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Steve "chicken" Morris


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Age: 47

Home Town: Marion, VA

Occupation: Chicken Farmer


Steve "Chicken" Morris was born in Marion, Virginia, and grew up on a commercial farm, where he has worked with poultry since he was 13 years old. He is a single parent who raised his three children, Tyychelle and twins Dee Ann and Jessica, on his own.

Morris currently manages the farm, where they produce all natural eggs and chickens along with grass-fed beef, pork and turkey. He also runs a store on the property. He previously worked as a bouncer, a fish culturist for the Fish & Game Department, a security officer and a logger. He enjoys hunting, fishing, camping and riding ATVs. He describes himself as outgoing and someone who lives on the edge. He enjoys country and bluegrass music. His favorite sport is baseball. He is a member of the Rich Valley Fair Association and the Abingdon Farmers Market Board.

Morris currently resides in Marion, Virginia. He had four dogs, Zek, Cluck, Poke and Eli. His birth date is September 2, 1959.


Colors Green

Scents Woods, early morning

Flowers No favorite

Board Games Pictionary

Video/Computer Games No favorite

Sports to Play Baseball

Sports Teams Green Bay, Mets

Outdoor Activities ATVs, hunting, fishing


Movies Outlaw Josey Wales

Music Country

Magazines Dirt Wheels

Books/Authors No favorite

Cereal Corn Flakes

Fruit Strawberries

Chips/Snacks Beef jerky

Cookies Oreos

Candy Bars Snickers

Alcoholic Drinks Brandy

Non-Alcoholic Drinks Powerade


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He'll either be one of the first to go, depending on how he does in the first couple of challenges, or he'll end up being their "mascot dad" and go far.

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Man, that looks like a HARD 47 years, but then I saw that he was a single dad raising 3 girls (two of which are twins).

Totally down with the commercial farmer named Chicken. Maybe he can be like Yoa...maybe not

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He almost looks like a smaller version "Papa Smurf", the older dude that hurt himself last season (can't think of his name).

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