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Dave Cruser


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Age: 37

Home Town: Simi Valley, CA

Occupation: Former Model


Dave Cruser is currently a bartender. He has previously worked in construction, advertising and as a model/actor, having lived in South Africa for an extended period of time. He has also spent time in Paris, Milan, Munich, Zurich and Hamburg. He attended one year of college at Moorpark Community College and one quarter at ITT studying computer drafting.

Cruser's hobbies include studying industrial design, snowboarding, hiking, bodysurfing, riding his motorcycle and frisbee golf. Cruser describes himself as creative, funny and hard-working. He believes he'll do well because he loves to camp and considers himself to be a motivator and team player.

Cruser currently resides in Simi Valley, California. His birth date is October 26, 1969.


Colors Deep hues of blue, green, brown, grey

Scents Frangipani, mimosa, gardenia

Flowers Frangipani, mimosa, gardenia

Board Games Balderdash

Video/Computer Games No favorite

Sports to Play Touch rugby, volleyball

Sports Teams No favorite

Outdoor Activities Camping, hiking, skin diving, snowboarding, sailing

TV Shows Dexter, Biker Build-Off, Adult Swim's Home Movies

Movies Hollywood Shuffle, Lost in Translation, Roxanne

Music Psy trance, progressive house, electronica, classic rock

Magazines The Horse, Street Chopper, Dwell, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics

Books/Authors Tom Robbins, William Gibson, Kurt Vonnegut

Cereal Kashi Granola

Fruit Dragon fruit, watermelon, pineapple, berries

Chips/Snacks Kettle Chips

Cookies Mrs. Fields

Candy Bars 70%+ dark chocolate

Alcoholic Drinks Bass, Fosters, Microbrew Ales and IPA, Woodford Reserve Bourbon

Non-Alcoholic Drinks Sparkling water, fresh-squeezed juice, Squirt


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I was about to say, Tom wannabe BOOT, but then I read that he likes Squirt...

You may go directly to the Final 4

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Ah yes, there he is...the former model bartender. I knew there'd be one. No thanks...

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three word description- ANNOYING little poop.

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insticts don't matter if he doesn't have the a$$ to back it up!! he totally blew that comp. yeah it would have been hysterical if his fire pit was flooded.

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Well the tribe made a good decision by keeping him, and hopefully this will jerk a knot in their tails. For a leader to be successful, the people must be willing to be lead. Probably the editting, but Dave, Peggy and Frosti seemed like the only ones doing anything.

I felt bad for him during the competition. No one was in sync and when you're on the end, you're the vitim of momentum.

I still like him better than anyone else on that tribe.

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This guy is a serious piece of crap. What an arrogant attitude, like he is the smartest thing to hit China. And demanding that his precious pit get done before they could have a fire and eat SOMETHING???? They needed some kind of nourishment to get through that rough challenge, he pissed me off sooo much with his condescending attitude especially towards the girls, and a couple of the guys acted as though that is ok, I would have just cleaned up the camp with him, he would not have been ordering me around, even if I had to dig in and build the damn shelter by myself, and I would have started a fire, and fed the rest and told him "I hope you don't like it"!!!!! I don't think anyone has po'd me as much as this guy in some time.

It looks like next week he goes bonkers, did you see his eyes pop out when he said "It isn't ROCKET SCIENCE" Time for a Bitch Slap for sure,lololol :boxing:

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