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Peih-gee Law


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Age: 29

Home Town: Marina Del Rey, CA

Occupation: Jeweler


Peih-Gee Law was born in Hong Kong and moved to Los Angeles at a very young age. She attended an all-girl Catholic high school, from which she graduated with a 4.0 GPA (she also received an almost perfect score on her verbal SATs, 780 / 800). She attended the University of California, Los Angeles, but got kicked out for low grades (partying got in the way). A former dancer, she appeared in music videos for Daft Punk, Crystal Method, Madonna, Janet Jackson and Maxwell. She also appeared in the 1998 MTV Music Awards as a back-up dancer for Madonna's performance of "Ray of Light." Although she did this while still in college, she never wanted to pursue it as a career. She was reinstated to UCLA after attending junior college and eventually earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature.

After graduation, Law moved to England to set up an import/export company for her aunt and uncle. She eventually moved back to the US and now works for her parents' jewelry business, basically running the operation: everything from designing, manufacturing, appraisals, sales and accounting. She is currently working on launching her own jewelry line.

Law is no stranger to travel. She spent two months backpacking in Southeast Asia. She spent two weeks on an island in Malaysia living in a hut with no running water or electricity and went scuba diving every day. She also trekked through the Northeastern part of Thailand.

Law enjoys snowboarding, scuba diving and dancing. She is a voracious reader, loves organizing board game night and playing video games. She considers travel and adventure to be necessities in life. She describes herself as free-spirited, witty, spunky, assertive, optimistic and open-minded. She is outspoken and strong-willed, with a tendency to think like a guy. She considers her biggest strength to be having a good attitude, seeing the brighter side of things and having the ability to focus all her will on the task at hand. Law is a member of Jewelry Importers & Manufacturers Association.

Law currently resides in Marina Del Rey, California, with her two cats, Butter (short for Butterface) and Sugar. Her birth date is April 7, 1978.


Colors White, sage green

Scents Ocean

Flowers Orchid

Board Games Boggle, Taboo, Sudoku

Video/Computer Games World of Warcraft

Sports to Play No favorite

Sports Teams Roger Federer

Outdoor Activities Snowboarding, scuba diving

TV Shows Grey's Anatomy, SURVIVOR, Run's House, Heroes

Movies Napoleon Dynamite, Dazed and Confused, Star Wars

Music Red Hot Chili Peppers, Thievery Corporation, Federico Abuelo

Magazines Shape

Books/Authors Neil Stephenson, Neil Gaiman


Fruit Mango, pineapple, white peach, pomelo

Chips/Snacks Guacamole and chips, brie, Hawaiian popcorn with seaweed

Cookies Chocolate chip

Candy Bars No favorite

Alcoholic Drinks Gin and tonic, Bloody Mary

Non-Alcoholic Drinks Iced tea, Vitamin Water, coffee


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The girl is a friggen genius! She seems to be someone who has had to live under her parent's expectations her whole life...very strict, Catholic school and all. It will be interesting to see how she conducts herself under the Survivor circumstance!

p.s. love that green blouse!

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I think she'ss go by "Peggy", JMO

I like her. Anyone that loves to watch Run's House is tops in my book.

Peg, you may take your spot in the FINAL 4

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I think Peih-Gee got screwed by being with the group. What a bunch of do-nothings! I can completely understand why she's irritated. She is a take control type of person because she realizes the amount of work that needs to be done.

She was stupid not to confide in Dave, however. Dave would have shown her that Chicken was more important than clown-boobs and she would have voted accordingly. Now, by helping get rid of Chicken, she shot herseld in the foot by keeping someone who wants her gone.

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Someone needs to rein her in a bit. She's absolutely right about the goofing off and not working around camp but she's going about it all wrong. Her only hope at this point is getting in an alliance with the guys. The girls already hate her. I see her jumping tribes mid point if given the option.

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I don't understand why people raise their hand when asked if they are the leader, especially of a group of slackers. These people obviously don't like to be told what to do, even if its the right way to do things. Its always better to go in to a new situation as number 2 to the "leader" and let them get picked off first.

Rather than standing around trying to supervise or facilitate the work, she needs to just do the work. Yeah, the women seemed put off by her more than the men. I think her actions at tribal council will come back to bite her in the butt.

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If she can get away with 29, I'm going back to 23.

Although they will probably boot her, she seems like the only one with active brain cells.

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