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Rank The Final 6


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1. Dick

2. Eric

3. Danielle

4. Jessica

5. Zach

6. Jameka

OK, so you are wondering why I vote #1 for Dick, eh?

Anyone that could be that horribly mean and still be around? He's got my vote. No, I am not a Dick fan, I was the first week...now, not so much. But if the remaining HG could still have him around. I mean why evict the whiny Whamber and not back door Dick? I get that Eric had to vote to get Amber out but to not use the veto? Silly, little man...silly players.

Do I think Dick has the best game play? Heck, no! But, like I said, he is still here and others are not. I most certainly do NOT want Danielle to win but she is a good player.

I think Eric should be up there because he is a good player, for the moves that he has made and we all know that had he not been AP, he would probably be considered a darn good player. In the beginning, Dick thought he was brilliant. Do you remember?

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There's still a lot of game left to change my mind but, as of this moment:

Strategically who I think should win:

Eric and Daniele (tie)





Based on who I would like to see win:

None of the above but, I would like to see D/D/E/J in the final four.

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1) Jessica

2) Eric

3) Zach

4) Dick

5) Daniele

6) Jameka

It would never play out as I have indicated, but I was just answering upon wishful thinking...

I don't want Eric winning b/c it would completely go to his head that he is the BEST PLAYER EVER. That irritates me. I'm one of the few, if only???, Jameka fans, but don't think she "deserves" to win.

I wouldn't be upset if Dick won, but would if Danielle won. That dang snob. :giljotiini:

edit: guess i can't put dani on the bottom since she's not even on the block. oops!

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Who would I LIKE to see winthe whole thing?

1 - Jameka - simply because she put herself at a horrible disadvantage trying to help people who were only out for themselves. For all of th eugly horrible things Dick has said to her in the past months, she still has the decency to speak to him. She is strong and forgiving. She speaks to everyone with respect, although she may bash behind their backs (IMO because there's nothing else to do). By comparison, she is the least judgemental. She has played this game socially and with integrity and I would like to see someone of that calibre actually win one time. But it will not happen this time :(

2 - Zach - Less now than I was before, however. Like Jameka, Zach has been respectful to most of the HGs, even when they were less than kind to him. My biggest problem is his inability to stand up to Dick when Dick was horribly disrespectful to the women in the house. He constantly says how much he hated it when it was happening, but yet he did nothing. He freely offers sound advice (although he can't seem to give it to himself) and on most occasions tried to elevate the topic of conversations or group activities.

3 - Jessica - Throughout the game, she has alost always had a smile on her face. Maybe it was mostly due to her frenemy being evicted week 1, but she has always been cheerful. and, I just like her.

4 5 6 - Eric, Dick & Danielle in any order. They have perpetuated the belief that you have to be a pretty horrible, untrustworthy, self-absorbed cretin to win one of these shows. They think nothing about lying to people's faces, deceiving others and sinking to the lowest form of human nature to get ahead. These are the people that only think about winning money and not imprving their personal stations in life. They see no reason to improve themselves socially, spiritually or physicially. They are odious caracitures of the American lifestyle that so many people wish did not exist. sadly they will be the final 3 and they will continue to pride themselves on their deplorable behavior, as it makes for great tv.

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1) Dick

2) Danielle

3) Eric

4) Jessica

5) Zack


I am not of fan of Dicks "gross" habits. However, I am not judging how much or how far he spits, how many cigs he smokes, whether he blows a "perfect "O" ring," how loud his farts are or how bad they smell (thankfully, I don't have to know) or how far his vocabulary extends beyond "FCUK!" :lipsrsealed2:

Like 1 of the other posters, I am going by the fact he is still there because he plays one of the most honest games.

Danielle is above Eric, only because if I think that Dick shouldn't be judged for the things I stated above, then she shouldn't be judged for her constant complaining & her inability to be grateful & happy, that she is in the BB house. She is fantastic @ HOH & VETO Comps!! :hurray:

As for Jameka being at the bottom, I am not judging her for forgetting that she is in the BB house & not a church or for telling Waamber that she could be a model. I just think that she is 1 of the worst players ever! :bangin:

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I think its funny DICK=DANIELE seem to be at the top or bottom of every list, none in the middle. you either LOVE them or hate them... i for one LOVE DANIELE and indiffrent about dick, i would want dick to win BEFORE any of the rest, next to daniele!

Good Luck Daniele!

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