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September 2, Live Feed Updates

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I flipped back over to the feed with E/J/J because Dick was gross and boring. The girls comment that Eric is really skinny. He says that he needs to gain 5 lbs... that is why he's eating (he's making a bagel with cream cheese). He says that he is also very pale and the new haircut isn't working with his paleness. Jess and Jam say that he doesn't look that pale. Jess remarks that she likes skinny boys so Eric says he won't gain the weight and she says it's okay if he gains 5 lbs. Jam says that she likes her men to be husky and Jess asks her if she is missing the touch of a man (Carol joke).

BB says that HGs aren't allowed to talk about their DR sessions and the inside group says they weren't but then assume that it was for the HGs outside, as Jess says that Zack has joined Dick in the hot tub. Sure enough, I switch feeds and he has. Dick is still bitching about the teacup question that Jen got and won HOH [Oh my gosh, get over it... that was week two and you're still here while she's not - bigboyfan] They go on to discuss sports/football, Dick asking CBS for Jets tickets. Dick is smoking and Zack keeps trying to fan it away from himself. Conversation now switches to game talk... and I think that Dick just said, "we have HOH, we have POV... and Eric is going home" [Note: I am not ENTIRELY positive that he said Eric].

Now Dick says something about going to Jameka if she wins POV next week and saying that Dani and him have the votes and telling her that she needs to step up and play the game and vote how they are. This, from what I can glean, assumes that Eric is HOH. Now, he makes it seem as though if Eric won HOH he would put up Zack and Dick and then Jameka and Dani would be the votes. [i'm not sure if I'm totally understanding this convo, as it seems a bit convoluted and I was only half-paying attention when they started it.]

Zack says that he has been running through scenarios in his head and he is concerned that if he doesn't get out Jess this week he won't have a shot at making it very much further in the game.

They get out of the hot tub and we get FotH.

BB: Zack, Dick, please put on your microphones.

They put them on.

BB: Thank you very much.

Dick and Zack go inside.

Dick: Why are you always in drag?

He then asks if they are going to give him (Eric) bikini bottoms too.

Jess is painting Eric with the liquid latex. The cams aren't showing a frontal but I believe that Jess is painting a pink bikini top on Eric. (Will post a screenshot in the photos forum when I can get one.)

Dick goes back out and puts the cover on the hot tub.

Zack comments on the painting job then joins Dick outside briefly. They come back in and Dick remarks how chunky the paint is and suggests painting Eric's ears blue. (Have confirmed that Jess is painting a pink halter bikini top on Eric with the liquid latex).

Jameka asks if anyone liked "Back to the Future." Zack asks, "the movie?" as he goes up to his HOH room. Dick out of range. FotH for no apparent reason.

Jameka complains, "Eric, why can't I make purple?"

Eric says, "blue and red."

Jameka says, "Blue and red? Ohhhhhhh.... I was using green."

Dick returns to the kitchen. Says that he is probably going to bed soon. Eric says something to Dick that I believe is asking him if he thinks that he will get to do any erectile dysfunction commercials when they get out of the house due to his "ED moniker." Dick goes on to say that he thinks he found a new Amazing Race partner -- Janelle. Some talk about whether or not Dick will have sex with Janelle [ummm... yeah, right. -- bigboyfan]

Jameka sticks some sort of red latex piece on Eric and they discuss what they think it looks like....

Dick: "what the fuck is that?"

Jameka: refers to it as being Zack's small penis

Eric: "it looks like a droopy clit"

Dick: says that he reminds him of a dog's penis

Jameka is now painting yellow dots on Eric's pink bikini top and starts singing "itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini."

Topic of conversation gets a little hairy. Dick discusses how a lot of the former male houseguests shaved their bodies, adding, "and I guarantee those guys shave their balls as well."

Jameka: "do guys really want a girl with a bald vajayjay?"

Dick: "of course"

Jameka: "really? why?"

Dick: "you don't get those icky hairballs in the back of the throat"

Eric: "I'm accustomed to them"

Dick suggest that Eric dips his penis in the liquid latex and paints Jameka and Jess with it.

Dick compliments Jess on her underwear. Apparently she is wearing a thong and Dick asks if she likes them and she says she does. This prompts Dick to say, "I tried them. I didn't like them, they kinda cut between my nuts."

Dick suggests that Jess paint Eric's penis and Jess says, "I'll paint his penis... up and down!"

Dick: "so, are nipple rings legal in Kansas?"

Jess: "yes, but I don't see them very often so I'm kind of intrigued... my friend has one but they are not very common"

Jameka has turned the polka dots into flowers.

Jess melted cheese to eat with pretzels so the painting has stopped and they are now eating again and telling random stories.

She keeps saying, "hurry... before it gets hard!"

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Bikini removal has begun...

Jess rips off sections of the latex while Eric tells her not to because she'll rip his nipple off. She doesn't listen and his nipple starts bleeding. Jameka goes to get the vegetable oil to remove the latex more comfortably. Eric is in pain and Jess grabs his "weiner" to distract him. Jameka says that he is taking this well, considering the circumstances.

Jess is wondering if Eric's brothers are watching him right now "crying like a little baby." [He's not really... and it's almost 4am here on the east coast so they are probably not... but I'll post pictures!]

Dick walks by and remarks that it looks like they are performing surgery on Eric. (He was in the BY on the couch smoking again). He says he is heading to bed.

They are saying that Eric's nipple is really bleeding and that it is detached... (but they might be exaggerating a bit on that).

Jameka: "Jess will donate her nipple to you."

Jess: "No I won't."

They think that he is allergic to the latex paint because he is all red where it was but he thinks that it is just from pulling it off.

Jess: "I'm pretty sure you're not going to grab my vagina."

Eric: "Well you just grabbed my penis three times."

Jameka: "But the vagina is an internal organ."

Eric: "You ripped my nipple off and grabbed my penis... this is very helpful."

He gets up to wash himself off in the kitchen sink and says that the people in the walls are cackling.

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Same chatter for a bit.

Jameka wants to go work out and tells Jess and Eric that the two of them need to go have a hammock date and she will join them after her workout.

Then Jameka decides that the kitchen needs to be cleaned up first (it's a mess from the feeding frenzy and liquid latex painting). She works at cleaning up the kitchen while Jess and Eric go to the BY.

Hammock conversation is game talk... discussing about what moves Dick and Daniele are going to make. Eric thinks that they will keep the nominations the same and will honor their deal and send Jameka home, even though he says that they are thinking about all the options right now, just as Eric and Jess did last week. Eric doesn't want to tape a goodbye message for Jess because it will make him really sad. Jess said that taping his a couple weeks ago was really hard.

Jess flips Eric off the hammock and they go back inside where Jameka is cleaning.

They are talking about bats outside. Jess does her little raptor shriek out the sliding glass door.

Eric and Jess go back outside and lounge on the BY couches... little bit of game talk. Eric is coaching Jess on how she should campaign to Dick and Daniele.

Eric: you're breathing really heavy

Jess: I'm looking for that bat!

Eric: then why don't we go inside instead of staying out here in bat land?

Jess: but what about Jameka?

Eric: I don't know... she keeps abandoning us.

Jameka is puttering around in the bathroom.

Jess is kind of depressed and Eric is snuggling up to her trying to comfort her. She thinks she is going to be evicted and sighs, "if I go, I go." He is stroking her arms and gives her a little peck on her forehead. He says that he will tell her if he thinks she is going home... he wants to spend as much time with her as he can. She says that she feels confident right now and thinks if the vote were tomorrow she would stay but there are still four days and she thinks that by then they will decide to vote her out.

Eric: "I'm beginning to think I might win.... there's only six of us left."

Cute flirting going on.

Eric: "you're my partner, you're my friend... you keep me sane... while everyone else drives me crazy."

The cameraman on F1 just did a Graduate-esque pan from Jessica's slippered foot up her leg.

Jameka finally joins them outside. She sits down for about 30 seconds then gets up and says it's been nice.

Eric: where are you going?

Jameka: I'm gonna go lay in the hammock

Jessica: but the bat will get you!

Jameka: I'm gonna go read

She goes back inside, gets her Bible, and stretches out on the LR couch with it.

More flirting in the BY. Jess is tired and Eric is trying to get her to go inside and go to bed. He asks if he should bring her bed outside and he tells her that this is not an appropriate sleeping place. They are rubbing noses, holding each other, and.... now smooching.

2:31 AM BBT

Eric finally convinces Jess to go inside to go to bed. They stop by the LR to visit with Jameka.

Jess goes in and gets in her bed. Daniele gets up and goes to the bathroom then goes back to bed. Jameka and Eric still on the couches in the LR.

[it is now almost 6am here on the east coast and I'm pretty tired so I'm going to head to bed. Unfortunately, I don't think that anyone is around to pick up the coverage. I posted lots of screenshots in the pictures forum to illustrate the painting and such (it was pretty funny to watch)... so enjoy!]

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2:30AM BBT: Jessica and Eric are on the patio being all lovey-dovey and flirty. [Makes me sick -M] Jameka is inside reading her Bible.

Eric finally convinces Jessica to go inside to go to bed. They stop by the LR to visit with Jameka. Jessica gets in her bed. Daniele gets up and goes to the bathroom then goes back to bed. Jameka and Eric still on the couches in the LR. "It's safe to assume Janelle hates me, since I insulted her to her face." Eric goes on the wonder what the viewers at home think of him.

3:15AM BBT: Jameka and Eric are still awake and giggling over the events of the day. All this talking has made them hungry and they're fixing themselves a late night snack. Jameka is eating the generic Honey-Nut Cheerios, Eric's eating an apple.

3:35AM BBT: Daniele is awake again and has joined Eric and Jameka in the kitchen. Daniele was asleep when Eric was getting the latex peeled off of him, so they give her a recount of the events she missed. They discover more ants in the kitchen.

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Feeds back. Looks like everyone is sleeping except Dani. She's looking at ths pics on the wall. Now she's going into the little room. I hear moving her but I can't see her on any of the feeds. All 4 feeds show sleeping HG. Maybe she went back to bed but it looked like she had her hair done.

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Dick has been up for last hour. He has folded a load of laundry, started a load, it looked like sheets from either his bed or Jens old bed, now he is cooking himself some eggs, all other houseguest are sleeping.

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7:13BBT Dick continues to roam the house talking to himself. He has shaved, cleaned the sink, cleaned the mirror, burped, farted, talked to himself some more. Now he is back outside to smoke and talk to himself again.

"Tables with holes in them suck f*ing dick. Stupid idea."

Continues to smoke, suck his teeth, spit. Now is blowing smoke rings.

Says "my stomach is full! I have to win HOH this week. I have to do it, I have to fucking do it."

Rambling about being down to 5 and 2 out of 3 etc.

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ED still up. Still smoking and talking to himself. Has been asking BB to turn the pool pump on for an hour or so. Looks like he changed clothes from the brown shorts to the red shorts. Now he is griping about the grill being dirty and no one cleans it.

BIG BURP again.

begins to clean the grill.

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ED is cleaning the BBQ grill and comments on how dirty it is and wonders if he (Zach) actually cooks on that dirty mess... has been asking BB to turn on the pool suction so that he can clean the pool "There is so much crap at the bottom of this pool! Turn it on!"

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Dick is in his red shorts, white teeshirt and yellow rubber gloves, cleaning the grill, he keeps getting mad at it and yelling " F you mother Fer", he keeps grunting and moaning like he is wearing himself out

"I need a drink, I need a fing cocktail" he heads back into the house while looking at the camera and telling it "I have very sweaty balls right now".

Everyone else is still sound asleep

Dick is inside now and heads to the SR, makes a comment that BB is slow on the trigger today (opening the door) then tells them he needs more playtex gloves and paper towels "pleeeeaaasssee", as he walks out of SR

Now he's in the kitchen getting something to drink

Not sure what he was just doing, he started to head back outside then stopped and backed up (it looked like he was doing the moonwalk... lol) then he bends over and walks real slow towards the glass door real slow.

Dick outside again looking for paper towels to finish cleaning, looks like he might have found some, then he heads inside for the 409 in the bathroom and goes back outside to finish the BBQ grill.

LOL... Dick just spit and said to the camera "why you spit so much?... haha, why you online so much bitch!"

Now he is back to his new job, cleaning the BBQ grill

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Dick done cleaning the BBQ, sounds like he is trying to light it... he says "alright mfer thats a clean grill, bitch... whoooo god damn, this fing shits hot, i got to get outta here".Dick takes all this supplies back into the kitchen then goes outside for a much earned cig.Dick talking to himself again... wait i just saw something move... its.... danielle she just walked past Eric and headed to the bathroom and knocked and went in

Dick still outside saying how hot it is he just might jump in the pool, then walks by the BBQ and says "god damn that looks good, I RULE.... then tells the BBQ your done MFer

Dicks rinses himself off in the shower outside, yelping how cold it is. He then jumps into the pool and and splashes and swims around. (BB keeps it on a wide shot) Not sure what happened to Daniele, she hasn't come out yet and they are still showing sleeping HGs on the other 3 feeds (dick is on camera 3)

10:19am we got FOTH for about 20 seconds but when they came back didn't see anyone up, but heard Dick say "When are we going to have a swimming veto...hahaha.. hahaha.... oh jen you stupid bitch"

Can barely hear Dick but he said something like "crazy bitch... this lap is dedicated to Jen" and then he swam a lap"

im out for awhile

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10:59am BBT

Dick out of pool and came in with a load of (what looks like) clean towels and puts them away. Went to SR and looks around. Got something from SR and brought it out and puts it in the fridge.

He's still talking to us/himself occasionally and has said a few times he wants Jameka to go.

Now back in BY smoking and spitting.

All other HG's seem to still be in bed but some are starting to rustle their covers.

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