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How Funny Would It Be To Make Eric Vote Out Jessica???



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  1. 1. Should everybody vote for Eric to vote out Jessica for a 3-0 vote since D&D are voting her out?

    • YES......it would be funny to see her reaction if she if voted out 3-0
    • No
  2. 2. Do you think Eric will vote to evict Jessica or will he refuse and rebel against America??

    • Yes......he will vote out Jessica if we tell him to
    • No......he will refuse to do it and insist to Julie that he wants to vote out Jameka
    • I'm going to vote for Eric to evict Jessica just to see if the WEASEL chooses Love or Money
  3. 3. Will BB allow Eric to vote to evict Jameka if we tell him to vote for Jessica's eviction

    • Yes
    • No
    • I'm going to vote for Eric to evict Jessica to see what happens and make this week EXCITING!!!!!

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how do u know we voted Jameka. I cannot find poll results and I need to see the bad news for myself.

I don't for sure. I'm going based on the front page updates saying Eric went to the DR last night (as usual at that time for AP). When he came back he said to Jessica that he was voting to evict Jameka.

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Yes and No.....He said he taped a message to Jameka IF she was to go, and Jessica flipped. then Eric changed it to WHEN. That was after he came back from the DR. My thought is that America said to vote out Jess. we'll see tomorrow.

His vote has no effect on who stays and goes though, it's all on D&D and they vote the same.

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I am one of the least cruel people that I know, but I'll admit im going to laugh my ass off when Jessica AKA " Erics beard " gets voted out and I will laugh harder if its 3-0. Jessica is an adult of average intelligence yet she has let Ratty make all her decisions in this game, even when she totally disagrees. Starting with Dustin and going thru her HOH last week. She is not a victim she is a passive player in her own game BY HER OWN CHOICE. If she is hurt by the turn out, maybe she will learn to stand up for what she believes in the future. I kow Im one of the only ones on this board but I hope Jameeka wins. She is the only person in the house who hasnt broken her word to anyone. Yes thinking that God doesnt have enough tragedy in the world to worry about and is focused on BB is ridiculous but of all the people in the house, she has the most integrity.

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