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Thursday's Live Show 8/30


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I loved that the question from America was directed to Dick asking why he continually spits, his response, I dunno its like walking while laffin at the video showing him spitting all the time. I wonder if he will stop it now or curb it a lil now that he sees how bad he looks? will be interesting to see.

I like that Jameka's pastor and sis were on talking about how she is out of the house, I think that Jameka is a sincere christian, and like everyone is not perfect. UNLIKE Amber whom I consider very Fake in her newfound christian belief. she MAY keep it after the house, but i doubt it.

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Thank you dollface.....

I have clicked on the link that has been posted

to watch the show but, for some reason,

it's not loading for me......

anyways, thanks again for all the scoop....

They are putting it on at 2:05 in the morning here which

is crazy......most have to get up and go to work....

they should'a put it on at a decent hour.....

Watching for all the scoop

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