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September 2, Live Feed Updates

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I've been up since 9am (7am BBT) and Dick has been the only one up. Does anyone know if he has ever gone to bed yet or if he was just up really early?

Dick is doing laps in the pool, all the other hg's are still sleeping

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Dick has gotten into the HT a couple times but has mostly been swimming/sitting in the pool.

He occasionally says something like "my legs feel so much better now" or "man I have heartburn" but mostly has been making sounds and noises and laughing.

Dick: "The ground is f ing hot".

"Man oh man oh man."

"Ok What's the score on the Jets game?"...."It has to be half time." "Come on just whisper it I'll never tell"

"It looks like I'm massaging my c**k but I'm not. I wish I was, it's been awhile"

"My f ing white *ss is going to be burnt to a crisp"

"I wanna go surf"

"I wonder if there has been any waves this year?" "Last year sucked".

Still in pool, spitting. 11:33am

"You guys suck...everyone is sleeping and you turn the cameras away from me"

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Dick in pool.

Laughing maniacally.

Dick: "I'll bet Kail blames me for everyone not liking her instead of herself"

"Man, still no one is up yet. Are you kidding me?""How do they do that?" "Now Jessica yeah, that's a 20 hour day there"


Zach is up to use the bathroom. But he goes straight back to bed.

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Dick: "How is Zach still here?" "That's a mystery"

"Who's the biggest fish to fry?"

"Zach" "It's like Chicken George.....it is, it's exactly like that..this is a repeat of that f ing season"

"We have to win HOH"

"Great, this chlorine is going to bleach my hair and I just dyed it."

Everyone else still in bed.

12:00pm BBT I'm out for awhile

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daniele is in the bathroom getting ready for the day

she has on her bikini

shaving her arm pits (oh how exciting)

eric comes in and they share good mornings

he uses the bathroom, rinses his hands and heads back out

i think she said good night to him, so he must be going back to bed

dani heads out to the back yard

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Daniele filling up ice cube trays and placing them in the freezer. Filling up her water bottle at sink.


Zach gets out of bed and turns on light in HOH room. Heads downstairs.

Daniele and Zack exchange greetings.

BB: Daniele please put on your microphone

Zack heads outside and jumps into pool. "I'm awake"

Daniele at dining table eating.

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3:35pm BBT

Zack out of pool and heads inside.

Zach tells Daniele he's going to have bowl of cereal.

Zach asks Daniele if she stayed asleep all night. She said she woke up at 2:30 and couldn't get back to sleep so she was up until 5:00. Zach says she should have come up because he was awake and she says "how was I supposed to know" Zack says she should just come up and check Daniele says "No, you could be up there naked dancing with glow sticks and I wouldn't want to see that".

General chit chat between Zack and Daniele at the table.

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Daniele in BY with Zach, telling him that her mom is Native American and German. Zach complains that it is hot.

Daniele wants to know Zach's plans regarding Jessica. Zach hates sun block, and Daniele hates how hot it is.

Zach has thoughts and wants to hear what Daniele thinks so. Daniele says she is not going to be able to stay in the back yard long due to the heat.

Mike was the tannest and told Daniele that it is the hottest part of the day between 2 and 3 pm.

Zach thinks it would be ridicilous to use the POV. Zach thinks that there are certain advantages to keeping Jameka in this game, providing that the 3 of us stay true to us. He mentions that since she can't win HOH it would almost make it a sure shot that a Donato will be HOH.

Daniele thinks that if they vote out Jessica, and Eric gets HOH, both dick and daniele will be on the block next week. if that were to happen, then Jameka would go up and they would have the votes to get Jameka out, if Zach wants to go along with that.

Zach wants to go to the final 3 with Dick and Dani.

The way that Zach has been thinking, Eric will be pissed off and his head won't be in the HOH contest. Zach says that Eric is an idiot and Daniele is wanting to get rid of Jameka this week, otherwise, if they dont get HOH, they will go up.

Eric has been throwing HOH's and comps, and Zach thinks that if Jessica goes, Eric won't have his head in the game and he will be distracted playing HOH.

Zach says that Jameka would put him up in a heartbeat, and he really wants her to go. Dani says that if she sends Jessica to the jury house, she is giving up 2 votes automatically.

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Zach and Dani in backyard tanning and having a serious discussion about what to do with the POV. Sounds like Zach wants Eric or Jess out and Dani wants Jameka out.

Zach is worried if both Jess and Eric stay then he is for sure going home. He thinks going up with one less of them is way better then going up against 2 of them.

Zach says cut and dry Dani either values her own safety or all 3 of theirs safety (zach/dick/dani), she gets upset and says that makes her upset he thinks that way, she says he's not being fair by saying that, she says she is the only person who has says if both jess and eric are left in the house that she is the only one that would keep Zach in the house so he's not being fair, he says you have to let me finish what im saying (both getting upset and raising their voices a little)

He is trying to tell her that she has to think about her choice of her end game or the game right now, he says you have to get rid of one of them. She says you never know the right decision, you have to do alot of thinking, Zach says he knows, he questions his HOH choice now, it seemed right at the time but now he's not sure, but he is down with whatever her and dick decide, he just thinks the great choice would be to get rid of jess or eric, he says he is here for dani and dick either way, he says he didn't put dick and dani up so he could prove to them he was with them and in hopes he will make it in the top 2. He says don't worry about him, he just knows that if eric or jess wins HOH that he is for sure going up and for sure going home, she says thats not true, if you win the veto either me or my dad are going home, he says thats why we have to get rid of one of them and then the risk is against 1 of them verses 2. He says the only way to avoid the situation is to get rid of one of them (jess or eric)

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zach talking really calm now and just repeating that he really wants her to think about what he said, that getting rid of either jess or eric is the only way for the three of them, dick, dani and zach, to get to the end. (earlier dani was arguing with him that she will be making an enemy of jess or eric that they will make sure that the jury house will not vote for her, zach said if your up against me or your dad you will win, no matter how personal the others might feel)

dani just left saying she couldnt take the heat anymore, she might be back

zach now swimming in the pool and daniele is in the bathroom, looks like puttting on lotion, oh she was putting on shaving cream, she is shaving her left forearm.

Earlier the feeds showed Dick and Jameka sleeping, not sure where everyone else is

Now daniele is shaving her right hand and forearm -- zach just sitting in the pool

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Eric and Jess in backyard. Gist of conversation is that Eric has been trying and trying to figure out how to assure the best of the situation, that Jessica stays. Jessica still second guessing the decision to evict Amber. Dick comes out and warns the two of them that they need to be very careful because they're projecting confidence that Jess will stay and based on that Zach thinks the four have a deal. Eric and Jess protest that they're NOT confident at all. Zach interpreted a conversation where Jess was looking forward to a Chinese food dinner as confidence that she's staying. Jess says that of course she has hope and she isn't going to spend the rest of her time there moping. Zach comes out and interrupts them (?by accident or not...)

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Jess is quite angry. Eric is telling her that he is desperately upset that she is in this position and he is apologizing. He promises her that he will do anything anything anything to get her to stay. She says thank you. She's upset saying that they shouldn't be concerned because they have the power of veto. Eric says that he feels helpless and asks her if she understands how that feels, she says no. She says she feels badly for him, but she feels worse for herself. He begs her to throw him a bone, he's trying here. He tells her that he is there for her whenever she wants it.

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Jess is mad; now she has to watch every comment. Eric resumes his monologue to Jess: He's "inconsolable, meaning can not be consoled" (his exact words :)) about the chain of events over the past week. Jess not paying attention; she's wondering if Dick and Dani are going to use Zach's worry as an excuse to evict her. Eric says don't worry about it; they're just looking out for their own bottoms, but they won't use it to evict you. Eric returns to the thread that he's so sorry this happened and will do everything he can to make it better. Jess "well you can't." (She's being pretty petulant and whiny.) "I feel really bad for you, Eric, but I feel a little bit worse for myself." Eric says he's not asking her to feel bad for him, and he won't talk about it anymore, but just wants her to know that he's here for her. Eric says Dick's comment made no sense; they have the veto and the votes so they have all the control and it shouldn't matter what Zach says.

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Eric tells Jess that Jameka is the target and not her. He says that she should ask Zack about that, Jam being the target and not her. She says that she will.

Jess said that God forbid that she has a f***ing will to want to stay.

A lot of pauses during the conversation.

Jess says that she really does think that she is Zack's target. She says that when Jam competes she can't win anything. She believes that she is more of a threat than Jameka.

Eric says that thankfully the vote is not up to him.

Zack comes out and breaks up the conversation.

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Jess is pretty convinced she is Zach's target; why wouldn't he keep Jameka since she can't compete next week. Zach then comes out and comments on the heat and being bored. He starts singing Hot Hot Hot. He discovers the grill and is impressed with how clean it is. Dick goes through his heroic effort to clean it.Jess and Eric lying out in BY, Danielle, Eric, and Zach cooking. NOt sure where Jameka is. (i'm out for a while.)

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Jessica comes back and from shower and complains again about Jameka.

Complete silence, and then:

"Why is Dick so afraid of what Zack thinks?"

Eric says it's a ridiculous comment that Dick made, she is his target, they have the votes. He doesn't understand what Dick's problem is. He says that it's worth asking him. Eric says that he's going to ask Dick why it matters what Zack thinks anyway. Eric says he hasn't been feeling good, has been in bed, and besides that it shouldn't matter.

Silence again.

Jess says that she thinks that if she wins HOH she's going to put both Dick and Danielle up. Because if one of them win POV she has to put up Eric and she would have to break the tie.

Eric says that he's ready for the whole thing to be over. He just wants it to happen with the two of them winning 550,000.

Silence again.

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Zack just meets Dick in the bathroom and starts telling him that Jameka is sitting by the couch listening to everything that's being said. Motions by putting his hand up by his ear and says like this.

They both walk back out and Jameka is watching them.

No one is talking now.

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4:00pm BBT

Eric and Jess still sunning in the BY. Eric keeps sniffing and acting uncomfortable.

Jess gets up and puts on some shorts. She is going back inside. Eric asks if she is too hot. Jess says yes.

Zach asks Jess how the painting thing went last night. She replies it was fun.

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Dick doesn't think Howis should've been in All-Stars, Dani didn't think Diane should've been in there. Dick says how did Lisa NOT making it when she won Season 3. Z wonders who won Survivor All-Stars. Talking about Survivors seasons, and who won. Jess and Jam in the kitchen.Jess is eating a sandwich with chips Jam is waiting for her water to boil for her cup of tea. They both are in the kitchen at the counter chit chatting about the game being stressful, and possible future moves in the game.

i'm out to watch the show, be back in an hour

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