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September 6, Live Feed Updates


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Er & Jam talking/whispering (hard to hear) but Er told her that he doesn't know if she is leaving but if she does Jess & him will be fighting for honor. (puke)

Er- "no matter what happens I will be miserable & will ask to leave"

Jam- "if the votes are 3-0, I'll know I'm leaving" but if they are 2-1, I'll know Im staying"

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Eric and Jameka talking very quietly. Jess walks in but chitchatting continuing with nothing really being said. Dick was called to DR. Zach appears to be moving his stuff back from HOH room. The last time I saw Dani she was picking at her hair and skin (basically "grooming" like monkey).

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10:36 BBT

Instead of trying to campaign we have Jameka Eric and Jess talking about a weddding between Jess and Eric that will never take place.....In the bedroom Eric leaves Jess and Jameka laying in bed....

In the kitchen Daniele is working on her nails Eric thought that she would be upstairs "with Zach" Dani says "nope he's driving me nuts"

Eric yelling out sweets and other thinks that would appeal to the downers in the bedroom.......Dani "Gooodd"[God drawn out]

Eric returns to the bedroom and tells them their options of snack food "unless you want full meals that's all we have"

Eric gives them cookies...to tie them over..while they figure out what they are going to eat.....Jess says "I'm not hungry I just ate" ........

not much else going on.....Eric goes back and tells Dani he wears his pants "to high" like an old man......Eric "hungry" "bored"...and Dick still in DR for ""about an hour or so" Eric says.....

Eric "I don't like the looks of that at all" about what's going on outside with the HOH and POV setup for tomorrow.....

While the two J's talking about Karma......

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10:47 BBT

Jess worried her cup of Sprite smells off [maybe Zach did dishes]

Eric and Jameka reassure her it "smells fine"

Dani gets warning from BB "Daniele STOP THAT" in the kitchen for writing with her nail polish onto a paper towel..

Back in bedroom a collective "ooooooooo" at Dani...

Jess asking if he went to a "smart person" high school Eric says no just "smart people clsses"

Jess talking about about meeting and "falling in love" with Eric's friend or brother...

Jameka talking about actually "taking of a week" from work rather than going straight back after BB... and would "definitely do that" ..going to NYC to vist Eric and Jess.....

their covo continues...........

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10:55 BBT

Dick out of the DR but Jess called in......."Jameka whining "jess don't be long" ..Jess asying "I'll try"

Eric somehow is in obnoxious mode talking about peepee and diarrhea to and very uninterested Daniele

Jess comes out about the request for the hair clippers but since the request is so late he may get it tomorrow if at all.

Eric telling Dick Jameeka "is outta her mind" saying "its great"........Dick talking how pissed off he is about "this whole entitlement thing"

Dick goes in and out to smoke as they have a no loitering rule about going outside.....

Eric making mini pizzas with english muffins [like we all did in 4th grade]

Eric bring up to Dani "orgre" was being obnoxious Dani says "he followed me " around all day......Now Dani is Talking about Zach and how he would always interupt her and Nick......

Eric felt he was spying on him and J&J while moving his stuff down from HOH....

Eric seems to be now talking like J&J..[quite obnoxious..and ......forget it]

Eric keeps bringing up Zach..........talking about his obsession with Nick and Dani joins in.....Eric asks what Nick felt about him saying "Zach drove Nick crazy" but liked him.........Dani says Nick would always say to me "If I get HOH I"m putting Zach up"

Eric working on his pizza

While in the bedroom Jess talking about punching in the face.....on the way out and Jameka says punishment would be "a weeks stipend" and Jess says for "$750" it "better be a good one"....[oh brother]

Talking about getting their asses kicked by their younger brothers because they gey "bigger faster" and are "stronger"

Dick with his little spray bottle killing ants.........

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11:11 BBT

IN Kitchen

Dick thinks that tomorrow will be an eliminator "like last year" and whispers how it went to Daniele....

Eric prances back in and talks about wishes saying "I wish I were dead" and Dick saying "I wish I had something to do"

Dick doing his dishes while ridding the kitchen of ants..."oh look there's an ant"

Eric telling Dick who hates his facial hair......that 2 other HG [J&J] like it..saying it makes him look his age

Talking about Amber and her boyfriend dying to see what he looks like... calling him "a catch" and is probably a crier like her and go on to mock him.......

Go to DR D&D and ERic with bottle to go say "the bottle never lies"...[week too late]

Jameka "i don't care ..I do but" and asking Jess if she notices anything out of the ordinary ..Jess says no..

Now they are talking about cheer........and fashion shows.......blah blah blah..

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11:20 BBT

Eric comes into bedroom and is laughinmg about the bottle and Jess in a bitchy tone saying it wasn't funny and makes fum of his food and Eric asks why she's being so mean and says she wasn't.....[yeah right]

Dick continues his clean up in the kitchen.........

Back in bedroom Jameka says she' going to sleep saying "you can have my pizza bagel" and Jess says "no I don't want it"

Eric running to Dick to make fun of Jameka and Dick says "entitlement"

Eric going on....Dick whispering about Zach but water is on so I can't really make anything out........

Eric nervously talking and stuttering about...calling them "idiots" and letting them "coast to the end" and talking about "the four most deserving people be in the end"........[his way of campaigning for Jess]

Dani walks through with her laundry and Eric wonders why his mini pizzas are taking so long....

Dani goes back outside and Eric says she can't do that but its alloweed since she's doing laundry and tells eric about Jameka nosing around earlier out there and go warned by BB...

Talking about boredom....

now they are making fun of Dustin...

Eric's pizza's are done and heads back to his giggle fest while Dick goes out to smoke and spit but says "I didn't notice that"

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11:38 BBT

Dani and Dick whispering ..about tomorrow's HOH saying we "should try to be in the middle".....they are trying to figure out tomorrow's HOH..

laughing about the bandana he snatched from Dustin...Dani "I hope I don't get a question about the cold water"..Dani show dick her toes.......he says "very nice" and making fun of Jen who says she never cut her own toenails....laughing Dick saying he wouldn't be surprised "she's a stripper somewhere" and Dani says no "trip comfirmed Vanna..nanny"

Dick and Dani in silence but can hear Jameka's big mouth in background...Dick saying can you imaagine "are you kidding" Zach in final 4 but Dani says "don't get overconfident"

jen bashing......talking about getting Janelle's take on Jen.......

Dick spinning nail polish like a top outta sheer boredom.......

Back in the room Jameka quizing Eric about things around the house.......

D&D making fun of Jameka saying "I remember you" to Janella Dani "well duh she been on for two years"

Talking about how Jameka has done in previous HOH's.......Dani wonders if in the last eliminator if she answered any questions or just was left up there......

talking about Jameka asking a lot of questions during POV saying Michael[producer].."he hates her"...

Eric comes in and Dick decides to have a cookie.......wondering if Zach is asleep...saying "he must be"

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11:57 BBT

Eric doing his dishes..talking about being restricted from going outside.........Dick saying "I want to talk about fondest memeories"

Eric whispering to Dick very low....talking about BBAS and the jury...and talking about the jury Amber and Dustin...

Eric telling them Jameka thinks it all his fault...talking "jessica feels bad" about her going home....saying Jess is just trying to enjoy the final day with Jameka and Eric is telling them Jameka having a "bitch fit" and told him "about the choices you made" and had he kept "amber in here..none of this would have happened"

D&D not looking to convinced with Eric....

Eric and Dani laughing at Dick's Janelle obsession.....

Eric saying Amber looked "not as disgusting" as she always do on "the Power of 10"..Dani says she never wears makeup and the makeup girl put "a lot of makeup on her" so that's why she looked better...

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12:07 BBT

In the bedroom Jameka talking about "what are they threatned by" for their eviction decision.........Jess worried 'do you think Eric will really compete for HOH" and Jess saying she was pissed off about his POV performance....

Jameka whispering to Jess about Eric's commebts ...saying"that's not we want to hear" and "were here to compete".....Jameka "I don't feel confident"....saying that D&D can't be trusted saying its hard to "sift through the bullshit right now"

Jameka says she's expecting to stay because they told me I was leaving which then makes me think the other way that I'm leaving......Jameka saying about Dani "she didn't want to talk"...."still I don't know"

Jameka trying to reassure Jess she's staying yet giving doubt......

12:21 BBT

Dani interupts J&J strategy session to get a blanket saying "are you staying"....Dani says no and gets her fur and leaves.......Jameka whispering overtime.....while a very pensive Jess is just hmm mmm a lot...[where did she get that bad habit from]

Eric comes in and says he took out his contacts and tells them how blurry everything is...........Jameka obnoxiously quizes him with "what color is that cup"....

Eric tells Jess she looks pleased with a happy look on her face [wow he is blind]

talking about Eric's glasses and Jameka says he looks good in them and should wear them for the live show...[Jameka's blind too I guess] saying "its doing it for me'..Eric saying he's not comfortable wearing them.....

Jameka asking Eric what to wear to her eviction..."sheer shirt" or some boobie top.........

12:33 BBT

D&D still talking...mostly making fun of people........

Talking about Survivor..Dick watched if through All Stars while Dani ssay she watched seasn 1&2

Dick about Eric "he's going to be sooo pissed" and Dani says "he's going to slit my throat" Dani asks when he's planning on approaching Jameka....and Dick says after the rehearsal...about 4:30...

Dani whispering saying how will she react ..Dick says it will be "yes or no right now" and "no fucking questions" like she usuaslly does......

Dick saying 'it will be 4 against 1" and Dani goes over...what to tell zach saying "you know how wishy washy he is"..Dick saying he will tell him "he has no shot" without them....

now talk about food tomorrow.....Dani likes "Cuban Food' and Dick said is Chis Cuban and Dani bitches back No.. can't I like cuban food and Dick said "it was just odd" like someone liking "Indian food"

Dick talking about HOH pics from earlier....[see afternoon updates]

D&D having their own little giggle fest....

12:46 BBT

Dani helping Dick quizing him with facts...

In the bedroom Eric has a to endure a very bitchy Jess and Jameka trying to figure out what to wear for her eviction that probably isn't going to happen......

Jameka goes to the bathroom.....

D&D talking........

[nothing interesting or game wise going on so I'm making my exit be back tomorrow..night all]

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Eric and Jess were involved in a rather passionate round, with his roaming hands evoking an eventual "stop it" from Jess. Eric suddenly had to go to BR and his microphone remained on the quad feed. From the sounds of him and the TP roll, I'd say he has a bad stomach tonight. <Not to mention that it took a good minute to downshift himself before he could do anything else.>

All others are asleep.

Once Eric returns, they revert to their trivial chatter.

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They're still doing the late night chat. Stories about friends, what they remember from the first night they were together, where to walk on NYC sidewalks, etc. Talk is now more sprinkled with pattings and kisses.

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Eric and Jessica laying in bed talking like babies again, they begin kissing and then after what seems a gross out move, Eric gives her breasts a good workout. He slowly slips hi hand up her shirt and starts rubbing her breasts..While doing this she continues to talk not about sex or romance but her bad temper while he is doing this. Almost like a High School Musical porn.


They continue some make out stuff, he is obviously been down low up high but she just talks while he visits Rome..Weird.......

(Get on your pony and ride cowboy, cause your little filly is about to be put out to pasture)

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Eric declaring hs love for her and telling her that it takes him a long time to develop feelings this deep; he comments that she is more hesitant about talking about her feelings but he can tell by her actions. He pulls the covers up over their heads, asks if she's attracted to him. She sas Duh! More petting and Eric doesn't stop talking AT ALL... off to work for me..

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Dick wakes up and asks what time it is. He asks if it's still a LD outside. Eric goes to use the bathroom, but waits since Dick is using it first. Dick's outside smoking, and Eric and Jess are in bed whispering. They're going over the BB sayings, thinking they might be useful. Eric thinks that info is useless, Jess thinks it might be a tiebreaker question.

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8:20am bbt

feeds show sleeping HGs still (and I'm back from the dentist with no cavities! yea me!)

8:30am bbt

back from FOTH, Zach and Dick are up (must have had a wake up call)

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