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Where Are They Going?


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Amber: She'll be elected grand Poobah for the KKK chapter in her hometown of Alabama

Eric: will go to Kansas and find himself tied up to a barb-wire fence out in the country with no clothes and no recollection how he got there, he'll later invent disposable Masturbation Socks company

Jessica: will be named Captain of the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleading squad after a nosejob and intense therapy to get over her alcohol addiction and poor self esteem issues.

Zach: will get a job as the star in a re-make of Mr. Ed

Jameka: will go home and marry her preacher and they will start a new on-the-road troupe called the "MMM-Hmmm Ministry"

Daniele: will go to Europe with her BB8 winnings with Nick in tow only to lose him in Greece to a sweet-talking Greek male lifeguard

Dick: goes back to LA and becomes involved in a chain of Punk Rock Bars complete with spitting and smoking sections...he'll also become successful in band promotion

Jen: will open an escort service in LA made up entirely of prior reality star losers

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Winnings Money

Eric is going to take courses in Taxidermy

He wants to learn the proper way to preserve some of his

finest sock's and mount them for his wall.

His dilemma has been the number of sock's he has enjoyed time with

making a choice is proving difficult.

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omg laughing hard Jack :animated_rotfl::animated_rotfl:

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------------Life After BB-----------

By the way Jameka is talking maybe she'll want to

start trainning and then whoop Eric's butt in a Pay Per View

...... "Ultimate Fight Special"

She is getting into shape...

Made the eliptical go so fast, she broke a weld on it!

Zack and her were working out when it happened

She would STOMP the WEASEL!

Maybe Zack can teach her the Vulcan Death Grip?

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Word in from Eric about his $40,000

He is Buying a Winnibago and taking his NOSE on the Road

Eric's is going on tour with his schnozz.

One hell of a specimen, cosmetic surgeons
from all over the world have been reported to
just drool over getting a wack at that beak.

Micheal Jackson has asked if he could just
get a small scrap of it, his rubber one is
looking a bit shabby without makeup.

Slogans on the side of the Winnibago


His proboscis is so big, he can sniff his own ear canals.
He can smell farts from Japan, in California

Reports are Jessica might go along to mow his nose hair and
He'll have her do pom pom routine's outside of the show to
drum up extra traffic.

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.....Zack and His Winnings...........

Set up a BB contestant Trainning Facility

Learning the Vulcan Death Grip and the art of "Stealth"

Dressing in Black rabbit ninja suits to evade the night scope and prowl for clues

How to stash food supplies for eating alone

How to make chess pieces out of wet toilet paper..and sun drying them

Making a periscope to use in the hot tub and pool for surveillance missions

How to get HG's to talk to you

Jameka is a part time instructor on the art of "Hmmmmmmmmmmmm"

How to muffle your wispers so they can't be heard

Correct chewing to last the longest at the food table for info gathering

They will have an online course also offered on the website

Zack has already worked the numbers and feels it's a big money maker

Hopes to take it Public some day or J/V with CBS

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