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Where Are They Going?


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Zach will be opening a sock-manufacturing plant, one that specializes in socks that stay on your feet permanently, and can only be removed by cutting them off.

They'll be priced to sell, cuz after all buyers will need many pairs...

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Zach will be opening a sock-manufacturing plant, one that specializes in socks that stay on your feet permanently, and can only be removed by cutting them off.

Yath..Plus Kevlar souls to protect against toenail bitings sometimes scattered on the floors of weird households

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Talk about a hot TV Show.....

Dick is looking at doing a pilot based on "Leave it to Beaver"

Jen will play Dick's wife..Mrs. Cleaver

Zack will play be Wally, the older wiser brother

a of course...Eric will be the "Beaver"

It will take place in Kentucky, in a trailer Park nestled between the mountians. Some 100 miles in the middle

of nowhere...but noisey with the constant explosions from the rock quarry.

Dick is the Plant foreman at the quarry and of course Mrs. Cleaver is the stay at home mom.

The antic's are never ending with the "Beaver", especially those bike rides throught the mountians to school.

Where nobody can get a word in edgewise, when the "Beaver" is around.

Episode 1. Meet the Cleaver's A fun filled hour getting to know the members of

this unique rural American family, facing the problems of everyday life.

Episode 2. The New School Helmet Wally designs and makes "Beaver" a bike helmet

to wear for riding to school. Has a bug guard as well as lights and siren. It's special.

Episode 3. Masturbation in School A heart warming chat between Dad and the "Beaver"

after he was suspended from school. His Mother losses it. ( 2 Hr Episode )

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EPISODE 4: Dick gets fired from his job at the plant, gets depressed and stays at home all day, lying on the couch in his undershirt, and watching porn.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Cleaver has to earn some money for the family, so she has bake sales out of her home. Her peanut butter cupcakes with sprinkles are everyone's favorite!

EPISODE 5: Beaver enrolls in a new school, but he's suspended from that one as well for regularly soiling his clothes.

He explains to his teacher that his dad does it all the time, but when the teacher talked to his mom, Mrs. Cleaver denied that, and added, with her perky little smile, that they are a wholesome and happy family.

After Mrs. Cleaver offered the teacher a cupcake (peanut butter with sprinkles), the teacher agreed to let Beaver return to school on a trial basis.

Another heart-warming chat ensued between Dick and Beaver. In his loving way, Dick began the chat by saying to Cleaver: "I'm proud of you, son."

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I'm thinkin' that maybe we should transfer The Beaver stories to the OT forum?

Mainly cuz this one won't last in the BB forum, and it'll be closed.

If we started it in OT, it could incorporate the cast of The Beaver family, as Jack began it--but in the episodes, we could add former HG's, all kinds of visiting people (guests, if you will), plus of course we could add us posters.

Ya, I know I have too much time on my hands....but having now posted a few new "episodes" (see above), my creative juices are flowing..

Your thoughts, people? I'll be glad to start the thread if you like.

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Amber will work the county fair circuit with her little girl. Fair-goers will pay a dollar each to watch Amber

sob as she swears on her little girl's life.

Zack will play Lerch on the new edition of The Addams Family.

Jameka will don a long white dress and become known as Sister Jemeka. She will travel the evangelical circuit, specializing in tent revivals.

Eric will appear in a re-make of The Wizard of Oz.

He will be the head dwarf - the one known for stuffing whole bananas into his mouth, cocking his head at odd angles, arching one eyebrow, and chewing his finger nails - all at the same time.

Dick will clean up; he will shave, have his tatoos removed, stop smoking, stop swearing and stop spitting. All this for the new love of his life, Janelle.

They will marry. Daniele will love her new mommy.

Daniele will star in many tv commercials. She will become the spokeswoman for Seabiscuit Toothpaste,

and will make lots of money doing commercials for the Trim the Fat Miracle Weight Loss Program.

Jessica will return to Kansas and will marry a local cowboy - 58-year-old Tex Cowpile. They will hit the rodeo circuit. Tex's life will end tragically when he falls from his horse into a watering trough and drowns.

Joe and Dustin will re-unite and become recording stars. Their breakout hit will be "What Did You Give Me Last Night".

Kail has returned to Oregon. Because of the economic downturn, she and her husband filed for bankruptcy, and are living under an overpass out on the edge of town.

Jen has become quite successful as the nanny to George Bush's twin daughters.

The whereabouts of Nick, Mike and Carol are unknown at this time.

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Joe and Dustin will re-unite and become recording stars. Their breakout hit will be "What Did You Give Me Last Night".

:animated_rotfl: breakout hit... "breakout" + "what did you give me last night" = very nasty disease lmao

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It looks likes the Money Dreams are shot

Dustin..He gets to Barbados, pays off back rent then has some money left to get

a few more Haines grey shirts.

Jen doesn't pay rent to Vanna...she can spend her money to get some unitards

and chopped turkey to make burgers. Also gets a Jenny Craig subscription.

Joe, Nick, Caroland Mike, nothing to really spend

Kail uses her's to buy Christmas gifts for her children.

Amber takes the PO10 $1,000 and buys a Huge Fancy Bible/Dictionary Combo

with video and an expanded PoP Up picture section to help her understanding.

Jess gets to buy some new clothes and school books, puts a deposit on a beak job.

Eric takes his money to go into hiding from the other HG's about the AP,

his getting all the loot and always complaining to everyone how little

HGs got paid.

The others ...it's up in the air still

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It may be a rumor but it was said that for Zack's HoH,

Leonard Nimoy sent a letter to Zack requesting his

autograph. In the letter he is to have told Zack to

stay in touch about a Star Treck remake.

He had sent a CD of space music and Vulcan Hits for him

to enjoy in the HoH room.

BB declined to deliver the letter and CD, they said it had

contained secret Vulcan code.

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Yath, your Episode 4 with Dick ( Mr. Cleaver ) soiling himself.

Well, Jen Cleaver decided to put her foot down. She was fed up coming

home to the stench in the trailer and told him to get out there and

find another job. This lying around all day, watching porn video's

smoking and farting had to stop. Plus she was working so hard with

baking the cupcakes and he wouldn't help her.

Dick saw a late night infomercial and was able to get an equity loan

on the trailer and started a mobile dry cleaning service using the old

VW bus that had been in the back yard up on blocks. The "Beaver" was

so excited because he could sniff the chemicals, he liked the buzz!

He also told his Dad he could work with him on the weekends.

Zack (Wally) started ripping the old bus apart and had his buddy's

from MythBusters come over to assist. They all had a great time making

different gadgits for the bus.

Meanwhile, Beaver caught a good buzz from sniffing the chemicals

and took his bike for a ride in the mountians and was hit buy a buck

whitetail that was rutting. His helmet from Wally saved him from serious

head injuries. His constant talking to buck, revived it from a stunned state

and sent it running away into the woods to get away from him.

Amber and Dustin were in the area checking out land to set up a nudist colony

when they found the Beaver in the bushes on the side of the road. They brought him

home, the hospital was too far away..plus Amber has her LPN.

He did nothing but yak in the car on the drive home so Amber said," at least he's

not sleeping or has any brain damage". She said the helmet looked really

weird..but it probably saved his life and starting crying uncontrollably.

Dustin yelled at her to shut up, swirved with the car and almost hit a tree. He did

blow out the front tire though and had to change it. Amber wouldn't get out of the

car because she was crying so bad..he got more pissed off and grease all over

his new grey Haines shirt he picked up on special at Cosco.

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