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Where Are They Going?


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Many HG's have discussed that getting on BB is a "Stepping Stone" in their life's adventure.

They have also spoken of other show's that they may go to after their BB expierence.

Businesses, travel plans and purchases that they think about with the money they make.

I was wondering what you had to say about the HG's dreams and aspirations, after their BB experience.

You can have fun with this topic also, I mean just remembering Amber's modeling and ANTM....WOW!

I think this will be an interesting thread to read.

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I think Eric will head out to Kansas for a visit. I think he will go out to some of the bars in Kansas with Jess and find out he does not fit in. Her friends will not like him and the romance will fizzle.

Dani will go to Minnasota to hang out with Nick. They will start spending time with Janelle and her boyfriend. I think if Daniele does not grow up then the realationship will fizzle.

(like how I used the word fizzle in both answers? :lookaround:)

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Jessica is going on to work in animated movies fo sheezy...with that voice, she is a shoo-in!!

Eric should go into politics...he just doesn't shut up and can spin anything....or maybe like a fight promoter like Don King...hmmmm

Jameka could do Sister Act 14....she likes to sing and pray and she can be funny....

Dick can be Tommy Lee's double in his next porn tapes....well....maybe not....lol

Daniele will blow thru her winnings and be back at Hooters or wherever she works....and show up next year WITH Janelle for the special POV....

Zach...well....Zach will be that annoying guy who thinks he knows a little bit about everything and you will be stuck next to him at your spouse's next Xmas party...

Joe will be on that show with the guy guys helping out the straight guys who can't dress right....or doing public service announcements for STD's..

Amber....awww....I just can't...too easy.....you guys can take on Amber... :animated_rotfl::animated_rotfl:

Dustin....who cares?

Jen can be a mannequin in Macey's.....standing still and watching herself in the window...PERFECT!!

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Question about Zack and Dolphin Crash....What is it?

Zack also was talking about he wrote a script for a Reality show that he's going to try and get off the ground.

He didn't mention any details when he was speaking to Dick and Eric, anything with water, scuba?

Anyone hear anthing on that?

Dick with the winnings was talking about the kids and College...I think he was sincere about that.

Jess and Eric..getting married don't think that's gonna happen, either did Jameka.

Dani and Nick...let's see. She is still on about getting him a monkey and spoke with Jameka regarding last night.

Amber and modeling...not realistic, public speaking about drugs..Maybe

I'm drawing a blank right now on the others.

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i dont want to be a part of anyone's future. however, the next time i am in kansas visiting relatives, i might run into jessica. maybe she knows my cousin who is in college.... wait.. my cousin doesnt hang out with woobie lovers. sFun_window.gif

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Jack I was looking for that as I said one time if you painted her face blue when her hair was up she looked like a smurf !

Jess will be the local weather girl because her voice will never make it to the majors and maybe marry a pro football player not Eric .

Eric will be disgraced running for City Council when he is caught having sex with a male in a rest stop. His parole officer ends up being Jameka who decides to get involved in criminal justice.

Dick wins celebrity poker and moves to Ireland where he becomes friends with an ex IRA member and they by chance foil a huge Islamic terrorist plot.

Danni and Nick date and he decides to be a pro wrestler . He starts taking steroids and Dani moves back to LA where she works in a tanning salon.

Amber joined a commune and is thinking about leaving it where Dustin manages a nudist colony.

Jen became an renowned architect that designs buildings based on women's figures.

Joe is now a well known Playgirl photographer has tried to get Mike to pose for him nude since Mike is a top model but Mike refuses .

Zack goes on to build an enviromentally designed house by Jen and she introduces him to a hot looking model friend and he marries her . With his clothing company now merged with modeling shoots Zack is living the high life.

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I think it's funny that every year HGs say they are using BB as a start to their future in acting. Nobody has become successful in acting by using BB.

Question about Zack and Dolphin Crash....What is it?

It's his company. From his MySpace:

We are a new company that specializes in the beauty of the ocean, harmony of the sea, and an edgy lifestyle in clothing. We are a surfwear line that will open the doors to a new style of class in beach wear. For Ladies we have tanks, tee's, ribbed wifey's which can be cut to crop tops or worn regular, shorties, swimwear bikini's and brazilian styles. For Men we have Tanks, Tee's and Ribbed Wifey's. Truckers to come... Trucker hats for ladies will have custom unique swarovski crystals embedded in each design making each design completely unique, for guys an edgy lifestyle of graphics, colors, and splatter. Our second goal is selling high end, high pixel resolution images 30 x 40 in size of aquatic life, sunsets, dolphins, above and below water imagery. We are a high-end company that shoots the textures of life and the emotion of landscapes. For the true collector of strong imagery, these images are limited to a 50 print run, signed and numbered by dolphincrash and stamped with a foil seal of our logo for authenticity. People interested in the life of the ocean. Other beach goers and surfers. People that have a love for great photography, and great clothes. Male and Female models willing to pose for the clothing side of things. Real People that are willing to have fun and not JADED by money and bullshit form LA. People that are not from LA that need to regain who they truly are because LA has jaded them.
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  • Jessica will be forced to put woobie on E-Bay to supplement her cheerleader's income
  • Eric will become the spokesperson for the National Incest Society
  • Dustin will become a supermodel for Hanes (used gray T-Shirt division)
  • Amber will be whisked away on a motivational speaking tour of Idaho (sponsored by Kleenex)
  • Dani will become a spokesperson for Vermont Cheddar when they unveil their new slogan... everybody likes a lil cheese with their whine
  • Dick's likeness will be featured on boxes of nicorette
  • Jameka will write a book titled God's Plan for Losers
  • Zach will featured in Shrek 8 which will be released straight to DVD
  • Jen will gain 75 more pounds & become the biggest thing to ever hit the stripper circuit in the whole US of A in more ways than one
  • Joe & Carol will get married & have 3 boys who like to wear dresses but have an unnatural aversion to cameras
  • Kail will dye her hair strawberry blonde
  • Mike will appear on Gay or Straight II wearing a french maid costume
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Eric will get a job at Footlocker. (finish the joke yourself)

Jessica will get knocked up by Eric.

Zach will become a very successful businessman.

Amber will get a job at Rite-Aid. IF she's lucky.

Dustin will go on to host The Price Is Right after Drew Carey gets busted with hookers and blow....again.

Jen will take over for Vanna White when she retires from Wheel of Fortune.

Dick & Dani will get their own reality show. She'll be frustrated, he'll spit and cuss a lot.

Nick will wind up dating Joe, and they too will get their own reality show. And it will be much higher rated than D/D's show. To which Dani says....no one understands..it's so frustrating to see your ex go gay and have a bigger hit TV show than meeeee.

Jameka, with her winnings, will travel the country spreading the gospel.

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Eric will become the spokesperson for the National Incest Society

....Yeah, riding around with Jess on the back of delapidated Pick Up with the Hillbillie's from the movie "Deliverence",

with the banjo kid playing...that old hit, " I Told You to Fkin' Stop That". Jess of course singing those high notes!

Plus that other Smash.."Tie a Sock Around it..U Putz"

The songs become hit's for them and bring in a super cash flow to the Society.

Eric, then demands the Society pay him a commission, they refuse and he sues.

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Dustin and Joe....Co-Hosting a call-in Radio program on the pain of STD's

And Dustin penned a paperback..Getting Ahead with Just a Grey Shirt

Dick is the ad spokesperson for a Lawn Sprinkler company, that runs ad spots

" Our Sprinkler's are Gentle...They're just like you Spitting....See Here.....Spit, I told You!"

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Zack is making a Killing with the underwater, Super-zoom, Highest quality mega-pixel, photo's of Jen swimming off the coast of Alcatraz in the unitard.

Danni was true to her word and got a Chimp for Nick.

They named him Eric because he's constantly wanking himself.

After extensive trainning and many frussstratinnnnng hours,

little Eric has mastered the shot gun and brings in wild

boar slung over his back, for Sunday's dinner's. He is quite

the little hunter and woodsman.

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