursing.

When she gets out of prison she'll go back to Vegas and goes back

to being a cocktail-waitress at an off-the-Strip bar.

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Here's a go at it sorry it's so long; by the way great job guys it's a fun read for a change

Jessica and Eric after watching Erics attack on the sock she is so excited they marry instantly.

Once married to Jess, Eric has the confidence (and her daddys money) to launch into a new business. Adult Stuffed toys, sock inserts optional. 5 years from today Eric is found on the Surreal life and Jess is a successful AA graduate and works teaching cheerleading to seniors.

Daniele and Nick left together on a holiday to South America to find him a spider monkey. They live in a small villa by the sea with Dani serving bar and Nick working as the bouncer. Dani was last heard saying oh my god this suckkkkkkkkks.

Dick - unfortunately couldnt find anyone to hook up with the wrap party other than Jen. They admit to be fascinated with each other and shortly after move in together at Jens. 5 years from now Dick can be heard coughing and spitting tending Vannas garden. So to speak.

Jen after having years of listening to Dick name drop she has contacted most of those names and is the largest rock band promoter in LA. Shes also a partner in Dr Wills practice after having 5 tummy tucks, 3 face lifts, a boob job, eye surgery and a butt reduction.

Jameka and Amber- joined forces traveling worldwide spreading the world of god. Jameka leads the sermon and Amber wails her approval. Theyre now married and have started the Lesbian Lovers for the Lord church. Amber is finally modeling for the LLL magazine.

Zach- left for Greenpeace and was last seen standing on the front of a dinghy chasing a whaling boat wearing Dolphin Crash clothing

Dustin was approached by the View to do regular updates for Gay lifestyles but was dismissed due to a harassment allegation from an office mail boy named Joe.

Kail- has cut, dyed and spiked her hair, added 14 tattoos and is riding a Harley across North and South America with Born to be Wild lettered across the back of her leather vest.

Mike and Carol refused interviews and have managed to slip into obscurity.

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Jack and bearpawz.....you guys are soooo funny....I wish I could

write as good as you two...OH!... I can't for get oldguy too. :animated_wave:


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Word is that Eric is wearing the Dolphin shorts

that were packed for him and telling everyone that

Zack is his man.

He is hoping that Zack will protect him from his Jameka

whupping she is talking about giving him when she arrives.

Dustin is mad at Eric because he wants the shorts.

Comments from Amber to Dustin have instigated this,

Amber told Dustin he would look better in them than


Jen said..She would look the best in the shorts.

WOW...Jessica looked totally disgusted when Eric was

talking about Zack and Jameka in the sequester house

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You guys have out done yourselves...........I'm just a little sad, I had already sent in my money for Amber's first motivational speech...........dang!............if she's out stalking Tyra, how's she gonna make it?

Also, I live in LV and I was SO hoping she would be my nurse someday :-(

Do they let drug addicts and stalkers into nursing? I heard there's a shortage here. :animated_scratchchin:

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With Zack's clothing line, there's talk of a coming out with a hat with snap on rain cape.

Great for hiking or running when hit by unexpected showers, it rolls out of the back

of the cap. It may also be used as a pillow when just lying around.

Sales are expected brisk after last competition to all future BB constestants.

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bb hg dont go far after bb. i guess its due to playing third fiddle to AR and survivor

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I can't really think of any reality stars that have made it big. Let's see what's her name from survior Elisabeth or whatever on the view (probably because she had experience in broadcasting)

Someone from the real world made some stupid movie

Oh there was Amber and Rob from survior who then went on Amazing Race and then to some stupid reality show about their marriage psssh

I think Julie Chen should let Janelle host the show now for season 9

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seem like favor of love girls go further than bb hg :food-smiley-005:

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