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August 31, Live Feed Update


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Zach just came out of the DR with the HoH key.

Eric and Dick are having problems walking up the steps. Eric hurt his back and Dick said his legs are dead.

Dani is making fun of Zach for not being able to open the door and says they are going to take the room away.

Dick walked in and immediately started making fun of Zach's haircut in a wedding picture. Zach explaining all the pictures hanging on the walls. All HGs making fun of his bowl cut in another picture when he was young. There are 4 people, all with bad haircuts.

He got twizzlers and slim jims in his basket and I thought I heard something about a frisbee, but am not sure. He said he's a health guy and doesn't have much junk in his basket. He got a bottle of wine from the Hamptons.

The HGs don't seem overly excited with the stuff in his room.

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11:17 BBT

Dick excited about the frisbee and Daniele is really into the book as its better tahn reading the exercise equipment instructions..

Dick "no beer" and Zach got the same gatorade as downtstairs "not exciting" jokingly that no beer because bb is afraid "i'll fall in the pool again"

Zach saying red berries Special K is good to eat "to lose weight"

Zach saying that one of his pic s is awful Dick says "it's not a bad picture just a awful haircut"

Everone munching on Twizzlers...Zach saying his legs are sore from HOH and Dick is saying his are too..Jameka complimenting the pictures of Zach's family..

Zach says he 's "lost 35 lbs" since February but Dani says he doesn't look fat just funny haircuts "in three of them" [pics]

Dick "what the fuck" "I thought we were missing some people" commenting on only six people left..

Talking about working out.......

Now talking about HOH.....

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Jess left the HoH room and Eric walked out a few minutes later. When Eric walked up to her, her face lit up like a little schoolgirl and she started giggling.

Eric tells her that they have a lot to talk about. She says that she has a lot of free time this week to talk.

They head into the BR to talk. Jess is telling him about the question Julie asked about their first kiss. She's laughing and getting very close to him as they talk. She's being more affectionate than usual.

She thanked him for giving her the phonecall and he is explaining the reasons that he gave it to her.

Eric apologizing to her for Zach winning the HoH. Saying that he promised her all last week that they'd be safe and there was no way Zach would win, but now he feels bad.

(Glad you're here, Stephen. My feeds are horrible and I'm going to shut down)

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11:30 BBT

The HOH hoopla is breaking up with Eric/Jess making the exit first..Dick saying he wants to head down to go smoke...

Eric and Jess talking saying she's a little bit upset about Zach HOH....anmd Etric tells her he has also he wants to talk about....

Jess telling Eric about her HOH questions fron Julie......talking about the kiss...and what took so long......

Dick goes by and whispers something.... Jess tells him she said the cameras around..and Jess says the final question who the first one will be out...Jess thanks him "for the phone call" Eric saying he really hurt himself and says that he also got behind because of "bad strategy" "the slow and steady"..but got too far behind to catch up.......he did say he dis "considered giving it to Jameka"...but Dani told him that she'll get a call from the Jury house if things go as planned..

Back in HOH Zach saying "I'm blown away" that he won and Jameka starting her ass kissing saying its great going fom on the block to HOH....finally she leaves "congrats I'm going to head down"....but still talks about his haircuts instead..saying his crewcut "is very becoming" [smooch smocch]

Dani saying "you liar" as saying Jameka "hates you" and saying he hates her...but Zach saying "I don't hate anybody I'm here to play a game" Now Dani smooching Zach's but telling him how exciting......Zach says "why my mom enclose a portion of her book" "cool"

Dani says he looks like his mom saying "you look like an asian" in a pic...

Eric to Jess going through his I'm sorry I let you down for losing HOH apology he does every week (when he throws it--StephenV).

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11:42 BBT

"gonna shake things up a bit" about him winning HOH and Dani says people are crapping their pants..Zach telling Dani that "no one wanted to join up with me" and Dani says that's not true and Zach saying he just caught up in the excitement saying him and Nick hit it off ..saying now old news..

Dani saying the HOH is the quitest room and Zach says everyone's scared? and Zach says even Dick and Dani says that he is .. Zach telling "I feel for you" and Zach says he yells at me "calls me names" saying "no one ever talks to me like that" Both him and Dani ragging on Dick...Zach talking about his deal with Dick and says ideally he wants Jameka to leave.."i'm terrified" if she stays "and doesn't go" they both will lose to the final two..

Zach worried Dani tells dick things and is afraid of him opening his mouth...Zach worried how Dick acts...and doesn't let people talk saying "he's like a slow computer"..Dani warning he has to be careful not to upset anyone this week "if you upset alot or certain people" and saying without being able to play HOH that could be dangerous...

Zach wants a commitment from her and Dick in the game.......again saying "I really didn't have that with Nick" trusting someone....Zach tells Dani he wants to keep her and her dad.

Dani asks if he is thinking putting up Jessica and Jameka......and Dani says if Eric wins POV whoo would he put up her or Dick..he never answer....Dani says "put up your two main targets" because everyone is playing the POV.....

Zach says Dick told him "eric spilled his guts" saying he feels "uneasy" and doesn't quite trust him and Dani says that Dick feels the same and when he offered "jessica your vote" a few weeks ago...saying at the time "it was the right move so I can stay one more week" and says "I'm still here"

Zach says "someone is lying to me" either Dick or Eric on the "information to him"..Dani asking if it was actually infromation.......Zachs says "well yeah" and Dani says "how would my Dad know" if its fake.........Dani talking about "week 5" about Eric "being the biggest threat" and was willing to take the chance....

Zach says he will be happy to go the final two with either her or her dad he will make the money he needs either way...."you or him in the end" saying he likes being part of the powerful alliance and can't get that from Jameka and Jess whom he can't trust...saying "it confirms it with me" that Jess was playing him like Dani warned him....

Zach says his best chance for Survival next week will be "with you and your dad"

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Zach is talking to Dani in the HOH.

He says he would love to have the security of a promise from Dick/Dani for safety for next week. He says he knows he can't trust that completely, though.

He says that he is NOT putting Dani up this week. He says that she is the best ally he has had in the game, other than Nick.

He says that his ideal person to leave this week is Jameka.

Dani tells him not to tell anyone this--even her Dad--

He interrupts and says that is another thing he wants to ask her. He can't be sure that things he tells her won't get back to her Dad, and her Dad has a big mouth (according to Zach).

Dani says that she doesn't tell her Dad everything, and that in the last week she has barely spoken to him, anyway.

Dani tells Zach to "be careful" not to piss people off--certain people--and that next week Jess and Eric will be both playing in the HOH.

Dani asks if Zach is planning to put up Jess and Jameka for sure?

He says he thinks so.

Dani asks what will happen if he puts up Jess and Jameka, and then Eric wins and takes Jess of the block? Will he put up her or her Dad in their place? Zach says he doesn't know.

Zach says he is in a weird spot because he has pissed off some people.

Zach talks about not being sure, if he tried to backdoor Eric. Dani says that backdooring is no longer an option. He needs to put up the two people he would most want out, and if he puts up only one of Eric/Jess, then one of them will be here, still.

Dani talks around and around (in my opinion) and doesn't come out and say what she wants him to do.

She says that if he wants Jameka out and doesn't put her up right away, then that is useless.

She brings up when they thought Dick was leaving, and it was not only about separation, but also about division.

Zach says he has no clue what she means (neither do I, really--Cat)

Zach says that Dick came to him and told him that Eric "spilled his guts" to Dick, and it was bad stuff about Dick. So, Zach isn't sure if Eric is lying, or if Dick is lying, about how Dick found out.

Dani asks if it was true stuff that Dick found out, or if it was totally fabricated.

Zach dances around the issue and says he told Jess she had his vote--he put his "vote on the line" for her.

Dani again asks if the stuff Dick came up with that was negative, if it was fabricated, or real?

Zach says that it was true stuff.

Dani says that her Dad couldn't have been lying, then, if it is all true. He had to get it from somewhere, so it must have been from Eric.

Dani brings up how she felt when she put up Eric--she felt he was lying, etc. and it was worth the risk, even if she was wrong about Eric.

Zach says that he would love to go to the final three with Dani/Dick, and he would get enough money, even if he went to final two with either of them, and lost and got 2nd.

Zach says he loves that Dani and Dick are so powerful, and he would love to go to the finals with them. He knows he can't get to the finals with Jameka, he doesn't trust Eric, and Jess looked him in the face and told him she trusts him, then put him up. He says that Dani told him that "Jess was playing him," and she was right.

Zach says he doesn't want to go home, and it's weird because he hasn't aligned with anyone. He tried to align with Dick, and Dick refused and said he only aligned on a weekly basis. He kept trying to have Zach prove himself to Dick.

(Earlier, Zach was telling Dani that Dick yells at him and calls him names and shows him no respect. Dani kept saying that is how her Dad treats her, too, and she understands.)

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Zach says that he fears Jameka, because she wants his "head on a plate." He says that he could see Dani/Dick/Zach working together and keeping Jameka one more week and taking out "someone else," but then it could go wrong and Jameka could come after him. Or, she could go to final two, which would be worse, as they couldn't beat her with the jury.

Zach talks about the possibility of putting up Eric/Jess. He is afraid of Jameka, though. Dani says you need to look at each person and decide who they would take out.

Zach mentions Dick as a possible person to fear.

Dani says nothing.

Dani says that Jameka can't play HOH next week, so he needs to factor that in.

Zach again says he would like to ally with Dick/Dani. He says that if she and Dick want, he could put up Jess and Eric, and he would need "some kind of blood oath" that Jameka would leave the next week.

Dani says that she wants Zach to do what he wants--whatever is best for him.

He says that what is best for him is to team up with Dick and Daniele, and have safety from them.

Dani says she doesn't want to be rude, but she has been HOH two times, and she has never put Zach up.

Dani is going through every scenario with Zach.

If he puts up Jess and Eric and one of them gets POV and takes themselves off, he will put up Jameka.

If he puts up Jameka with Eric or Jess, and one of them takes themselves off with POV, he will put up the remaining member of Jess/Eric.

The only way it would endanger Dani or Dick, is if one of the trio (Jameka/Jess/Eric) who is not put on the block ends up getting the veto and using it. Then, that would mean that either Dani or Dick would have to go up, as the veto holder is safe, and that veto holder was not on the block originally.

Dani says that she doesn't want Zach to tell anyone what she is saying to him. She says Zach needs to be sure he doesn't do anything that anyone else tells him to do--he needs to do what is best for him.

Zach: Do you think Eric felt more threatened by having me in this house, or Amber?

Zach asks if Eric always wanted Zach out, or if he was threatened by him, and they had to talk him into taking out Amber?

Dani says that he thinks it is personal with Eric, as Amber screamed in his face, and he said he couldn't stand her. Plus, she came in second so many times in comps.

Zach says that makes sense. He says Eric bugs him, but he doesn't know if Eric is the "right move for him at this point."

Dani says that there are only four weeks left, so be careful and don't leave someone, thinking you can wait and get them out later.

Dani says that Zach can't compete next week, and if he's going to make a bold move, it needs to be "done correctly," because he doesn't want to tick anyone off, because they will come after him later.

Zach asks what the correct way is. She says she can't tell him--he has to do it for himself.

Zach asks what SHE would do if she was HOH.

Dani says she thinks her main goal this week would have been Jameka, but she isn't sure how she would do it.

Dani says at the same time, Jess put Zach up, and she hasn't been on the block, yet.

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12:02 BBT

Zach saying Jameka wants "my head on a plate" saying they could get someone else out and try to get someone else out...

Dani saying Jameka can't go after him next week because she can't play...Dani says "you have to seriously play week by week" and Zach is still trying to get security from "you and your dad"..i

Dani says she wants to do what's "best for you" and Zach saying he wants that security....and Dani says she's been HOH twice and never put him up or ever voted for him....

"100% ERic" he would put up if Jameka won POV against Jess and Jameka and is Jess won "100%" he would put up Eric.....

Zach says he's willing to pull one "of them out" [Eric/Jess] and leave Jameka for next week......

Zach says this is a commitment for his dad...........and hopes he can't get that back...and Dani says "don't listen" to what people tell you......saying "you really don't know what to believe" and don't listen to people..

Dani says Eric voted for him to stay because he voted personal and because he was sick of Amber ..and when she was in his face......

Dani againg saying "be careful" "not to upset people" and it needs to be a bold move......Dani says "what would I do?" after Zach asks what she would do..... and Dani says her main goal would of been Jameka but doesn't know how to do it...

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Zach says the "funny thing" is that it is Zach/Dani/Dick on one side, and Jess/Jameka/Eric are "definitely" on the other side.

Dani keeps telling Zach to put up the two people he wants rid of most, as everyone can play for POV.

Zach says again the "worst case scenario" is that either Dani or Dick would have to go up in place of someone being taken down as POV.

Zach says he does not like Eric.

Zach: I feel like he doesn't play right. Like, he knows everything to know--

Dani says that is what she tried to tell him, and no one believes her. He has made it this far, and he's "a shady player."

Dani: Him and Jess are like the power couple of the house.

Zach: But that's what they say about you guys!

Zach says that he believes that because Dick got POV, took her off the block, and then stayed in the house.

Zach: I just think that's an incredible feat!

Dani says that Dick had a much better chance of staying than Dani did that week, though. Zach says, but still, that's a really great thing to pull off.

Dani says she should go downstairs--she doesn't want people to think things.

Zach says who cares?

Dani says if she could have changed her nominations the week she put up Kail and Jen, she would put up Eric and Dustin.

Dani says that she seriously is trying to help him out, and there aren't a lot of people there who want to help him out.

She tells him not to tell anyone what she says.

Zach says that she has told him her dad is looking out for him (Zach), but he's never seen it, other than Dani saying it.


Zach says even if Dani/Dick told him no, or yes, that he had safety, he still isn't putting them up.

Zach: I'd like to think I have a one-person agenda, and that's what I'm gonna do. I just need to know how to make it happen.

Dani: Umm hmmm

(Sounded to me like Dani wanted Eric out--Cat)

Zach says Eric is a "shady motherfucker" and Dani is right.

Zach says he wouldn't have ever thought Jess would put him up, but she did. And he understood, so she will just have to understand, now.

Dani says there is a lot to think about.

Zach says that he'd like to think that Dani/Dick/Zach have a greater percentage of winning POV than the other side has.

Dani tells him to sleep on it.

Dani: Just weigh out all your options. And don't tell anyone we talked about it. If you need any advice, I'm here.

Zach says if he put up Eric/Jess, they would both be pissed. He says he doesn't care if Jess gets mad, but he does think Eric would throw a fit.

He says out of those two, he'd rather Eric went home. He says that's kind of scary, as Jess has won two HOH's.

Dani: But no POV's. And both HOH's were just questions.

Zach says that he's scared of the fact that Jameka went without competing for 5 HOH's, and yet she has stayed. So, what will people think about her on the jury--they will think that is incredible.

Dani says that everybody wants Jameka gone, though--EVERYONE.

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12:15 BBT

HOH talk between Dani and Zach continues she keeps reiterating he needs to put up the two people he wants out most because "all six" can play POV..

Zach "I don't like him I feel he doesn't play right" about Eric and Dani says "he's a shady player" and sya "him and Jess are the power couple in the house" and zach says that's what they say about them and calling it "an incredible feat" that Dick save her and still manged to survive..."that goes against a lot of odds"

Dani "i should go down" I don't want people to think things and Zach says "I don't care" and Dani says had she known what she knows now......she would have put Eric and Dustin up..

Dani says "I want to help you out" and tell him not to say anything.....Zach says he hopes he can believe in you guys.....

Zach saying he was surprised he got put up my Jess he understands but "she will have to understand" why when he does the same....

Zach says they have a better chance at winning POV and Dani says "I always try" and tells him sleep on it and not to tell people they talk and says if he needs to talk she'll listen...

Zach worried about Jameka making final 4 even not being able to compete but Dani says everyone wants her gone.....

"hell no" about Jameka having votes in the final two....

Zach says a lot of people don't act itellectually their age and would vote personally and not strategic level..."will not vote on the way the game has been played"

Jenn bashing Dani calling her "bag full of lies" bopth glad she's gone....

[i'm calling it really early as I'm dead tired... back tomorrow night all]

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In the big bedroom, Eric is snuggling Jess, with his arm around her. She says she is going to get something to eat, and he offers to make it for her. She says she can make it. He says she "CAN, but...."

And the feeds switches to Zach and Dick in the hot tub.

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Dick tells Zach that it was really close between the two of them, even with Dick smoking and not working out. Zach says actually it wasn't close--close was he and Eric being one step apart in the POV. Dick agrees.

Zach says that now he is happy that he didn't win that POV. He liked the way it worked out.

Dick says that is how the game is--you end up thinking that if one person hadn't left when they did, you might have ended up leaving early. Even things you were totally against happening end up furthering you in the game.

Zach says like Nick. Dick says that he regrets taking out Nick.

Zach asks what Nick did to get in that position. Dick says Nick played both sides, was the boy next door and got along with everyone.

Dick says that even when Nick told him, he couldn't completely trust that Nick wasn't playing Dani.

They talk about the show, and how you can't buy tapes. Dick says Eric's friend is going to make videos of everything for them. Zach says he hates to have to wait to watch it, though.

Zach says Eric is probably "having a field day" in DR. Dick says he probably does have quips for everyone.

Zach says Eric is "Mr. Encyclopedia' about the game.

(So far, Dick isn't taking the "bash Eric" bait Zach is throwing out there--Cat)

Zach says it is surprising that he won HOH.

Dick: Well, it's down to four people, man.

Dick bashes Jameka, saying that he asked Jess and Jameka how they would have done in the HOH. Jameka said that with the cardio she does, she would have done okay. Dick disagreed (to say the least--ed).

(It's going on 4 a.m. here, and I've got to go to sleep. It looks like most of the strategy is over, and it will be just Zach butt kissing the rest of the night. --Cat)

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12:46am Eric & Zack in hotube talk about the HOH comp. and Dick says "what was unrecovable was my beging and you at atleast a inch on me before begining and then i final got going and caught back." Zack says how his 2 cup way worked for him with just the spash. Dick said he was 4 cups behide him Dick said he wanted to shake the bowl to get ball up. Dick & Zack talk about injurys that could of happen. Zack & Dick talk about Zack's safety. Dick:"its the thing about HOH you put yourself in the Jameka spot. I want her out." Zack:"i dont want you or Dani nominated." Eric & Dick talk about flwas in Eric saves Jessica. Zack says Dani & Dick have best chance of winning. Dick says nothing physical if there is i will smack Allison & Richard across face FOTH(lol) back to talking out final 3 Dick,Dani, & Jess. Dick says no matter what if you save me next week you are safe. talk about being this morning Dick im always complety honest with you i just was honest. Dick:"I never offred you up., you want a drink." as they go to dry off to put mics and head inside where Jess & Eric sit. feeds follow Dick & Zack outside. they talk about ants that its a health issue well a Eric issue Zack says . "hes allrgic to everything." Dick:"i miss south park." the talk about that. Zack says he does not have cable. Dick says he bought cable and they gave it to people next door and he still has no cable as he is here.

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1am Zack says everyone is scared about who i will put up. Dick says that he knew end of day they would be ok. They talk about Amber. Zack says "this is a game im not dying." Dick talks about him & Eric "seeing this game as a once and a lifetime thing especially at his(Dick's) age." "Amber had her chance at the money of 10, but she lost see ya bitch." Dick talks about the Nick/Mike comments he gets wrong. Zack says "i still cant belive Nick wanted to see MMike Naked." Dick"(laughs still on that." Dick:"i wish i did yell at ya that hard." Dick & Zack talk about Jam talking that Dick was close to Dick entire time. Dick says he caught up at end. Dick says he speed up with he noticed he was getting buried. That Zack was just letting in spalsh everywhere while he(Dick) took it without letting one drop hit. Dick"if you were in Eric's lane i would of kicked your ass!" they talk about Dick chicklen legs never running and Zack running miles everyday. Dick messes up "i was doing great compare to Dani who's 21 i mean 22." thay say Nick would of killed in this comp because of snowboarding. Zack says he cant wait to see this competion. Dick says he asked they said 2 hrs but Dick thinks it was 2 hrs 40 minutes(it was actully 2 hrs 2 minutes. Dick says they ran 8-10 miles. Zack says 9 miles. they think it took 15 minutes each mile. Dick:"that was very sweet of Eric, i though he was gonna cry, they made his pick right on the spot WTF man they let Joe from last year have a little time.(i think he means Marcellas.) Dick:"the phone call wasnt far either."

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1:10am Dick :" Dani & Eric could of just quit and sat down." Dick"i gt jacked my HOH week." Zack:"you did? i dont even get a warm bath. that means next week live night everyon e will have t take cold showers." Dick:"tommrow its gonnaa be ice cold water." Dick:"its been 6 weeks since my HOH." they try to figure out how many days ago and they kept mesing up. Dick:"wre retarted." BB:"Eric plz go to the diary room."(probaly to get AP instructions. Dick:"again? he goes so much, he goes more then me!" Zack talk about Amber more abut her last words were "anyone can have my steak." Dick :"o man ya shold of told me i would of ran to get it 4 her." (they laugh) Dick:" Amber & Dustin are gonna be happy to be back together. Hey ya think Amber cryed when she talk to julie? Ya think she cryed on housecalls." Zack :" houscecalls is canned or is it a podcast." Dick:"i woundt rember what time it was on." Dick:"no beer?" Zack:"i guess not."

at 1:20am they get out of HT. Zack:"says he only needs $3500." to start his company. Dick:"not a happy day completly sore Dick." Zack asks what he said Dick repeats himselff. Zack:"how its 1:30" Zack heads inside with Dick but only Zack heads up to HOH room at 1:22am. BB:"Dick plz exchange your mic with one in the stroge room." feeds switxh to Dani & Jameka taking.

Jam:"i wonder what Mike,Kail, & Jen have to say." Dani :"Jen must of been boring in DR." they talk it must of been hard in beginng to get 14 people on the 1 hour and how their charchter was.(sorry about my spelling its 4:30 in the NY)

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1:26am Jam talk s about when people came out of their shells. Dick entters room asking about who chered him on during Comp. Dani keeps repeating Joe's "o my knees." they talk about Kail week 1 utting together week 1. that Kail was the head or her aliance. Dani i think Mike & Kail started allince. Jamica i think Zack. They talk about Kail lying so much. Dick said everytime she walked by Kail & Mike he would hear. "o mrs. Robnson(as he leaves the room) Jesus loves me more than you." FOTH at 1:30am feeds return at 1:31am. with Jam & Dani just talking about random things. Jamica says "tommrow we are having america's chice." Dani;"no Eric says there done with that." Jessica & Eric enter room. they talk about putting lchol in grass to kill ants. Dick enters after not be able to get into DR. Dani says from HOH BR you can hear regular BR. Dick talks about not being able to do cannon balls but they cant run on slippery wood. Eric says he did horrible in this HOH comp. talk about running up and down lanes.

feeds swch to Eric & Jess in BR at 1:52am

im out

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2:16am Eric & Jess whispering in feeds 1 & 2 thery laughin g & Dani & Jameica talking in other room on feed 3& 4 talking about music they would of wanted and what day it is. Jess talks to Jameka & Dani their wall. they think show ends in 4 weeks.

BB:"Hg's yu are not allowed to talk about DR sessions with other hg's. Jam:"Eric!" Eric & Jess laugh. Dick walks in they are out of something and Dick asks to go to DR and they let him in at 3:20am Dani says she will prabaly stay at her Grandma's 4 a week and Dani says she will get video of show from friends. Jam says she will only take 2 days off to watch shows then back to work. Dick exits DR and said he asked 4 ziplock bags because the sink is filled with ants. Dick says everyone must really scrub ur dishs well. Dick has he can wash all of them. Eric:" we all will pitch in.(who? is all = Dick,Dani, Jameka & nabey Zack?) Dick as leaves says "we all have to pick up the slack from Amber." Dani says after she goes to grandma 's for week shes going to Disneyland. (lol Amber would say that she gonna win saying you just won big brother 8 know where are u going? lol ) BB:"Jameka plz stop obstruting your micraphone." Dani wonders about how they will get 2 final 2. Dani tells Jameka she loves to eat. (BB has Eric & Jess mics up very loud sometimes its audible)

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2:30am Dani & Jam talk about Julie Chen not watching show that she probaly googled stuff about them during commercial breaks.(have quad cam up cant hear Dani/Jam when Eric/Jess talk) Dick enters Jam/Dani's room. Dani talks about a time at Hooters with a tall celerbrity male walked in(could not hear with Eric/Jess) and how he hit on Dani. Dani talks about her Nick bandana and that Zack broke the blonde streak at HOH. Jam scrams about bug and Eric comes into room to help Dani try to kill it. they look around FOTH at 5:36am till 5:39am with Dick heading outside with Eric, Jam & Jess talking , Dani getting ice cream, & Zack probaly asleep. Dani returns with Jam/Jess and is proud of Jam for killing bug. Dani then joins Dick outside. Tells Dick to try to get Jessica out instead of Eric. Dani says she would rather have Eric out but less blood on hands with Jessica. Dick says he have to try to boot Jameka. Dani :" as much as Zack annoys me and i want him out but i feels like he trusts me best, i know he does. which is true, and is true." Dick:" i told him i was mad even in the HT." Dani tells Dick :"no matter what Eric/Jess say he wants to be with us in final 3." Dani & Dick argue alittle about gameplay and how Dick played game. Dick says he has never beged to stay. Dani says i think it would be best to keep Zack. Jess swants lights out and Eric agres they play with Jameka as Eric & Jess are in bed 2gether. Jameka sasks why u 2 in bed 2gether. Dani says ack taking her advice but he drivers her nuts Dick says him too.

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2:45am Dick spiting outside as Dani has joined Eric/Jess/Jam in room. Dani & Jam play argue. they question why Dani awake at 3am and that Jess/Eric had light out already by now.(lights are out know.) Dani & Jam leve them. Dick is cursing someone talking to self. Dani & Jam head to LR but BB tells Jam to put mic on. Jam runs and turns lights back on Eric/Jess and finds it with Dani help and then turns out their lights. Jam goes to kitchen quickly then LR and asks Dani "they are not gonna move middle row anymore"(on screen.) Dani says the ice cream is eally good talk about how disgusting the big pasta bowl was. Dani talks to Jam about Julie laughing so hard at Jam answer on God at BB. they think Julie was drunk. dani;"Julie yure wasted." Dani asks Eric about Jess yelling Jess said:"give me the blankets!" Eric/Jess feeds 3& 4 talk about covers and whisper abit. Jam & Dani feeds 1 & 2 think Zack is asleep 4 the night. Dani says Zack has had the cutest family so far. Eric & Jess are whisering with Jess saying "awwwwe." Dani & Jam talk about Zack's mom's book. Dani Jam talk about the BB house about having to think so much. and camera going crazy watching them. Dani:"whats he doing?" Jam:"its so sad." Thay talk about if asked questions during live show what camera ya look at. Dick enters and gets into bed with Jessica & Eric ending their romatice talk. at 3am

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3am BBT Dan & Jam talk about in sequester talking about DR's and they all say no and take off their mics. Dick whipers with Jess/Eric. Dick has Eric join him in round room. then Jess enters. Dick bashs Jen some. Dani & Jam hope today was a day of cold shower and Jam says she cant ask him because Michael gettin grochey. Jam says :" poor Zack no hot water and he s HOH. Zack exts his room upstairs and comes down(hes awake!) Dick still whispering gameplay with Jess & Etic(boy Dick better not get caught with door closed and talking with them. Zack gets ice for his drink. Dani & Jam hear noise. all 4 feeds switch to Dick/Jess/Eric but still audible(BB turn up their mics) they hear noise too. cant hear Eric when he talks. Dick turns off light in round room and Dick says :" Zack in the SR or DR." Dick turns lights back on. Dick: "says no matter what he have to make sure Jam goes up." talks about HOH comp does Eric & Dick. Dick:" says this week im just not happy worst case senario he will turn into Kail." Dick says lets break are little convo. they do all exit room with Jess/Eric backinto bed and Dick into LR. Eric says "lets hope if Jam off block she will save one of us." Jess:" lets hope we both dont go up. Eric :"next week we put up Zack & Eric if Jameka goes i think u may go home next week if i dont win HOH next week." Eric:"lets hope Dick screws up." Eric:"VEto means everything." Jess:"i know."

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3:15am Eric :"if he wins veto will he swtich directios?" Eric :" Dani will probaly go up against Jameka. Eric sayshe will use VETO if he wins." Jess thinks she will 100% be nominated and "what a week this will be." will be her VETO ceremony speech. Eric thinks Dick/Dani will throw VETo comp. Jess says she will be obnxious and drunk this week. Dick enrtes and yells :"Buttle jiuce Beetle juice ahhh Jen!" then enters SR or DR. Dani:"says dont wake up Jess" Jess tells Eric ya better save me off block if u up. they say they will get drunk veto ceremony night. As Zack talks to Dani in LR. Jess says to Eric about Zack "shut up." Jess thinks they will have lockdown tommrow. Eric sas people will call me veto king. Jess:"they wont call u Eric, not phanton voter." Dani & Jam say they will brush their teeth then head to bed. Zack invites Dani up to listen to music. at 3:28am Eric Jess quiet in bed in bedroom, Dick/Zack/Dani in kitchn at Jam by her self in LR at 6:30am

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6:30am Dick says he hurts and Zack says hes gettin older. Dick says his room really really stinks tommrow he says he will rip apart Jen's room he thinks theirs food hidden their or her panties he says. Jess says :"thers proably some loser only right down everything he say and that Jameka's full of shit.(sJess makes typing noise."(hey im no loser lol) Dick says to Zack "bet ya $100 Jen's a stripper." Dani has headed to BR. Jam enters and exits Eric/Jess rooms. Jess:"cant you tell im trying to sleep(laughs" Dick & Zack bash the goverment. Dani heads past Zack/Dick and is off to bed. Dani has brought more ice crweam with her to bed. Jess/Eric say goodnight to her. Jess touches Eric and asks if she feels her. he tickles her. Zack washes some dishes. Dick"ants ants ants everywhere." Zack has disapered as Dick washes dishs. Jess wants Eric to punch her phist. Dani & Jameka asleep Jess fools with Eric puling of his rings. Jess asks Eric why his hands are so cold. Eric fliks Jess in forehead Jessica says ouch and flicks him bad Jess says no more. Eric & Jess talk about rasberry opn your chest when little. Jess makes noises and Dick goes to BR toilet. Eric smacks Jess hand she smacks him back Jess says "play the game with me." JEss:"yes sucka sucka." Dick exits BR washes hands fixes hair and slids his way to kitcen then outside. Jameka & Dani talk aabout cable bills.

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3:50am Feed 1 & 2 Eric & Jess, Feed 3 Dani & Jam in their beds. feed 4 Zack asleep in HOH. non on feeds Dick outside. Jess& Eric talk about titanic then 90210 then one tree hill Jess:"i love 1 tree hill , i love that show its my favorite show ever." thery talk about one tree hill and guest stars. Jess says she lives CW channel and all their shows starts naming them and sings a theme song we get FOTH. they say they hate survior and Jess asks him shows he watches. feed 2 to Dick doin ludry feed 1 Eric & Jess Eric yells "Dr. C" and in feeds 3 & 4 Dani/Jam says "what?" then cont. to bash Jen and say that Jen needed a doctor that she lost it that one night with snot running down he r face," Dick smokes. Jess asks what Eric is "mommas boy, daddys boy" then they whisper. Dani & Jam talk about Jen some more with Jen "mhhhh" then "mmhhh" Dani & Jam talk about previous BB from all starts and their slop. Jess gets up onto Bed and talk through hole n wall to Jam/Dani as Eric pantsed her! Jess:"hey! stop that!" then Eric gets back into bed and Jess follows. Eric says he flashed Jess she screams and bags something and looks into glass. Jam & Dani tell her to stop then Jess gets back into bed with Eric. Jam:"Eric why did u winde her up, she outta control!" Jam screams to them "goodnight!" 3 times Jam tells Jam next time he pantsteds u give him a wedgie. Eric says he will give Jess a preesure point behide ear. Jess tells him to and she says "that does hurt."

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