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Sunday August 26th Show


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Holy crap, this day has flown by!! I woke up at noon and have been writing a paper/watching the feeds for 7 and a half hours. I thought it was like...... 3!!? :animated_rotfl: :animated_rotfl:

I might watch, just so I catch the kiss. Though I doubt they have it on tonight.. ohh well!

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"where's zack"

Probly in the bathroom!

"how come you're like so impatient with me"

I'm not! :hitler:

"You're tone is..." :outfitted_pirate:

Jess: This could be a huge turning point in the game... If I could take one of them out this week... :food-smiley-005:

Amber: "I'm not as small as I look" :animated_shocking:

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