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Which Team Are You Rooting For?


which team are you rooting for?  

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  1. 1. who are you leaning towards?

    • Eric/Jess
    • Dick/Dani
    • Neither

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Francis - I agree with you. I'd much rather see a f2 that was Dani/Eric (the best players in the game IMO) or, Jess/Dani, Dick/Jess, or Eric/Dick.

For those of you rooting for DnD - really? A whiny little cheat'n, self-centered, flipping, self-serving little girl and her obnoxious, verbally abusive, phlegm spitting, delusional, old man??

Hmmm, I don't get it.

I also don't understand why so many people hate Eric, he has played this game exceedingly well esp. with all the shiz that he has had thrown at him by the viewers---although highly entertaining.

It will suck if he has to vote out Jess. But at least we would finally have one sane person on the jury.

Ok - over and out...

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It can be helpful to have somebody watching your back (without totally trusting them, but just using them) but then it gets to a time where you have to cut loose and start playing for yourself. Male/Female hookups could be the worst decision...I think Dani knew this and voted Nick out.

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I would like to see jess and or eric in the final two

I totally agree with xal about dani, example this week she spent so much time ensuring hers and her dads safty with zack by kissing his you know what, and now thats she is sure she is safe by winning the POV she has done nothing but insult him continually.

I really like eric because he isn't playing HIS game he's playing OUR game and he is succeeding. IF he was playing his game dick would have left instead of dustin and I'm sure dani would have left last week instead of amber.(not that i like dustin or amber but eric had way more influence over them then dick or danelle)

I also like jess just because....... lol

so I voted for jess and eric

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I did not vote for D/D but they may need the money more than anyone else in the house. Dick could get a good therapist and Danille could buy a personality. Both Danotos make me sick but it seems with BB they are the ones that win. You know, the trash people. They usually win BB.

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Daniele made a mistake voting Nick out.

She cried and dedicated the week to him.

She has shown him how much she cares.

And she just beams when talking about him.

It is so sweet to see her smile...

She has her moments and I like her !!

I'm not really like her though ,

But i'm a little devil. :naughty:

I personally like Daniele. Despite the snotty attitude. She will eventually mature. Maybe during her trip to Europe, Nick can knock some sense into her. She is still young and immature. She will change . Not to mention she is good at this game.. I really hope she makes it to the F2, Would be quite interesting to see who the jury votes for. Would suck if they vote personal and for the "nicer" player. That would be completely BS.. Oh well, It's all part of this silly game !

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Neither. Don't care for Zach and Jam either, but would get a kick if they, somehow made it to final 2. I think it would be irony and poetic justice all in one, LOL!

By the way, Nick leaving was the best thing that ever happened to Dan. It forced her to get out from under the covers and play the game.

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I agree Soyo, i mean if he stayed what would that do? nothing.

she has made it this far without him, and won another POV securing her for this week, she doesnt need him.

Reminds me of Mike and Krista, just Nick isnt a A-hoe, and Daniele is a country ugly hick.

Good Luck Daniele!

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