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Amanda Kimmel


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Age: 23

Home Town: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Hiking Guide


Amanda Kimmel has lived all over the state of Montana. She most recently worked as a hiking tour guide and continues to hone her skills as an artist while learning about the fashion industry. At the age of 16, she began modeling in Chicago, where she lived on her own for one year. She has also worked as a make-up artist, retail sales representative and waitress. Her goal is to develop a business within the fashion industry.

Kimmel has competed in many beauty pageants and was crowned Miss Montana USA in 2005 and Miss Earth in 2006. She's been on the cover of Montana Living Magazine and Pageantry Magazine. Kimmel has been to China twice before to compete in the Miss Kite of the World Pageant in Weifang, where she placed as a semifinalist, was given a key to the city and was heavily promoted on billboards and news articles. While promoting tourism via these pageants, she did volunteer work at orphanages and other organizations and was permitted to fly kites off the Great Wall in five-inch heels.

Kimmel's hobbies include hiking, running, drawing and painting. She enjoys rock climbing, snowshoeing, kickboxing and volleyball. Kimmel describes herself as motivated, competitive and determined. She has camped every weekend in Montana since she was three years old. She tries never to leave home without her cowboy boots.

Kimmel just moved from Kalispell, Montana to Los Angeles and is living with her sister, Katrina. Her family has one dog, Sassy, one cat, Cleo and one horse, Frisco. Her birth date is August 3, 1984.


Colors Green

Scents Vanilla bean

Flowers Crazy-colored roses and orchids

Board Games Battleship, card games

Video/Computer Games No favorite

Sports to Play Rock climb, volleyball

Sports Teams Green Bay Packers

Outdoor Activities Hiking, snowshoeing, rock climbing

TV Shows SURVIVOR, Apprentice, Gilmore Girls

Movies First Blood, Braveheart

Music Anything except metal

Magazines InStyle, WWD, Vogue

Books/Authors As a Man Thinketh by James Allen, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Cereal Grape Nuts

Fruit All

Chips/Snacks Bread pudding, strawberry cheesecake

Cookies Snickerdoodle

Candy Bars Twix, Caramello

Alcoholic Drinks Mango Margarita

Non-Alcoholic Drinks All


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By reading her bio, she was a hiking guide at age 15. Glorified girl scout BOOT...

But I might change my mind...

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I don't know why, but I think I'm going to like her!

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