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Who Should Eric Kiss? - Week 8 Task


Kissing Task  

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  1. 1. Which one should Eric try and land a smooch on?

    • Amber
    • Dick
    • Danielle
    • Jameka
    • Jessica
    • Zach

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My post from the Eric thread......

It shouldn't really be a big deal. They didn't specify that he has to stick his tongue down their throats.

If Dick or Dani gets the AP vote, I'm sure Eric can give either one of them a quick peck after Amber walks out the door and nobody will even care.

He could give Amber a peck as she's walking out the door.

Him and Jess have been playing around with Jameka, so that won't be a big deal.

I can't really think of a good reason for Zach..

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What a flipping lame task for Eric!!! He's going to get the money even though the kiss has already has happened. Obviously the fans who don't watch the feeds or read the updates don't know about this morning, so they'll pick Jessica. BB should have never given that task. LAME!!!

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eh...i don't even care about this....it's already done!

I am wondering, though, if they shot the film w/ america's choice etc before they smooched and had a deadline or something and couldn't change it....they were a day late and a dollar short on this one!

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CBS edits unfairly sometimes. Just like week 3 when Kail was talking to ED... if you go back to that seen before veto competition, they show Kail talking first with Mike and Jen about POV and then talking to ED alone... but the actual order was that she talked to ED first and Mike and Jen second. By doing this, they characterized her as a liar on the show when she wasn't lying.

I probably didn't explain that well... but if you watch the veto episode (i think it's veto... either that or nominations), you'll see the seen where kail is in the round bedroom at both of those times.

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