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July 8th Live Feed Updates

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"It's Howievision"-either Rachael or Yvette

"I wish we'd had this earlier when he was doing the dishes; then we could have seen how he's done them.

"He's flirting w/Jennifer"-talking about Howie? and laughing

"Howie, no leaning on the rail. It's illegal. It said it in the manual, 'don't do it.'"-Rachael

"I've never seen a muslim on this show and I never thought that one would apply for this reason."-Yvette (not sure what reason but they were discussing mixing with women, prayer times, etc.

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Guest Kalla

April is campaigning to get Kaysar evicted, her reason is that he doesn't help out enough. She is talking to Beau.

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"You look like Beavis"-Janelle to Michael

You look like Marge Simpson. No you look like Homer Simpson, just kidding."-Michael to Janelle

male HG "I'm going to get in the shower, Kaysar, want to join me? There's got to be a hookup in the house somehow. I'll take one from any angle."-Howie

Janelle's drunk & she and Michael are trying to play chess 1:10 am central

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"My knees are knocking . . . on Heaven's door. Sorry, we can't sing so I have to improvise."-Michael

"I'd like to be rescued."-Janelle

Janelle thinks someone-I think Howie- has OCD, because he looks in the mirror & twitches & likes to take showers.

Michael says he doesn't really think Howie has OCD, "I think he has gout." Then he laughs.

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Guest Kalla

I wear a kilt in the toilet yes I do, I wear a kilt in the toilet when I Poo.! Hey, I have to improvise!" ~ Michael

Janelle the drunken lush nearly chokes and falls over the rail when she hears Michael sing this.

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Michael keeps speaking with a British accent. Then Janelle spoke similarly.

"That'll be a new song: I wear a kilt in the toilet, yes I do. I wear a kilt when I take a poop." -Michael song this little ditty for us.

"You're a very naughty little girl aren't you?"-Michael to Janelle

Michael has to keep stoping himself from singing. He says it's not fair.

"Die Fucker."-Janelle to Michael during chess

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Guest Kalla

Something going on in the gold room, they are making some kinda bed or something.....between the 2 queen beds.... they are both in the same bed??? Bella, what do you see?

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Michael gets to sleep on the benches at the end of the bed... They just moved them together and put a blanket and pillow on them so they wouldn't be woke up but I can't tell you who they are... :cry:

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Guest Familiar Realm
Poor Michael thinks he knows what he's doing

Janelle is going to beat him at chess and she is wasted . :lol:

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The discussion is not that hot. It is rather entertaining as they have had a bit to drink.

Someone keeps making fake farting noises into the mike!

Michael asks Janelle if she's ever met Willy Nelson and she says "Unh huh."(yes) The guys laugh and Michael says "that's not the answer I was looking for."

"Enough verbal diarrhea."-Michael

Throughout the chess game it's clear that Michael either hasn't played before or has played VERY seldom.

Michael says Janelle's zit is cute and says "pick it for us."

Kaysar says "I'm beginning to realize there's a lot of weird people living under this roof."

Janelle says "and I'm living with you guys so if I have a zit and you think it's funny then you can fuck off."

Really strange noise in house!!!! They joke that the noise means that Michael can't make the chess move that he just made.

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Sorry Kalla, I missed that.

Michael says that Janelle's birthmark looks like Mickale Grobachov's head. Then he said he met Gorbachov.

Janelle asked what languages he spoke. He said English after acting like he did speak other languages-it's not clear what the truth is.

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"That was deep, reminded me of this girl I knew one time."-Michael

He keeps saying things that sound sexual when referring to the chess game.

Now I see Howie has replaced his mandana after his shower.

Janelle keeps correcting Michael on his chess moves. They discuss that the word "absolutely" was overused (unclear what their reference is).

Janelle has a Polish last name spelled-Pierniza?-she spelled it pretty quickly I'm not sure I have it right.

Janelle's had Michael in check at least 3 times yet the game is neverending!

"Well they didn't tell me to expect to be around normal people"-Michael

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Guest Kalla

Kaysar washing his glass, he uses a scrub cloth and AND uses soap.

Howie discribing what he did during his shower.

They are talking about a "California Alliance...they will take Eric with them, he is closer since he is from Vegas"....

They were talking about 'hooking - up',... but their moms are watching, Howie said he better 'slow it down'.

Kaysar is a nice 'virgin muslim boy',...time to play later.

Kaysar..."So, who you voting for off.?"

Howie, .. "Man your clock wakes me up too early, sorry man, it was nice hanging with you."

both laugh...

Howie," No man, I got your back"

Kaysar, " you won't double cross me?"

Howie,"What double cross someone in this game, who me"?

both cxhuckle

Howie. " I got your ass covered."

Now they are laughing about "kong-fu porn".,...and lotsa laffin.

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Howie and Kaysar are in the bathroom talking and Howie says they have to keep themselves on the downlow that they have a lot of weeks left in the house... don't know what they were meaning by that... They had been talking about the votes... Kaysar also said don't screw me over Howie... If you live in Bocca say I live in Bocca... :?: :?: :?:

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Guest Kalla

Howie just farted very close to Kaysar's face... Kaysar says he is going to start working on Howie and his manners.

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Howie farts right next to Kaysars face and Kaysar feels disrespected so he decides he's going to teach Howie not to fart on people anymore. Apparently K told H earlier that ideologies couldn't be forced on anyone.

Howie showed true concern about Janelle walking too close to the ledge when she's been drinking. He told Michael he didn't want her walking that close. Michael seemed to agree.

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Guest Kalla

Howie getting in bed with Beau...

Yup, Howie has his bed and maybe someone to 'cuddle' with...lol

Beau reminds Howie to take his microphone off.

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Yea-checkmate!! Janelle won. He came and kissed her on both cheeks and thanked her.

"Can I call you pigeon?"-Michael

"Not unless you want to get hit over the head.--Janelle

They hit each others hands. He flicks her on the shoulder. She says he's a bad loser, a poor sport, he should feel really pathetic. He laughs the whole time.

Both like "Days Go By" by Dirty Vegas. "That song tickles certain parts of your brain, just like smells."-Michael

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Guest Shockalot

Michael and Janelle playing Chess (?)

Michael being highly annoying and deliberately revolting, fart noises, picking at nose, doing voices and touching at Janelles face and space.

Harrassing her about a zit.

This guy is pretending himself very cunning, crafty and thinks he is 'playing' with Janelle.

He is name-dropping political names like Gorbechev and asks condescendingly "If you know who that is?"

Janelle does. She lived in Russia.

A momentarily disarmed Micheal asks 'What? How long did you live there"

Janelle replies "A School Term'

Micheal begins speaking some phrases.

Janelle says she doesnt speak Russian.

Michael admits its not Russian. Says its another slovakian language.. well actually 'Yugoslavian'.. well actually Croatian.. actually.. same thing.

[He is speaking in Serbo-Croation btw]

Gad he is annoying.. he keeps guessing at things 'as if' he has some special knowledge.

To Janelle - "Your Last name.. its Russian isnt it"

Janelle - 'No"

Micheal spells it like he 'knows'

He is way off.

Janelle tells him its Polish.

Micheal continues trying to toy with Janelle, asking questions, doing characters..


Janelle: "CHECK"

HAHAH.. Janelle just OWNED Michael outright.

He is visibly embarrassed and disarmed but makes small talk and more characters including 'West Side' Rapper and 'British Guy.

Tells Janelle something is wrong with her face.. her eyes belong to a five year old.

Janelle simply waits him out..

Micheal makes move.

Janelle - "You gotta be kidding"

Michael - "Oh hah.. woops .. no of course not"

OMG he is making a huge fool of himself.. he is a mess.. actually holding his face in his hands, blushing, groaning.

Janelle is now SHOWING HIM how he could possibly get out of 'Check'.

He is being humiliated even more now.

Squirming, slouched shoulders.

Janelle now explaining how chess works.

Micheal gives up.

BTW.. Several times Janelle responds to Micheals insults or attempts to touch her face or flick her with a harsh "F*** OFF'

(which he is doing after losing)

"Your a bad BAD loser Michael.. a real poor sport!"


Following the Chess Whooping.. Janelle asks Micheal how to say some words in Italian.

(Earlier he would not admit to Janelle knowing any)

Happy to establish himself again - Micheal tells her some.. She says "So you know what - five languages"?

Michael stops himself .. realises she just got him on one for sure.

Discussing favourite DJ's

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